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Publication numberUS1414289 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 25, 1922
Filing dateFeb 19, 1921
Priority dateFeb 19, 1921
Publication numberUS 1414289 A, US 1414289A, US-A-1414289, US1414289 A, US1414289A
InventorsAntoni Kubiak
Original AssigneeAntoni Kubiak
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Curtain hanger
US 1414289 A
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5mm/nto@ /uia/S Patented Apr. 2

nm, P @litem/ww @gf/7 UNITED srmrisv PATENT orifice;



To all whom tf/may concern.'

Be it known that I, ANTONI- KUBIAK, a citizen of Poland,` residing at' Paterson,

county of Essex, and State of New Jersey,

have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Curtain Hangers, of which the following is a specification.

lThis invention relates to improvements in adjustable Vcurtain poles,I and it is the principal object of the invention to provide a simple, neat and eiicient pole of this type which is adapted to tit window and other' frames of different widths, without requiring any special fasteners to secure it in position.

Another object of the invention is Ato provide a curtain pole which can be extended or contracted to any desireddegree, and which 'is adapted to hold curtains of*A different widths. 5 2 i A furtlfrl object of the invention is to provide an adjustable curtain pole allowing -a read separation of 'the telescoping parts thereo for the curtain.

In the accompanying drawing-I have dis.- closed the preferred embodiment of my inffacilitating theadjustment of v-vention and have described the same in detail'- hereinafter, but as the Ainvention is susceptible of various modiications,the form vwhich is shown in the drawing is to be considered as illustrative, rather than'restrictive of the scope of my invention.. i In the accompanying drawingf Figure 1 is a front view of the curtain pole constructed according to thejprese'nt invention attached to a window frame, and

Figure 2 is a detail topvplan View of one .of the telescoping members ofmy pole detached from the other'memben l Figure S'is a detail sectionalview illustrating the engagement between the head of the 'spring and one of the telescoping members. 'Referring to the drawing, the curtain pole consists of the two telescoping parts or members 10 and 11,-which are both hollow for the reception of a strong spiral spring 1 2, secured with one of its lends to a pin 13 -within the member 11, while its, other-end is Spe'cieation of Letters Patent. Ptenfed Apr. 25, 1922. i .Applicationv led February 19, 1921.. Serial No. 446,413.

able opening 16 in the member l10, which opening ends in a restricted part 17 so that under the tension of the spring, the head 15 is held against the outer wall of the member 10, while `the -part 14 extends through the .opening 16, and the telescoping parts 10 and 11` are disengaged allowing a curtain to be drawn over the member 10, thereafter the parts or members 10 and 11 are united again' the part`14 is bent asv indicated in Figure 3 and the head 15 .ispulled through'the open ing 16l and engages under the pullof the at the restricted part 17 of the opening 16.

' Then the pole is extended to fit wlth its lspring 12,-the outer wall of the member'lO,` i'

bracket teeth against the outer edge of a window or the like frame andthe spring will d raw the teeth 20 and 21 into the wood work of 'the frame to hold pole and curtain in their adjusted relative positions.

Having thusgdescribed my invention, what I claim is:

- .In a curtain pole of the" class described, a

. pair of hollow telescoping members, a sprin within said members, a pin withinone -o said members to which one en d ofsaid spring is ixedly secured, the. other member having a slot ending in a restricted part, a head on the free end of said springadapted to bev drawn through the opening in saidlast named member to engage the outer wall thereof at the restricted partA of said slot, a pair of bracketsat the ends of said members, and teeth on said brackets adapted t0 bel drawn into the woodl work ofl a window frameby the action of said spring for securingthe pole towindows ,of different widths while accommodating' curtains of a corresponding width,

In testimony whereof I have aiikedfmy signature,


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U.S. Classification211/105.6
International ClassificationA47H1/00, A47H1/022
Cooperative ClassificationA47H1/022
European ClassificationA47H1/022