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Publication numberUS1418182 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 30, 1922
Filing dateDec 19, 1919
Priority dateDec 19, 1919
Publication numberUS 1418182 A, US 1418182A, US-A-1418182, US1418182 A, US1418182A
InventorsTabor Benjamin C
Original AssigneeTabor Benjamin C
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US 1418182 A
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1,418,182. Patented May 30,1922;

ATTORNEY To all whom it may concern:

PATENT @FFEQEL warren era-res BENJAMIN o TABOR, OF-ASHLAND, oianeoiv.



Be it known that I, BENJAMIN C. TABOR, a citizen of the United States, residing at Ashland, in the county" of Jackson and State of Oregon, have invented certain new and useful Improvements i-nInhalers; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same. r

My invention is an inhaler for treatment of the nose, throat and correlated members, its principal object'being to provide an inhaler which will cause air containing ahealing agent to reach-the innermost air passages of the head and lungs and'inner ear at the same time.

Another important object of the invention is to provide a device of this character which includes a mask adapted to be worn upon the face to exclude foreign matter from the air passages while the device is in use and which may be worn without discomfort to the wearer.

A further object of the inventionis to provide an inhaler for treating the various air passages of the human body which includes a number of inhaling tubes for containing healing compounds which are so arranged as to ermit the same to be removed from the device for refilling or other purposes.

Another general object of the invention is to provide an inhaler having the above characteristics which is simple in construction, consists of few parts and can be manufactured and sold cheaply.

With the above and other objects and advantages in mind, the invention consists in the novel combination of elements, construction and arrangement, operations and specific features all of which will be en larged upon and recited in the subjoined claims, the invention being illustrated in the attached drawing, wherein:

Figure 1 is a perspective of the device in use;

Figure 2 is a vertical sectional view of the inhaler in applied position Figure 3 is an end view of the inhaler tube; v

Figure 4: is a side elevation of one of the inhaler tubes;

Figure 5 is a like view of the exhaler tube;

.sp'ecification of Letters Patent. Pagtgnttgd Du y 39, 1922 Application-filed December 19, 1919. Serial No. 345,978.

Figure 6 is an elevation taken at the forward end of the exhaler tube;

Figure 7 is a plan view ofithe device, and

Referring to the drawing wherein like characters of reference designate like parts in all the views the numeral 5 designates a substantially rectangular mask. having its edges formed with a beading 6. This mask 6 is of a shape to conform to the facial outline and the nose receiving part of the maskhas a medicated compound receiving compartment 7 formed therein, the nose receiving part being provided with perforations to permit the ingress of air through the compartment 7 the nose. i r

The opposite vertical edges of the mask 5 are provided with pairs of ears 8. In order to retain the mask in position on the wearers face there is a pair of ear engaging hooks 9 each of which includes a pair of divergent legs or bails 10 which are pivoted between the ears 8. A pad 11 extends around the edges of the under face of the mask to prevent the same from contacting with the wearers face and to render the same comfortable.

A flared inhaling tube 12 is provided which is adapted to contain the medicament or healing agent; The flared end of this tube receives perforated cap 13 to permit the air to pass through the tube. The tube 12 is insertable through an opening 14 in the mask in line with the patients mouth to be held in the latter.

It will be seen that air drawn through the compartment 7 and tube 12 will carry the healing agent through the mouth and nose and contact with all of the air passages associated with these parts.

When it is desired to dispense with the inhaling tube 12 in order to permit the person to exhale freely there is provided a tube 15 identical with the tube 12 in the enlarged or flared end of which a check valve 16 is mounted, the check valve being arranged to close while the person is inhaling and open'while the person is exhaling.

As shown in Figure 1 plates 17 are connected with the mask at its opposite vertical edges and are provided with aligned openings 18 by means of which flexible mask sections to enclose the sides of the face may be attached ifdesired.

to be inhaled through With thealoove and other objects and advantages in mind, the structure shown and described is the practical embodiment of the, invention but it will be understood that the claims may be modified if desired and that such limits of modification are only governed by What is claimed.

What'is claimed is 1+- 1. An inhaler, a mask to mount the medium to be inhaled, an ear-engaging hook, and bails extending from the hook separated at and secured to the mask to spread the same.

2. In aninhaler, a mask to mount the medium to be inhaled, andan attaching means for a supplemental mask secured thereto in the nature'ot' a bar to reinforce the same vprovided with a plurality of attaching holes. I r

8. In. an inhaler, a mask to mount the medium to be inhaled, an attachlng means for a supplemental mask secured thereto,

and ear engaging means extending from the mask and adapted to extend across the supplemental mask.

4. In an inhaler, a mask to mount the medium to be inhaled, an attaching means for a supplemental mask secured thereto.

an ear engaging hook, and bails extending v 5. An inhaler having a mask, air exhaling means associated with the mask, and a medicament-inhaling. means associated With the mask and said means being independently and selectively engageable-by the mouth. 6. An inhalerhaving a mask, means to retain'a medium for noseinhalation, a medicament inhaling means and an air exhali-ng means mounted substantially equidistantly from and below the first means and the mask being flexible so that the second and third means may be independentlyand -selectively engaged by the mouth with the first means remaining in position.

In testimony whereof I my in presence of two Witnesses.

A NI Timon, l/Vitnesses: Q 1 V I WM. A. WILL AMS, NELLIE C. WILL-rains,


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