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Publication numberUS1413593 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 25, 1922
Filing dateMay 19, 1921
Priority dateMay 19, 1921
Publication numberUS 1413593 A, US 1413593A, US-A-1413593, US1413593 A, US1413593A
InventorsAugust J Kreuzkamp
Original AssigneeEnglander Spring Bed Co
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Sliding couch or bed
US 1413593 A
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APPLiCATlOH mm MAY 19, 1921.

Patented Apr. 25, 1922.





1,413,593. v Patented p 25, 1922.

2 sums-sum 2.

. 1 39163 F Z 17 2 10 1 16 (9 1 .11 I Q9 A35 52 1a 1a U fl. I (rea -Mum?! vand in a novel, etficient, cheap, and practicable manner. Y 20.

AUGUST 1. KRnUzKArcn-"oF c'Hr'cAGaaL rNors, essrclvoa'ro THE ENGLANDE R SPRING BED 'co vrrenY, or BROQKLYNQNEW fYOBK I I, i v v To all whom it mag concern: I

: Beit known that I, AUcUsr J Kluinz- KAMP, a citizen of'theUnited States, residing at Chicago, in the-county of Cook and State of Illinois, have inventedcertain new and useful Improvementsin SlidingvCouches or Beds, of which the following is a specifia This invention relates to beds or-sliding vide a bed preferably of the extensible or convertible type having one or more sliding tray sections or receptacles adapted for the purpose ofconveniently storing bed clothes or other articles, and to provide a bed where'- in such sliding storage receptacle or tray'is supported by the bed frame above the floor,

A further object-ofmy improvement is to provide a bed wherein certain of the side and end spacingbars .or tie bars connected to the i legs ol the sliding be'dsection form supportlacture,

.7 Other objects my invention will appear ingineans orways upon which'thesliding receptacle normally rests, thereby permitting" such receptacle or tray section to be carried as near the top of the bed as possible .and between the spacing bars and the inattress fabric thereby rendering the same more g course be of any preferredconstruction, in

pensive reorganization'of the bed. Thus an important advantage of my improvement resides in the simplicity of 1 construction, effectiveness of operation, economy of manuand the ready accessibility Ollllll:


a in the following description thereof, refering rnyjinven tion, the sliding section being 5 shownin its extended position and" the slidence being had to the accompanying. drawings fornnng a part of the speclfication,

wherein like reference characters indicate corresponding parts III the several views and I where-in Fig. lis a perspective view partly broken away, of a sliding rcouchibed-embodying tray section in its closed-position; Fig.

,2 is a side elevation,ipartly'in section illustrating-another position of the sections; Fig, t y a v V I :3 is a detail plan view partly broken away nected to the support n'gleg's' 11, and th a illustrating my invention; Fig. 4 is a detail perspective view of a corner of the main section and the sliding section, illustrating snrnrnoroouon on BED, I

i921. seri ino". 20,755,

3 Specification of Letters Patent. Apr; 25 Application filed ma 19, I I i I I i- I perspective View -illustrating g d i jtio'ns closed andthe re'ceptaclein open posit on; Fig 61s a perspective viewof an em; bodnnent illustrating the bed provided with '7 -1s'a s de sectionaly ewof this embodiment and F 1g. V8 is a detall perspective view, partly both. side and n Sliding receptibles b'rokenaway, illustrating the relation of side i and end drawers to the bed structure. 7' couch beds, an ob]ect thereof being to prol'nthe drawings, Iha've illustrated my irnprovementinits preferred fornifwherein the same 1s, applied inconjunctionwith a day bed or eouch bed having a sliding or-extens'i-j ble sect1on.v i Referringto the figures, it will be seen that a slidingv receptacleor tray section of adapted for the floor andjis located between the usual tie ,barsorispacin'g. bars connected to-the supporting legsof thebe'dse'ction and the metal lic fabric or 'spring mattress thereoiiHAs shown, a side receptacle may be carried by the sliding section and end receptacles by'the main section., I v v The'rnain' and sliding bed sections may of the present instance the samebeing illustrat. ed by way ofexxmplegThis bed comprises a main bed section having end frames 10 pro-- vided with the usual supporting legs 1'1, and

