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Publication numberUS1418903 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 6, 1922
Filing dateSep 14, 1921
Priority dateSep 14, 1921
Publication numberUS 1418903 A, US 1418903A, US-A-1418903, US1418903 A, US1418903A
InventorsBenson William S
Original AssigneeBenson William S
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Electromagnetic wave bath
US 1418903 A
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APPLICATION FILED $EPT.14| i921. l,4:18,9()3a PatentedJune 6, 1922,


:- A h, ,9 l. A




Specification of Letters Patent. Patented J une 6, 1922.

Application filed September 14, 1921. Serial No. 500,560.

T 0 all whom it may concern: 4 Be it known that I, WILLIAM S. BENSON, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Newark, in the county of Essex and State of New Jersey, have invented a new and Improved ElectromagneticWave Bath, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description. The. object of this invention is to provide an electro-magnetic Wave bath for treating the cells of the body and which has in conjunction therewith means for treating the skin to ,destroy germs and'means for applying electricity to the difierent parts of the A further object is the provision 'oi'an BlGCtIG-Hlitgllfiiilc wave bath provided with means for varying the strength of the magnetic torce between certain limits at a rate equal to the heart beats of the patient. These objects are accomplished by providing a container and means for'causing lines of magnetic force, which are continu ally reversing their direction, to flow therethrough, and means for varying the strength of this magnetic force, and means inconjunction with the container means for generating light. rays which have a germic dal effect in different skin diseases, and means for applying electricity directly to different parts of the body.

These and other objects of-the inventionwill be more clearly understood from the following detailed description and accompanying drawings.

Figure 1 is a side elevation of the electromeignetic wave bath;

igure 2 is a -vertical longitudinal section throu h the electromagnetic wave bath shown in Figure 1;

Figure 3 is a cross section along the line 3-3, Figure 1;

Figure 4 a side elevation of; the container with parts broken away to show its construction; j

Figure 5 is a cross section of one of the inductance ,coils "used in conjunction with the container;

Figure 6 is-a'ftop plan view of the lator for controlling the strength of the magnetic force 'passingthrou'gh the container; j

Figure 7 is a ical'crossis'ectionthrougli the regulators wing thecontrolv coils; and

Figure 8 is 'jjwiring diagram of the regulator shown in Figures 6 and 7 in its relation to the main coil.

Referring to the above-mentionedfigures; this apparatus as shown in Fi ure 4 consists of a container 10 which 1s made of cylindrical shape' Thi 'container is made of a non-magnetic material such as brass. The reason for this will appear later in the specification. Located around this nonmagnetic container is a layer of mica or some other insulating material 11. Wound about the container over the insulating material i a conductor of electricity 12 of some satis-- factory type to form an electromagnetic field within the container. This-coil is made up of. a great number of turns dependingupon the-strength of the magnetic force that-1t lating material 13 and the various layersare encased by means of an iron cylinder 14.

Surrounding the elec- This encasing member might possibly be made of other material than iron but this is most'satisfcactory for the purpose. The cylinder, 14 is supported on a plurality of legs 15.

Located inside of the container 10 is a lining 16 which carries a plurality of lamp sockets 17 which are connected with a source of electric current in any usual manner. Mounted in these sockets are lamps 18. These lamps are selected from amongst those that generate light rays of different colors in the spectrum. it is well known that light rays of certain colors are destructive to germs and these lights are provided for generating rays for treating skin diseases.

n of vibration. the various colors of the spectrum are employed through the medium of colored lights. These different colored vibrations produce difierent efiects, such as thermal, germicidal, stimulative and seda-' tive., The s ecial feature of application of these vibratlons of color is that they will also be alternating to conform to the normal orderto be able to employ distinct rates i beat of the heart of the patient being treated.

