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Publication numberUS1414219 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 25, 1922
Filing dateJan 24, 1921
Priority dateJan 24, 1921
Publication numberUS 1414219 A, US 1414219A, US-A-1414219, US1414219 A, US1414219A
InventorsHans Simensen
Original AssigneeHans Simensen
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Bottle holder and carrier
US 1414219 A
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APPLICATION FILED JAN. 24, 1921 Patented Apr. 25, 1922.

Elnvawkoz m 8 n 0 m 0U. S M H although not necessarily,


. nor'rnnnonnn t dreams]. I ,1

opdllibhomitptayconcern.' I Q Be it; known; thatI, HANs SIMENSEN, a citizen of the United States,resid1ng at Sutton, in the countyfofGriggs and State of}, North @Dakota, have invented certain new.

and, useful. Improvements in Bottle Holders and ."Gar'riers; andldo'declare the iollowing to be a full,clear, and exact description v v of thefinvention, such aswill enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains'to make and use the same.

This'invention-relates to bottleholder and carrier, which is especially, cle'signed for" use in connection with: thermosbottles. A

The principal object or the-invention is togenerally improve upon devices of this class by the provision of one ofextreme simplicity a'nddurability, the same embodying telescopically connectedclosed sections and a hand strap associated with the lower section together with guide means between the upper section and strap to permit said section to be movedupwardly and disconnected from the lower section, after which,

it may be swung to one side to clear the upper edge of said last section to permit easy insertion and removal of the bottle without disconnecting any of the parts of the device. p

Other objects and advantages of the invention will be apparent during the course of the following description.

In the accompanying drawings forming a part of this specification and in which like numerals are employed to designate like parts throughout the same:

Figure 1 is an elevational view looking at one side of the combined holder and carrier,

one of the telescopic sections having been moved up as shown in dotted lines, to permit it to be swung to one side for easy insertion and removal of the bottle.

Figure 2 is a view similar to Fig. 1 lookingat a different side of the device. Figure 3 is a horizontal section taken on the plane of the line 3-3 of Fig, 2, lookin in the direction of the arrows.

11 carrying out the invention, 1 make, use

of a vertically elongated substantially cylindrical receptacle 1, which is, as shown, com posedoi' a pair oi telescopically connected sections Qand 3 respectively, said sections being closed at their outer ends. At this point, I wish tostate that the receptacle will be of any desired length and will vary Specification of LettersPatentf Application filed January 24, Se n, m;,; s9,aaf

an improved I fzfatented Apr) 4 insifzieand shape accordingto; the type'of bottle which is placed therein; The lower section 2 is provided "intermediate ends I at diametrically opposite points with looped straps 4 which I carry rings or similar elenie'nts'5 with which a hand strap 6 has dc tachable connection'.' It has been before intimated that with my construction, it ispos sible toseparate the two; sections, 2and3 Tot theha dtrap 6. 2

section ".3 intermediate'itsends and at diametrically oppositepointswith substantially .flat' guide'eyeS'Y through whichthe opposite'fl v ends'fof the strap 6 extend,'fthus slidably connecting this section with the strap. At

thispoint, I wish-to direct attention tothe fact that thestrap 6 may, if desired,be made 65 and mjove the 'last'lnamed section to one side to "permi easy insertion and removal ofthe: bottle without removin the section 3 from lii's'end, I equip the adjustable in order to permitvarious lengths i v v of bottles to be accommodated or fitted into the receptacle 1.' In accomplishing this end, any kind of a buckleeither of the type shown or of any other .type, may be employed;

Furthermore, I WlSll'li to be understood that all parts of the'device are preferably con 7 i structed of leather, but any other kind of' i material could well be employed.

In use, it is understood that the hand strap '6 is practically permanently connected with the I lower section 2 of the receptacle and when l it is desired to place a bottle in the latter or remove one from it, it is only necessary to slide the'upper section 8 upward on the other section as shown in dotted lines'in Fig. 1. .l/Vhen in this position, the lower end ofthe section 3 and adjacent upper end of the other section will be'in a position to clear each other, and the upper section can then be: swung to either one side or the other to uncover the open end of the lower section and permit insertion. or removal of the bottle as the case may be.

From the foregoing description, it will be seen that I have provided an extremely simpleand effective holder for thermos bottles and the like which will permit the same to be conveniently carried from place to place and fWlll serve as an effective protector for the bottle.

Asbetore stated, the size and shape of the receptacle will varyaccording I to the type of bottle to be placed therein. It

is also to be noted that, as already apparent,

it is unnecessary'to disconnect theupper section of the receptacle from the handstrap.

f Thus, it will be seen that this section will always be in a convenient position to be swung over the upper end of the bottle and lower section and slid down onto thelatter to effectively retain the bottlein position in the receptacle and prevent undue loose move- I ment of the bottlein said receptacle. 1 These and other features and advantages of the'in v vention have, no doubt, become apparent personsskilled in the art to which the invention relates to obtain a clear understanding of the same. Therefore, a more lengthy description is deemedunnecessary.

' i'Since probably the best results may be ob tained with the construction and arrangement herein shown and described; this construction and arrangement is taken as the preferred embodiment of the. invention.

Howeverfl wish it to be understood that various minor changes in the shape sizefand. arrangement of parts may be resorted to without departing from the spirit of themvention or the scope of the subjoined claim.

V I claim: 1 V a A bottle holder and carrier comprising a" vertically elongated container composed of open end of the lower section, loops secured to said lower section at approximately diametrically 'opp'ositepoints adjacent the upper open end of the latter guide'eyesj sea l owercyli-ndrical section and an upper cy- I lindrical cover section fitted over the upper cured at approximately diametrical opposite points on said cover section, being disposed in vertical alignment wlth sald loops, and a flexible hand strap detachably and adjust-'1 ably connected at its lowerends with said loops, "passing through said guide" eyes}, whereby the cover'section can be slid upwardly on the hand strap so that it will clear thefupper edge of the'lowerfsection of the container, and thehand' strap flexed t'o one. side to uncover the open end ofthelower section withoutdetaching the hand 'strap ,or a a without removing-the cover section from the latte'ri p v v a I v In testimony whereof I havehereunt'o set my hand.


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