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Publication numberUS1418132 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 30, 1922
Filing dateApr 24, 1920
Priority dateApr 24, 1920
Publication numberUS 1418132 A, US 1418132A, US-A-1418132, US1418132 A, US1418132A
InventorsJoseph Devine John
Original AssigneeJoseph Devine John
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Writing-lighting device
US 1418132 A
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Patented May 30, 1922.

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Patented May 30, 1922.


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Specification of Letters Pa'tent, Patenta d lway 3Q, 1922,

Application filed April 24, 1920, Serial No. 3763M. Renewed April 4,1522. Serial No. 549,471,

T c all whom it may concern:

Be it known that 1, JOHN Josnrrr DEVINE, a citizen of the United States, residing at Middletown, in the county of Middlesex and State of Connecticut, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Writing- Lighting Devices, of which the following is v a specification.

M invention relates to improvements in writlng-li hting devices, involving certain features s own and described in the patent granted tome May 2, 1916, No. 1,181,509, which had relation to a fountain pen that was provided with an electrical device which could be operated to illuminate the portion of the surface with which the pen point was engaged, and the object of my present im provement is to produce a device that is operative substantially in the same manner as the device mentioned so far as concerns the cooperation of the illuminatingeffect with the writing pen point, and which in addition is provided with a second writing device in the form of a pencil and which is also provided with illuminating means for illuminating the surface with which the writing pencil point is engaged, whereby alternatively either the pen or the pencil can be used for writing, as desired, and the end portion that is not in use for writing or is inactive is adapted to serve usefully as a lighting device for general illumination within a relatively limited range for lighting some other surface than the one with which. the particular lighting device happens to be engaged.

' In the accompanying drawing Figure 1 is a side elevation of my im lamp 13, which is positioned so as to provide an illuminatingefl'ect for a limited proved writingdighting device.

Figure 2 is a plan view of the same.

Figure 3 is a similar view with the electric cell removed.

Figure 4 is a fragmentary plan view with the adapter for connecting with the electric cell removed.

Figure 5 is aside elevation of the body, in part broken away, to show the ink reservoir and connecting channel.

Figure 6 is a longitudinal sectional view on the line 6-6 of Fig. 2.

Figure 7 is a sectional View on the line 7-7 of Fig. 6.

Figure 8 is an enlarged sectional view showing the adapter and adjacent parts;

Figure 9 is a fragmentary end elevation of the removable cap that is used on the end of the device that is provided with the writing device in the form of key device, with a projection of square form, that is adapted foruse in removing the plug cap for the ink reservoir.

Figure 10 is fragmentary side elevation of the keyv device shown in Fig. 9 in position for use, with the square end entered into the cooperating opening in the reservoir plug cap. i

. Figure 11 1s a view part in side elevation and part in longitudinal section of the pen point end portion of a modified form of structure that is adapted to have the body structure .made of metal. a

Figure 12' is a similar view of the pencil point end portion'of the modification referred to above. 1 Figurelfil is a fragmentary sectional view of the modification referred to, showing the details of the plug for closingthe opening in the side wall of the body structure, comprising the means for receiving and supporting the lamp, and also for receiving-and supporting-the adapter and the current sup ply device connected with the adapter.

My improved writing-lighting device comprises a body 10 that is generally of tubular form with open ends and which provides at the two ends housings for writing devices, that at one end shown at the left end in Flg. 5, being 1n the form of a fountain pen. structure 11, and that at the other end, at the right, being in the form of a lead pencil 12, and which provides at the middle portlon ahousmg for an electric Zone, as determined generally by the size of the tubular body 10 and the shape thereof, and in which zone is included the writing for flash-light use, in which is housed a suitable electric cell or battery and has a shutoff device orswitch that is operated in a convenient way by means of a trip device or setting device 17 that is exposed and accessible for turning the light on and off.

- point 14 of the pen 11 on the one side and.

The ends of the body are provided with removable caps or covers comprising .the cap 18 at the pencil end 12 and the cap 19 at the pen end 11. I

- The cap 18 at the'pencil end has'a simple rounded outer end 20. Theend 21 of the cap 19 at the pen end is also rounde'd, but is provided at the tip end portion with a tip or projection 22 that,-as shown, is of square formation so asto be adapted to serve as akey for tightening and for removing the screw plug cap 23 that is positioned in the a similar manner by means of a radial duct 27 with an auxiliary reservoir 28 that is provided in the axially supported body structure '29 ofthe fountain pen structure 11, which is supported by a set of. spider arms 30, also as in the patent mentioned.

The duct 27 and the arms 30 are substantially relatively thin, fin-like structures, such. as to" be adapted to serve their particular functions with a minimum obstruction of I light from the lamp 13.

I find it advantageous in use to provide a relative concentration of light adjacent the under side of the writing point, both for the pen l4 and the pencil l5,'and this effect I obtain by providing an extension 31 of the tubular bodylO on the corresponding side thereof that serves as a reflector for. light from the lamp 13, which lampis positioned approximately in the middle of the body 10.

The pencil 12 is supported by means of an axially positioned sleeve 32 so as to be longitudinally slidable therein, the said sleeve 32 being itself supported by means of a set of spider arms 33, and access to the pencil 12' by means of a sharp pointed instrument or pm or the like for feeding the pencil along is provided by means of registering" slots in the sleeve and body wall, comprising the slot 34 in the sleeve 32 and the slot 35 in the body 10. Frictional resistance for holding the pencil 12 in the position to which it may set is provided in the form of "the three pointed dog plate 36 that is supported by means of screws 37 from one of the spider arms 33, as shown. The active or engaging point 38 of the said dog plate 36 extends'through a slit 39 in the sleeve 32 and penetrates slightly into the side wall of the pencil 12.

