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Publication numberUS1414605 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 2, 1922
Filing dateJun 1, 1921
Priority dateJun 1, 1921
Publication numberUS 1414605 A, US 1414605A, US-A-1414605, US1414605 A, US1414605A
InventorsTolookjian Richard
Original AssigneeTolookjian Richard
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Rotary washer
US 1414605 A
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1,414, 05, Patented May 2, 1922.


Iii iii. h

Ric/1m who/{ 2 lNVENTOR I r BY ATTW I unrransraras RICHARD TOLQOKJIAN, or ra'rnnson, N waERs'EYj ROTARY WASHER.

' To all to 700m it may concern:

Be it known that}, RICHARD ToLooK- JIAN, a citizen of the United States, resid- 'ing at Paterson, in the county of Passaic and State of New Jersey, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Rotary Washers, of which the following is a specification;

? vide a rotary cleaning device which comappear prises a hollow-frame in which a rotarybrush is mounted carrying a water wheel and a jet directed against the. wheel, part ofthe water entering the frame where it is admixed with a detergent and issuing again through fine openings againstthe brush.

In addition to the foregoing this invention comprehends improvements in the details of construction and arrangement on parts to be hereinafter described and particularly set forth in the appendedclaims.

In the accompanying drawings in which similar and corresponding parts are des ignated by the same characters of reference throughout the several views inv which they Figure 1 is a view in transverse section of a rotary washer constructed in accordance with'my invention,

Figure 2 is a view thereof intop plan.

7 With reference to the drawings, 10 indicates a hollow casing, crescent shaped in cross section and having a pair of extensions 11 and 12 at each end. Mounted between the extensions upon pivot screws 13 is a cylindrical brush 14, said screws penetrating the extensions and entering the ends of the brush. Also mounted upon said screws and 1 located between the extensions 11 and 12 at each end of the frame is a wheel 15 of a diameter corresponding to the brush. The medial portion of the brush is free of bristles to permit the location thereon of a water wheel 16. The water wheel construction consists of a plurality of caps 17 having curved bottoms 18 to conform to the curvature of the brush roller, end walls19 tains.

1 swe t n Queries e Patented any a, was.

. 'Application mama i, .1921. i ser iai no. 474,160,

which are radial relative: to the center of "curvature; of. saidbottoms and sidewalls 20. The cups are secured 'upon' the brush in end to end relation by means of the screws 21, thus defining a circularwater wheel in which the end walls 19 form the vanes and the side walls 20 annular flanges,

located between the adjacent end walls of each pair of adjacent cups is a strip ofrubber 22 which extends to the periphery of the bristles and prevents injury to theobject to be cleaned by preventing contact of the water wheel with the object. A coupling 23 is attached to the casing whereby a hose from a source of water supply may be attached thereto to permit water to enter the casing. Located in the casing is a tube 24 having one end in the coupling and the other extending through the inner wall of the casing and directed against the water wheel in a direction tangential relative thereto to form a jet. 'A series of fine openings 25 are formed in the inner wall of the casing to direct streams of water against the bristles. I A small water wheel 26 is mounted in the casing and a jet 27is directed against said wheel and is fed from the coupling 23.

In use, the water entering the coupling will be divided, part entering the jet 24, part-entering the jet 27 and part entering the casing 10. A detergent such as small pieces of soap is placed in the casing and the wheel '26 suds owing to the rotation of ;will be formed, and the soapy water will issue from the openings 25 and "moisten the bristles. At the same time the water issuingfrom thejet 24 will strike the vanes 19 of the water wheel and rotate the brush which is applied to the object 'to be cleaned.

The abrasive action of the brush combined with the flushing of the water will ,thor oughly clean the object.

Thus, it will be seen that I have provided a novel form of rotary washer which is particularly adapted for washing automobile bodies, carriages, railway cars, etc., with effective results and without injury to the surface of the object. Other uses and advantageswill readily occurto those familiar with the art to which this invention apper- While I have illustrated and described my invention with some degree of particularity,

I realize that in practice various alterations therein may be made.

Having thus described my invention,

' What I claim as new and desire to secure by United States Letters Patent is: 1 y 7 LA rotary Washer including'ah'olloW casing, a brush mounted thereon for rotation, a plurality of radial vanes carried by the brush said casino having a series or openings i" one -Wa il,:a jet extendingthroughthe casing and .directedagainst the. vanes, and a coupling to supply Water to' thejet and easing.

2, A rotary brush including a hollow cas ing, crescent shapedin'cross section, an extension at each end, a brusb' nlounted between the extensions, and" located in the con- 'cave portion of the casing, radial vanes mounted on the brush, radial rubber strips mounted on the vanes and extending to the periphery of the brush, a jet, and a coupling for supplying water to the jet and casing.

In testimony whereof I afliX my: signature

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European ClassificationA47L11/40F4, A47L11/40N2, A47L11/40J4, A47L11/40N, A47L11/38