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Publication numberUS1418093 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 30, 1922
Filing dateJun 20, 1921
Priority dateJun 20, 1921
Publication numberUS 1418093 A, US 1418093A, US-A-1418093, US1418093 A, US1418093A
InventorsRobert S Parmater
Original AssigneeRobert S Parmater
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Golf-club carrier
US 1418093 A
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APPLICATION FILED JUNE 20, I92!- Patented May 30, 1922.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented May 30, 1922 Application filed June 20, 1921. erial No. 479,109.

[0 all vii/mm it may concem.

Be it known that Lltonnu'r S. IAnMATER, a citizen of the United States, residing in the city of Elkhart, county of Elkhart, Indiana, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Golf-Club Carriers, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to containers for the carriage of golf clubs around the links of a golf course.

The device now in: common use for carrying golf clubs, balls, &c.,.is a bag ofsome character, known and designated as a. caddie bag, in which both wood and iron golf clubs are deposited together and in which constant contact is effected between the clubs. This mingling of the wood and iron clubs resultsin injury to the former by the latter which have heavy iron heads, and this condition has almost been recognized as 'a necessary evil. I

An object of my invention is the production of a golf club carrier, or container, in which the various clubs are separated from each other to prevent injury to the wood clubs by the iron heads of the other clubs. Another object of the invention is the produetion of a golf club container which readily supports itself in an upright position to facilitate the handling of the clubs. A third object of the invention is the production of a device of the character described in which an improved golf ball container is incorporated. Other objects of my invention are mentioned and described herein.

The preferred embodiment of my invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawing in which Figure 1 is a perspective view of my invention; Fig. 2 is an enlarged view in elevation and in section; Fig. 3 is a plan view of the upper rest for the club handles;

Fig. 4 is a section taken on the line 4-4 of Fig. 2, somewhat enlarged; and Fig. 5 is a top plan view of the lower rest for the club handles. Similar numerals of reference indicate like parts throughout the several views on the-drawing.

Referring to the details of the drawing, the numeral 1 indicates generally the golf club holder which may. comprise the flanged or dish-like base member 2, the upright tubular member 3 mounted centrally of and in the base 2, and the reduced tubular upper member 4 secured to the upper end of member 3" by a reducing connector member 5. A head element 6 may be mounted upon the upper or top end of the member 4. and a as a whole, as hereinafter described.

Numerals 8 and 9 indicate club rest or guide elements, preferably made of fibre, rigidly secured to and encompassing members 3 and 4, respectively, of the holder, each rest element being of star-like formation. or otherwise suitably formed, to provide a plurality of recesses 10 which are adapted to be. engaged by the club handles. The numeral 11 indicates a golf ball chamber or container within the member 3 and adapted to carry a plurality of golf balls 12 therein, which balls may be introduced therein through the opening 13 formed adjacent the upper end of the member 3. The lower end of member 3 may have a telescopic connection with the base 2 at 14 to effect a ball discharge openin a casing 16 secured to the exterior of the holder element 3, in which casing the movable stop and push pins 17 and 18, respectively, are mounted, said pins' being connected by a link member 19 which is pivotally mounted at 20 intermediate its extremities between said pins. A spring 21 which engagesthe link 19 above its mount 20 normally projects the stop pin 17 into the ball chamber 11 and into the path of movement of the golf balls, thereby retracting the inner end of push pin 18 from the path of. ball movement. Iressure on the push pin 18 projects its point into the chamber 11 and retracts stop pin 17 therefrom, thereby permitting the lower ball to drop through the opening 15 to the ground- When pressure on pin 18 is relieved the spring 21 restores both pins to their normal position. as described, and a second ball rests upon the pin 17, ready for discharge from the chamber 11 for use.

Numerals 22, 22 indicate a plurality of clamping springs arranged around the outer edge of an annular clamp holder 23 which rigidly encompasses the tubular member 3 and secured thereto in any suitable'manner. Each spring 22 may be secured to element 23 by a screw 24, each of said sprin s being somewhat V shaped and provide with the flaring guide portions 25, 25 to enable Q i the introduction of the club handle 26 of the club 27 with facility. When the club 27 is mounted in my improved container or carrier the dish-like base 2 carries the club head and the handle extremities rest within the recesses 1030f elements 8 and 9, the club shaft being releasably clamped by a spring 22, whereby either casual atera displacement of longitudinal movement of the club is effectually prevented. Displacement of the club head from the base element 2 is prevented by the peripheral flange thereof. c Normally the club holder or carrier stands upright u on the ground when in use and removal 0 any of the clubs is accompllshed with facility without bending over or raising the club high in the air, as is necessary when the ordinary caddie bag is'used. Because of the disposition of all club heads in the base element 2 the iron club heads do not injure or abrade the wood clubs in any manner, for there-is no movement of the former or the latter Within said base element while the device is being carried around by the player. a

I claim: 1. In a portable golf club holder, in combination, a base element; an upright hollow frame element mounted on the base element; a ball chamber within said frame element; and a manually operative device for discharging a ball from said chamber.

2. In a portable golf club holder, in combination, a base. element; an upright hollow frame element mounted on the base element; a ball chamber Within said frame element; and means for supporting a golf ball within said chamber, said means including also means fordIscharging a ball from said chamber.

3. A portable golf club holder comprising, in combination, a base element; a tubular upright element -mounted in the base element; a ball chamber within said upright element; and means for detachably fastening a plurality of golf clubs to the holder.

4:. In a portable golf club holder in combination, a base element; an upri ht frame element mounted upon the base e ement; a clampbracket ri idly mounted in,encompassment of sair frame element; and a series of separate piece pronged resilient clamping e ements secured around said bracket for detachably securing a golf club handle to each of said clamping elements.

5. In a device of the character described, a

a base element; an upright'frame element thereon; means for detachably securin a golf club to the device; a golf ball cham er carried by said upright frame element; and" a mechanical device for ez'ctracting a ball from said ball chamber.

6. In a device of the character described, a base element; an upright'frame element thereon; a golf ball chamber or container within said frame element; means for detachably securing a golf club to the deviceand means for extracting a ball from sai ball chamber. 1

7. A portable golf club holder comprising, a base element; an upright frame element thereon; a ball chamber within said frame element; said frame element having an opening adjacent its lower end to discharge a golf ball therefrom; and means for detachably securing a plurality of golfaffixed my signature this 17th day of June,


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International ClassificationA63B55/10
Cooperative ClassificationA63B55/10, Y10S280/06
European ClassificationA63B55/10