Referring to Figures 6, 7 and 8, a regulator for controlling the amount of current passing throu h the coil about the container is shown. In Tigure 8 a diagram of the connections is disclosed as containing coils 21, 22, 23, 24, which, when alternating current is used, operate, when in circuit as choke coils to cut down the strength of the current. The terminals of these coils are connected to contact points 25, 2e, 27, as, ea, 30, 31, a2, 33, 34 by means of wires 36 to 45, inclusive, as shown in the diagram. The conductor 12 which is wound about the container 10 has one terminal connected to the contact point 25 by means of a conductor 48, and the other terminal to a terminal of a source of supply of alternating current by means of the conductor 47. The other terminal of the source of supply is connected by means of a conductor 46 to the shaft 49. Mounted on the shaft 49 is an arm which serves to connect it to any one of the contact points 25 to 34, inclusive. It will be seen that one or all of the choke coils 21 to 24, inclusive, may be connected in series with the conductor 12 in order to vary the current flowing through the said conductor. As the arm 35 rotates in a counter-clockwise direction one coil is added for each ste until the arm reaches contact point 30. fter that until the arm reaches contact point 34 one coil is cut out upon each step thus increasing the amount of current flowing through the conductor 12. Thus for every rotation of the arm 35 the current flowing in the conductor 12 is decreased from the maximum amount to the minimum which flows when all the coils are connected in series with the conductor and then increased to the maximum which flows" when all the coils are cut out of the circuit. These coils are enclosed in a box 54 and may have a core 53 extending throu h them. The arm 35 is rotated by means 0 a motor 51connected to a pulley 50 by a belt 52. The pulley 50 is fixed to the shaft 49. The speed of this may be controlled so as to rotate the arm 35 at any desired speed. With such a device it is possible to vary the current flowing in the conductor 12' to certain limits periodically and by properly controlling the speed of the motor or the gear ratio between the motor and rotating'contact arm the number of periodical variations may be made to conform to the number of heart beats of the patient. Any number of coils might be provided in the regulator to obtain a more gradual or a more abrupt increase or decrease in current in the conductor 12.

The maximum current flowing in the conductor 12 is obtained when the arm 35 engages the contact point 25 or the con- '49, arm 35, con uctor 12 andback to conductor 47 or through conductor 46, shaft 49, arm 35, contact point 34, conductors 45 and 36, conductor 12 and back through conductor 47. The minimum amount of current flows when the arm 35 contacts with either of the contact points 29 or 30. When the arm 35 contacts with the contact point 29 the current flows through conductor 46, shaft 49, arm 35, contact point 29, the coils 24 to 21, inclusive, conductor 12 and back through the conductor 47. As the arm 35 is moved over contact points 25 to 29 the current flowing in the conductor 12 is gradually decreased and as the arm 35 moves over contact points 30 to 34 the current flowing is gradually increased. As the current flows through conductor 12 lines of magnetic force are created about the conductor. These lines of magnetic force permeate the space within the container and are reversed in direction every time the curent flowin in the conductor reverses its direction. T e container 10 is made of non-magnetic material so that the lines of magnetic force will permeate the space in the container instead of flowing through the walls of the container.

One end of the casing 14 has a cap' 55 fitted thereon. This cap 55 has a plurality of holes 56 extending therethrough. .Mounted in each hole is a shaft 57 to which is connected a core 58 of an inductance coil 59. This inductance coil is rovided with two terminals 60 and 61 which may be connected with suitable body electrodes, for applying electricity directly to the different parts of the body of the patient. The induced current in the inductance coil 59 may be varied by adjusting the position of the coil. If it is desired to obtain a greater current the coil is moved inward into the portion of the container surrounded b the conductor 12 as indicated in dotted lines in Figure 2. This current can be utilized to gently exercise each and every muscle of the bod by applying it directly to cause wave-1i e contractions and relaxations of the body tissue. The special construction of this apparatus enables the regulation of the current'to such a fine degree that the Wave-like im ulses are absolutely painless and non-irritating. Another feature of application of this current is'that its strength will periodically vary between certain predetermined limits ac-' cording as the current is varied in conductor 12, and as above stated the current in is bathed with alternating electrical vibrations. -c