The lamp 13 is admitted to the'interior of the body 10 through an opening 40 in the effecting the'contact. 7

side wall thereof, the side wall of which opening 40 is providedwith a screw thread for receiving a plug 41 that serves as the support for the entire lighting mechanlsm, consisting of the lamp 13, the current supply and control device 16, and the interme diate supporting and connecting dev ces. The said intermediate devices comprise the screw sleeve 42 and the adapter 43.

Considering the details of'these-parts, the

supporting plug 41 has an axial opening v the screw sleeve 42 projects upwardly within the enlargement or recess 45.

The interior wall of the screw sleeve 42 is also screw threaded for the entire length and fits the screw threaded shell portion 47 of they lamp 13 and. the said lamp 13 is screwed therein from the under or inner side, so that the bulb portion 48015 the lamp 13 will be positioned approximately at the mid die of the body 10 and the connecting tip 49 of the lamp 13 will project upwardly above the top face or end face of the said screw sleeve 42.

The current supply device 16 is provided with a socket opening 50 that is substantially the counterpart of the structure of the connecting end of the lamp 13, compris the screw sleeve portionv or shell 47 and the tip 49, which serves as the means for mechanical and also electrical cr pnection of the lamp with the said supply device 16. In theipresent structure the shell 47 is supported by the screw sleeve 42 which latter provides the electrical oonnectionwith this particular part. The screw sleeve 42 is made of metal and the supporting plug is made of hard rubber.

The screw sleeve 42 and the lamp tip 49 are connected. with the receivingsocket 50 through the medium of the adapter 43 as follows:The lower portion 51 of the adapter 43 is in the form ofa bell structure that has an interior screw thread for being entered upon the upwardlyprojecting upper end portion 46 of the screw sleeve 42 and the upper end portion is in the form of a threaded sleeve 52 that is adapted to screw into the threaded portion 53 of the receiving socket 50, and which has fixedly supported in the bore a rod54 for connectingthe tip 49 of the lamp with'the tip 55 in the socket 50.


The said rod 54 is insulated from the threaded sleeve 52 by suitable insulation'56 and has ahead57 at each'end that serves for As described, the entire lighting mechanism is removable from the body 10 with the supporting plug or cap 41.

The screw sleeve 42 and the adapter 43 combine to form an adapting device whereby a current supply device of standard form is adapted for use with a lamp of standard form. I In the structure described, may be made of hard rubber.

In Figs. 11, 12, and 13 are shown details of a modified form of structure in which the body 10 may be made of metal.

Considering the structure of the pen point end portion shown in Fig. 11, the fountain pen device 11 is provided with a sleeve 60 of hard rubber that is interposed between the exterior supporting sleeve 61 of metal, and the interior parts, comprising the body portion 62 of the pen, and the channeled plug the body 10 63, that are fitted together and combine to fill the bore of the said sleeve 60. I

Considering the pencil end portion shown in Fig. 12, the pencil 12 is housed in a sleeve 32 of metal, and the friction point device 88 that serves to hold the pencil in the adjusted position is in the form of an inward indentation of the material of the said tube or sleeve 32 Considering the structure for supporting the lamp and adjacent parts shown in Fig. 13, the lamp receiving opening 40* is closed by a screw plug 64 that is made ofmetal and combines generally the functions of the plug 41 and the screw sleeve 42 for receiving the lamp 13 and the adapter 4:3, having on'the upper end portion an annular slot 45* for admitting the bell structure 51 of the adapted 43.

I claim as my invention 1. A writing-lighting device having a tubular body that is open at the ends, a writing device projecting from one of the said ends, and a lighting device located within the said body and positioned therein so as to permit the light therefrom to be projected laterally through both of the said open ends.

2. A writing device as described in claim 1, and having a second writing device projecting from the other of the said ends of the tubular body.

3. A writing-lighting device in the form of tubular structure having a generally open interior, a writing device positioned at one end of the said structure, a lighting device positioned in the said interior, a reservoir connected by a. delivery channel with the said writing device, a filling opening for the said reservoir being provided in the wall of the said structure and connected to the said reservoir by a connecting channel, and the said reservoir and filling opening being disposed on opposite sides of the said structure.

, 4. In a'writing-lighting device, a body of tubular form, a writing device projected from one end of the said body, and a lighting device housed within the interior of the said body, and the said body having on one side of the said writing device an extension for reflecting light from the said lighting device to the writing point of the said writing device.

5. A' writing-lighting device comprising a body of tubular form with open ends, a lamp housed in the interior of the said body and adjacent the middle thereof, and a writing device located at each of the end portions of the said body, one being in the form of a fountain pen structure and the other in,

the form of a lead pencil, the meansfor sup porting the said writing devices being of skeleton form-so as to reduce to a minimum the obstruction of light from the said lamp outwardly towards the said open ends.

6. In a writing-lighting device, a tubular casing having a writing device at one end, a lighting device projected from the side wall into the interior of the casing for providing illumination for the writing device, abattery structure for providing current for the lighting device, and an adapter structure positioned intermediate the said battery structure and lighting device serving as the mechanical support for the said battery device and as the electrical connecting means.


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