a metallic or sprin 'fabric 17 stretched be- :tween the endiframes' 10'. t A slidingbed section isjsupported or carried by the main bed section and comprises end frames 12 having at one side a pairof supporting legs 13 and ,at theropposite side 'ajpair of depending "members 15.. Between, the'end frames 12M 'the sliding section'is stretchedajsuitable 7 metallic fabric or' Spring mattress {16L End or cross bars 14, preferably of anglef'iron construction, are connected to the legs 13 at,

a suitable distance'below the spring mattress 1'6 and are also connected as at let tothe lower ends of the' 'depending me1nbersfl'5. Suitable cross bars'or spacing bars l8,'pr'efferably of angle iron construction, are con horizontal flanges 20 thereof are adapted to ,for1n tracks'or ways for the rollers '19 con. nected torthe lower-ends of-the; depending members 15 as illustrated in Fig. 4, I

- for. shiftable movement the inner 'side of the- Thus the'usual cross or. end. spacing bars 18 of the main section are adapted to support sliding section. I

v The inwardly extending flanges 21' of the. end spacing bars 14 in conjunction with the side bar 22 connected to thesupporting legs of thesliding section, form supportingways or guides for the storage receptacle'or tray. section 23. This receptacle may be of any preferred construction and in the present instance is substantially the same length as the sliding 'section'12; As illustrated in Fig. 1', the tray or receptacle 23 in closed position is supported upon the end bars 14- and the side bar 22. 'A-pair of-supporting 1 legs or depending members aresecured to the receptacle at the outer side thereof,'and

it will be seen" that in'theclos'ed position of section. In order 1 to limit the outward.

movement of the receptacle suitable stops may be pro,vided if desired, so as to prewent the receptaclefrom being withdrawn too far; 7 r r i twill be seen thatthe sliding bed section 12 has a shiftable movement relatively to the main bed section 10, 'and'the sliding tray section' 23 has a shiftable' movementyrelatively to the sliding section 12, and upon shifting thetrayor receptacle23 to itsopen the outer side thereof will be sup position,

legs 24. The receptacle 23 is ported by the provided with a suitable handle25 which facilitates the manipulation of the same. The

bed as illustrated in Figures 1 and 5, is provided with-a stuffed mattress 26 of suitable width to cover the bed sections when'opened ito form a double bed. i

Thus itlwillbe seen that by virtue of the present construction wherein thereceptacle instance, each draweror tray 30, having legs31, is adapted tobesupported upon'the horizontalflanges of the angle bars 32, form- 1' ing side spacing barsffor the main bed section 10','and upon the end bars 33, also con the corresponding tion with the sliding section 23,

or tray is supported between thespacing bars 1 and the spring mattress atasubstantial dis-. tance from the floor, convenient and ready .access to. the tray is permitted. Furthermore by supporting'the receptacle upon the side andend barsof'the bed section the same may be applied to any commercial day' bedor couch bed without necessitating any material or expensivemodification or change in construction.

As illustrated in Figures 6 to 8 inclusive, I have provided the sliding couch bed with a pair of end tray sections or drawers, as well as a tray or drawer openable at the side of the sliding bed'section and supported by the side and end bars thereof; In the present when the bed is closed;

nected to the legs thereof. Thesesideand.

end bars are located a suitabledistance below receptacle 23, an 7 7 drawers 30may slide freely thereunder, The

. constructionand method of operation of the end drawers or tra s 30- are substantially the, same as hereinbe ore described in'connecs Although l have'described my invention in its preferred form, it is tobe understood that I do not limit myself to the} construction herein'shown' and described, except in so far as defined in the claims and embraced within thescope thereof.