A certain amount of heat Wlll ordlnarrly be developed by the magnetic coil 12 and the lamps 18 will also supply their proportionate heat to the interior of the treating cell or container so that the patient will be subjected to the effect of heat, as well as the application of light, magnetism and current electricity. Ordinarily, the lights will be connected in circuit with and governed by the controller so that the light and heat, as well as the magnetism and current electricity will be applied in the form of waves of more or less gradually increasing and decreasing intensity. lVhen these so-called waves of heat. light, magnetism and ourrentelectricity are brought into time with .the heart beats of the patient, asby properly controlling the speed of the controller motor, a most effective treatment results. Further it is found that if the heart beats are abnormal this ccndition can be improvedby timing the waves to what would be normal for the person under treatment, this exerting a corrective effect and serving to restore conditions to the normal. The applied current electricity and the electromagnetic flux both being of periodically varying intensity, oo-

in the electromagnetic coil for generating variable induced currents and applying same to portions of the body under treatment, and means for periodically gradually increasing and decreasing the force of said megnetism, heat, light and applied electricity.

2. An electromagnetic wave bath of the class described for therapeutic purposes com- .prising a container having non-magnetic walls, means for passing about the container ,an electric current that varies periodically within certain limits, movable induction coils adjustable with respect to the magnetic field of the container, and terminals attached to the induction coils to convey the induced current to the patient.

3. An electromagnetic wave bath of the class described for therapeutic work comprising a container of non-magnetic material, an electric'circuit about the container, aplurality of electric coils in conjunction with said circuit, means for varying thecoils in series with the circuit to vary the current periodically, means located in the, container for generating different colored light rays 1 and means within the magnetic field of the container for generating induced currents and applying them directly to the patient to produce wave-like contractions and relaxations.

4. An electromagnetic wave bath for therapeutic purposes comprising a container having non-magnetic walls, an electric conductor wound about the container, a plurality of coils and means for connecting them in series with the conductor to vary the current flowing therein periodically between certain limits, means located in the container for generating germ destroying light rays, inductance coils co-operating with the said electric conductor to develop induced voltages and means for applying the induced voltages directly to the patient, a

5. An electromagnetic wave bath of the class described comprising a container built of non-magnetic material. means for assing a periodically varying current about t e container, a plurality of lamps in conjunction with the container for developing different colored light rays. adjustable induction coils for co-operating with the container circuit, terminals in conjunction with the induction coils for conveying the induced current to the patient, and a carriage slidable into and out of the container for carrying the patient.

6. An electromagnetic wave bath of the class described for therapeutic purposes comprising a container of non-magnetic material. 'means for passing electric currents Ice about the container, means for varying the currents between certain limits, means for generating germ destructive light rays in the container. means for obtaining induced currents in conjunction with the container, and means for conveying the induced currents to the patient.

7. An electromagnetic wave bath oi the class described for therapeutic, purposes,

comprising a container having non-magnetic walls means for passing electric current about the container, and means for varying the current between certain predetermined limits in time with a desired periodicity.

8. In electro therapeutic apparatus, a treatment chamber. means for generating therein a magnetic field of rapidly reversing polarity, an induction coil. means for variably positioning the same within the magnetic field to produce induced currents therein of different intensities and means for applying suchvariably controlled induced currentsto the body of a patient under treatment 1n the container.

- magnetic 111; and means for periodically increasing and decreasing the intensity of such alternating magnetic 'ux, the latter means being controllable to bring the magnetic waves of increasing and decreasing intensity in time with a desired periodicity.

12. In electro-therapeutics, a magnetic coil supported to contain a patient under treatment, control coils, a controller arranged to out said control coils gradually into and out of series with said magnetic coil and means 1,41s,sos

for timing said controller to produce recurring waves of magnetic intensity in time with a desired periodicity.

13. The structure oil claim 12 with light emanating means in the magnetic field and varying in intensity in time with the electromagnetic Waves.

14. The structure of claim 12 with induction coils variafoly positioned Within the ma netic field and provided with current leads for body electrodes.

15. In electro-therapeutics, a body conta'iner of non-magnetic material, a magnetic coil about said container, control coils, a controller for connecting said control coils, gradually into and out of series relation with respect to the magnetic coil and means for driving said controller at variable speeds to produce electromagnetic Wave trains of periodically varying intensity within the container in time with a desired periodicity.


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