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Publication numberUS1414575 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 2, 1922
Filing dateJan 27, 1921
Priority dateJan 27, 1921
Publication numberUS 1414575 A, US 1414575A, US-A-1414575, US1414575 A, US1414575A
InventorsMccart Thomas
Original AssigneeMccart Thomas
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Bag holder
US 1414575 A
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APPucATloN man JAN.21.1921.

PatentedMay 2-, 1922.

mama; M060# THOMAS MccAR'r, or SPOKANE, WAsHrNG'roN.


Specification of Letters vPatent.

Patented MayZ, 1922.

` Application filed January 2"?, 1921. Seriall No. 440,360.

T0 all whom t may concern.' l

Be it known that I, TrroMAs MCCART, a citizen off the United States, residing at Spokane, in' Spokane County and-State of Washington, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Bag Holders, of which the following is a specication.

My present invention relates to improvements in bag holders for retaining sacks or bags in position while being filled, and involves a supporting stand which is comparatively light in weight, inexpensive to manufacture, durable, and comparatively simple in construction. The minimum number of parts involved in the complete structure readily adapts the device for facile manipulation to hold and-suspend the bag to be filled. In combination with the stand I utilize a detachable and separable funnel device which co-acts with the stand or supporting structure to hold the open end of the bag in order that it may be filled with facility.

The invention consists `in certain novel combinations and arrangements between the supporting stand or structure and the funnel device, and in certain novel features of construction, as will be hereinafter more fully pointed out and claimed. Y

In the accompanying drawings I have illustrated one complete example of the physical embodiment of my invention wherein the parts are combined and arranged according to the best mode I have thus far devised for the practical application of the principles of my invention.

In the preferred form of the invention as illustrated in the drawings- Figure 1 is a transverse vertical sectional view of the funnel or feeding chute.

Figure 2 is a view complementary to Figure 1, the section being taken through the base ring of the supporting stand, and a portion of it being broken away for convenience of illustration.

Fi re 3 is a detail plan view from the bottom of the base ring disclosing the construction of one of the pockets or sockets` for the supporting legs of the stand.

Figure 4 is a view in side elevation illustrating a bag held in the holder ready to be filled.

Preferably all parts of the device are made up of sheet metal which is readily stamped or pressed to shape in suitable machines and the parts are fashioned in complementary sizes and shapes for ready manipulation in assembling and utilizing the device. Thusthebase ring l, which is of f inverted U-shape in cross section is stamped or bent to form in a'suitable machine and fashioned with an inner, spaced wall 2 that is corrugated and tapers with its wall taperwardly. The base ring is disposed in horizontal position and supported upon a plurality of legs 3 of which three are illustrated, spaced at regular intervals about the ring and diverging therefrom to form a wide base for support. At their upper ends these legs are inserted into and retained by friction in complementary sockets or pockets 4 open at their lower ends for the reception of the legs and fashioned in the outer wall 1 of the base ring by suitable dies or presses in offset relation to the periphery of the ring, as indicated in Figure 3. The inner wall of each of these pockets or sockets is vformed by off-setting the inner wall 2 of the ring', as at 5, and this wall 5 extends across the pocket and is secured to the outer wall of the base ring by spaced rivets 6, thus forming a strong, compact, but simple device for the reception of the upper ends of the legs 3. The legs are of required length to insure proper altitude for the base ring and 'they form a rigid and stable support for the ring when the bag holder is in use.

In conjunction with the base ring I utilize an inverted frusto-conical feed chute or funnel 7 with an upper wide flaring edge, and a lower portion 8 made up of off-set rings complementary to the corrugations or offset rings of the inner wall 2 of the base ring of the stand. The'funnel is an integral piece made up of stamped or pressed sheet metal complementary in size to the base` ring, and its utility will be apparent for holding the bag 9 by its upper edge 10. In applying the bag, its edge 10 is brought up inside the base ring and turned, slightly, over the top edge of the base ring while the funnel is placed in position. By pressing down on the funnel or feed chute the upper edge of the bag is frictionally held between the outer face of the horizontally corrugated tapered funnel andthe complementar-y inner wall of the base ring, and the increased friction, due to the action of the complementary corrugations of the two elements, holds the bag securely while being filled with material poured or. emptied in l Whole device may be stored incompact orm through the funnel or chute. After the bag is filled the funnel may be Withdrawn, and the bag` removed and replaced by an empty one for filling. The legs may readily .be detached from normal position by ivithdrawing them from their sockets, and, together v with the `base ring and funnel, the

when not in use.

From the above dGSeription taken vin connection ywith iny drawings it Iis apparent that yI have provideda device of lthis character Whh Completely 1]":ullls lthe requirements previously set forth and performs its functions in a highly satisfactory manner.

What l claim as new and desire to 'secure' by Letters Patent `.is--

The combination with a supporting ring inner Wall, of a funnel of inverted frustoconical shape having lan youtwardly liar-ing ,V25

upper portion andadapted to :be seated and retain pa bag in the inner Wall of said ring as described, and ylegs insaid sockets.v

Intestimony whereof I afiix rny signature.


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U.S. Classification248/97, 248/165, 248/101, 55/DIG.260
International ClassificationB65B67/12
Cooperative ClassificationY10S55/26, B65B67/12
European ClassificationB65B67/12