1" I claim as invention pp g bars for the hencethe receptacles or" v 1. As anwarticle of manufacture, a *bed comprising a'pair of bed sections slidable one relatively to the other Yand-eachcomprising a spring fabric-and'side bars, and a receptacle carried by one of said slldingsections and shiftable relatively thereto between the side bars and fabric,';saidreceptacle being shiftable to permit access there- .to when the bed is open,'and one of said bed sections and the receptacle beingsupported by the. other bed section,"

2; As an article of 'manufactnre,* av bed comprising a pair ofbed sections "slidable one relatively to the other and each comprising a'spring fabric and side bars, and a receptaclecarried by said sliding section 'an'd 'shiftable relatively thereto between the side. bars and fabric, said'receptacle being accessible in all positions of the sliding section, andfsaid slidingsection and receptacle being supported for shiftable movement between the sidebars and fabric of the companion section.

3. Asfan art cle of manufacture, a bed structure comprising a main bQdSGClJlOIl and a sliding bed section comprising .eacli'a spring fabric and side bars, and a sliding compartment section shiftable between the sidebars and fabric of said sliding section,

'partment sectionv being shiftable when, the

bed is open to permit access thereto;

said slidingbed section. andjc'ompartment.

4. A1 bed structure comprising a pair of bed sections, one slidable relatively tofthe other and one adapted in closed position of the bed to be housed beneaththe fabric f the otherpeachiof said sections having a, compartment located one' above the other 5. A bed structure. comprlsing a. pair of bedsections, one slidable relatively to the other and one adapted in closed position of the bed to be housed beneath the fabric of the. other, each of said sections havlng a compartment located one above the other when the bed is closed, both of said compartments being accessible when the bed is closed and also when the bed is opened. 6. A bed structure comprising a pair of bed sections, one slidablerelatively to the other and one adapted in closed position of the bed to be housed beneath the fabric of the other, one of said sections having a compartment thereunder and the other having a pair of oppositely slidable compartments, certain of said compartments being superimposed when the bed is closed.

tionshiftable relatively thereto, supporting legs therefor, side and end bars connected to the same, a receptacle shiftable relatively to said sliding section and supported by a side bar and an end bar between the same and said sliding section, said receptacle having a pair 'of depending members adapteclto abut against one of said last bars thereby to limit the movement ofthe receptacle relatively to said sliding section.

9. As an article of manufacture, a bed comprising a main mattress section, a sliding section shiftable relatively. thereto, supporting legs for said sections, tie bars for the main section, and an end drawer shiftable relatively to said main section and supported between the same and the tie bars.

10. As an article of manufacture, a bed comprising a main mattress section, a slid ing section shiftable relatively thereto, supporting legs therefor, spacing bars connected to said legs, a receptacle shiftable relatively to said sliding section, andsupported by cer-I tam of said spacing bar's between the same and the sliding section, and a second receptacle supported by. certain bars between the' same and the main section. 1 v g 11. As' an article of manufacture, a bed comprising amain mattress-section, a sliding section shiftable relatively thereto, supporting legs therefor, side and endbars connect I ed to the same, a receptacle shiftable relatively to said sliding section and supportedby a side bar and an end bar between the same and the sliding section, anda second receptacle shiftable relatively to said mam section in the direction of its length and sup-- ported by a side bar and an end bar between the same and the main section.

12. As an article of manufacture, a bed comprising a main mattress section,a sliding section shiftable relatively thereto, support- .ing legs therefor, spacin bars connected to said legs, a receptacle shiftable relatively to said sliding section, and supported by certain of said spacing bars between the same and the sliding section, and a second receptacle supported by certain bars between the same and the mainfsection and below said first receptacle, said receptacles being shiftable substantially at right angles to each other.

13. A bed structure comprising a plurality. of bed sections one shiftable relatively to another,-and one adapted in closed position to be housedbeneath the fabric of another,

said bed structure in closed position having a pair of superimposed compartments.

14:. A bed structure comprising a-plu'ralityv I i of bed sections, one slidable' relatively to another and one adaptedin closed positionto be housed beneath the fabric of another, said bed structure in closed position having a pair I of superimposed compartments, one thereof shiftable with a section and one'shiftable independently thereof. bLi/lgned at Chicago, of ay, 1921. AUGUST J. KREUZ KAMP.

Illinois, this 12th day

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