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Publication numberUS1414797 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 2, 1922
Filing dateJan 13, 1922
Priority dateJan 13, 1922
Publication numberUS 1414797 A, US 1414797A, US-A-1414797, US1414797 A, US1414797A
InventorsTrau Isidor K
Original AssigneeTrau Isidor K
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US 1414797 A
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i can.

speeiauon; tif-'tenere raient.

applicativa mea Jan'liaryie, 1922.

lspecial reference to a cap.

More particularly the invention relates to a cap having means for adjusting the Same to heads of various sizes.'

One important object of the invention is to improve the general construction of adjustable caps.

A second important object oi this invern tion is to provide en improved conruction of adjustable cap wherein the adiusting means will be of simple of construction and may be made 'of ordinary stock parts.

A third important object of this invention is to provide an improved form of cap of the class' described wherein the adjusting means will not produce, when the size of the cap is reduced, unsightly or uncomfortable folds or bulges inthe cap material.

1With the above and other objects in view,

the invention consists in general of certain' novel details or" construction and combina.-

tions 'of parts hereinafter fully described,

illustrated in the accompanying drawings,

and specifically claimed.

ln the accompanying drawings, like char- "p acters of reference indicate like parte in the several views, and

upwards as shown at Figure l is a front view or a cap con'- structed in accordance With this invention, the adjusting means, beingshown in full lines in one position and in dotted lines in a second position.

Figure 2 is a vertical longitudinal section on the median plane of 'the cap.

Figure 3 is a section on the line 3-3 -of Figure l.

Figurefl is a face view of the sizing strip L" forming: part of the adpxstlng means for the cap,

n the construction oic a cap' in accordance tho -usuzil 'body i() and visor-l1. At each side the body 1s slit from the bottom edge such character that it is l2, the slits extending serial No. 530,121'1'1 upward for aboutone inch so as to terminate portion of above the upper edge of the band the cap.

' Sewed to one side of the cap just back of( the slit l2 is `one end of a flexible band 13 whereon is secured, as by fasteners 14, a metallic strip or band 'l5 provided with a series of spaced snap buttons 16. Above these buttons 16 are suitable indicia to show'- which button to be used to adjust the cap to a given size.

Served. to the other side of the cap just behind the slit 12 on that side is the rear end of a flexible band 17 which is provided, ad. jacent its free end` with a. snap eye 18, olf the proper size to fit` the buttons 16. This band 17, as Well as the band 13 areled L'IQQI 'Patented May a, ieee.l

through keeper straps 19eevved to 'the frontl of the cap.

The cap is also providedvf'ith a snap hutton 2O on the vizon l1 and a 'snap eye 21 on the front of the cap so that the front may be buttoned down, as 'shown in Figure 2, and thus conceal the adjusting` means.

'The adjustment of this cap from one size to another is readily eiected by lifting the front of the cap and then shifting the' snap eye from one to another of the buttons '16 after which the cap front is again snapped down. Moreover this adjustment is effected withv outproducing bulges or folds which are either unsightly. or uncomfortable since the slits 12 permit a certain amount of overlaping of' the 'front and back parts of the cap et the band portion.

There has thus been provided :Ljsimple and efficient device of the kind described and for the urposes specified. f

aving thus described the invention, what is claimed asnew, is zl. A cap of the character described,l hav-k ling a body provided with slits extending up! Ward from its bottom edge, straps extending from the rear edges of the slits v'and overlappin in front of the body, a strip secured to .the ace of one of the straps and provided with. spaced snap button membersmounted thereon at predetermined size intervals, said 'strip'liaving size indicia. impressed on the members and a cooperating snap button member on the other strap.

.2. A cap of the character described, haved strip Vadjacent therespective snap button mounted thefeion at predetermined size insecured to the face of one `of the straps and Q www? inga body provided withvslits extending up- -tervuls, smid strip having size indicia imward from its bottom edge, sti-aps extending pressed on the smip mljacent the respective from ,the rear edges of the slits and o versnap button members andeoooperntig snmp 10 lappiiig in front 'of 'the body, a rigid strip button member on the other strap.

In tesimony whereof 1I iix my'signemre. l I

IISIDR 1K. 'FRAU provided with spaced snap button lnnembersv

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U.S. Classification2/195.2
International ClassificationA42B1/00, A42B1/22
Cooperative ClassificationA42B1/22
European ClassificationA42B1/22