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Publication numberUS1413444 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 18, 1922
Filing dateJun 11, 1921
Priority dateJun 11, 1921
Publication numberUS 1413444 A, US 1413444A, US-A-1413444, US1413444 A, US1413444A
InventorsWilliams Owen J
Original AssigneeWilliams Owen J
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Socket wrench
US 1413444 A
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` APPLICATION FILED JUNE Il', 192i. 1,413,444. rat-@md Apr. 18, 1922.

I I /NvE/vron aLIW/UAMJ l `Arm/wwwa L wvl;


sooKETl Wannen.r l

Application filed .Tune 11, 192.1.

To @Zlio/:ofniet may conc-crit.'

Be 1t known that I, OWEN J WILLIAMS, a

, citizen of the United States, and a resident of Orchard Park, in the county of Erie 4and State of New York, have invented a new `and Improved Socket Wrench, of which Vthe following is a full, clear, and exact description.

This invention relates vto improvements insocket Wrenches, of the general character disclosed in my application `forPatent Serial No. 410,148, allowed December 16, 1920. An object` of this invention is tol provide a wrench in which thek jaws are firmly compressed against torsional strain, and to provide an improved actuating means for the jaws. Y j A still further object is to illustrate'various slight changes and .improvements inV the wrench which tend to make it more durable and eiiicient in use, Amore simple and practicalfin construction, and to lessen its cost ofmanuifacture.V

With these and other objects 'inrview, the

invention consistsin certain novelfeatures vof constructionl and combinations and arrangements of parts as will be more fully hereinafter described and pointed out in the A claims. j

In the accompanying drawings 'l Figure l is a view in side elevation of v'my improved wrench; l Y

Figure 2 is a view in longitudinal section therethrough illustrating the jaws in contracted position; Y v

Figure 3 is a view similar torFigure 2,

illustrating the jaws in expanded position to receive a large sized nut;

Figure 4 is a cross sectional view through the wrench on the line 4 4 of Figure 2;

Figure 5 is a bottom planview of Figure 3; Y.

Figure 5 is a top plan view of Figure l; Figure 7 is a bottom plan view of Figure Figure Sis a fragmentary view in section through the casing illustrating a slightlyk modied form of a handle member for operating the screw. e

Referring in detail to the drawmgs, l represents a substantially cylindrical casing, internally screw threaded and reduced at vone end, as indicated at 2, and of the external angular shape at its other end, deslgnated by the reference numeral 3, The angular outer end of the casing may conveniently re- Specification-of Letters Patent.

Patented pr. :178, 1222.

wrench. screwflts within the upper end of the casing and includes a reducedupper end '5, knurledV or milled, as indicated at 6,

-to facilitate the manual adjustment, of the screw 4. Adjacent its lower end', the screw el includesa reduced lportion 7 and terminatesin an enlargement 8, the screw being formed with aA rounded 'annular shoulder 9 between the extremity.

V'Ihe inner lower formed with a reduced portion and itsenlarged ceive any suitable tool: for turning the end of the casing-fis 7' pluralityof vertical grooves l() extending from the threaded portionV ofrvo the casing to the rounded ylower edge thereof. 7

A series of jawsV 1l arearranged to `form a socket and eachI jaw Vincludes van inwardly presented rounded shoulder l2 which fulcruins on -the shoulder 9. The jaws are also formed with outwardlyfpre'sented curvedk the grooves v10 and ribs? 13.k fitting within bracing/the jaws against torsional strain.

The 'rounded lower edge of the jcasinglf limits the outward'movement of the jaws 11.

The jaws preferably include lflat Vfaces 14. adjacent their lower extremities for thel ac 'commodation 'of a small sized nut and curved The operation of the device will Vbe'readily understood. ThespringlS normally tends to hold the 'inner ends of the j airs together and expand the'outer Yends vofthe jaws l1 which tlcrum on the shoulder 9. Whenthe screw lis adjusted. the ribs 13 riding in the l j rounded lower end of the casing, soi that as f grooves fl() will be iorcedv inwardly lby the the screw ais moved towardtheY upper end of the casing, the jaws will be contracted.;

It; apparent that the shape of the inner faces ofV thejaws 'might be consider'- ably varied to accommodate nuts of variousl sizes and that although I haveV shown a cylindrical casing and a hexagonal socket, the

shape ofthe casing and' socket and the num# ber of jaws might also be changed to suit the trade. 1

In FigureS, I have illustrated a slight modification wherein the screw et is provided with a lattened upper end 19 Ai'orniing. a handle member which facilitates the easy manipulation of the screw. 4

In my previousapplication, each jaw in` eluded an angular inner face? adapted to einbrace one corner of a nut. lith the form of device herein illustrated, each jaw in cludes a flat surface adapted to engage one tia-t face of a nut. This feature, together with the torsional bearing above described adds greatly to the strength of the wrench.

Tarious slight changes and alterations might be made in the general iorm and arrangement of the' parts described without departing from the invention and hence I do not wish to limit myseltl to the precise details set forth, but shall consider myself at liberty to make such slight changes and ,alterations as fairly ifall within the spirit and scope of the appended claims.

I claim:

l. In a socketwrench, a casing internally screw threaded adjacent one end, a screw movable in the casing, a shoulder integral with the screw, a plurality or jaws cooperating tofform a socket, shoulders on the jaws tulcruming on the first mentioned shoulder, a contraction spring tending to pull the inner ends of the jaws together and expand the socket. Y n j 2. In a socket wrench, a casing internally screw threaded adjacent one end, a screw movable in the casing, a shoulder integral with the screw, a plurality `of jaws cooperating to form a socket, shoulders on the jaws ulcruming on the first mentioned shoulder, a contraction spring tending to pull the inner ends of the jaws together-and expand the socket,.and means for positively limiting the expansion oi' the socket.

3,l In a socket wrench, a casing internally screw threaded adjacent one end, a screw litting within the casing, said screw including a reduced portion and a shoulder irnmediately below said reduced portion, a plurality of jaws ulcruined on said shoulder and cooperating to form a socket, said casing'having a plurality ot' vertical grooves in itsinner face, ribs on the jaws located in the groves and bracing the jaws against torsional strain.

4. In a socket wrench, a casing, a screw movable longitudinally olf ther casing, a shoulder on the screw, a series of jaws cooperating. to form a socket and mounted to roc-k on the shoulder, and a contraction spring embracingthe inner ends oi all the jaws tending to expand the socket.

5. In a socket wrench, a casing screw threaded adjacent one end, a screw in ,the casing, said screw including ,a reduced portion and a rounded shoulder below said'reduced portion, an annular-series of jawscooperating to form a socket, rounded shoulders onthe jaws rocking onsaid iirst-mentioned shoulder.I the inner ends of said jaws having notches therein, an annular contraction spring located in said notches and tending to, expandvthe socket. A i 6.. In a socket wrench, threaded adjacent one end, a screw in the casing, said screw including a reduced portion and a rounded shoulder below said reduced portion, a plurality of jaws cooperating` to 'torni a socket, rounded.V shoulders on the Vjaws rocking on vsaid first-mentioned shoulder, the inner ends of said'jaws having notches therein, an annular contraction spring located in said notches and tending to expand the socket, means whereby move ment of the screw in one direction positively contracts the socket against the action of the contraction spring.


a casing-screw

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U.S. Classification81/114
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