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Publication numberUS1419370 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 13, 1922
Filing dateFeb 27, 1920
Priority dateFeb 27, 1920
Publication numberUS 1419370 A, US 1419370A, US-A-1419370, US1419370 A, US1419370A
InventorsAlexandre Genaille
Original AssigneeCartier Inc
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US 1419370 A
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APPLICATION FILED FEB.2`I, IS20- LQUI 9,37@ Patented June 1.3,l 1922.,



Application le. February 27, 1920. Serial No. 361,777.

To all 'fw/mm. t W/,cy/ concern.'

Be it known that l, Annxnnnnn GnNAiLLn, a citizen of France, residing at New York city, borough of Manhattan, county and State of New York, have invented a certain new and useful Bracelet, of which the fol lowingl is a specification.

rIhis invention is 'a bracelet adapted to be worn by ladies, solely as an article of personal adornment, and the object of the invention is a bracelet possessing a neat, attractive and aesthetic appearance, capable ot ready adjustment to a wide range of wrist sizes, and yet of a simple and durable construction, and capable of expeditious and economical manufacture.

In its preferred, practical form, the invention embodies a flexible member, which may consist or a woven silken cord, a precious metal ch ain or cable or a jointed metallic construction of the precious metals. The ends of the flexible member are tipped with suitable ornamental pendants, formed ot metal, jewels, or a combination of both, and the intermediate portions of the flexible member are passed twice through a suitable ornamental slide` whereby the flexible member is formed into a loop adapted to encircle the wrist. rlhe slide may be manipulated to vary the size of the loop, so that it will properly lit the wrist of the wearer.

Features of the invention, other than those specified, will be apparent from the hereinafter detailed description and claims, when read in conjunction with the accompanying drawings.

The drawings illustrate one practical embodiment of the invention, but the construction therein shown is to be understood as illustrative, only, and not as definingl the limits of the invention.

F igfure l illustrates a bracelet embodyingthe present invention positioned upon the v'rist of a wearer; and,

Figure 2 shows the bracelet removed from the wrist.

The bracelet embodies a 'flexible tension member A, here shown in the form of a woven cord, and, in practice, this may be a silken or met-al cord, or cable. or said member be made up of a plurality of links, or other metallicl elements, suitably, flexibly associated with one another. so as to conform to the contour of the wrist. The two ends of the ilexible member A. are passed through a slide B and are tipped with suitable ornaments C. The slide B, while shown ot simple, spherical contour, may partake of any desired shape, and may be adorned with jewels or other form of ornament inconformity with the taste of the designer, and the members C may be similarly constructed and adorned, but they are preferably made of suflicient weight to hold the flexible member taut. In practice, it is 'found that if the members C are slightly weighted, they serve to hold the slide B in a position to maintain the loop of the bracelet in proper conformity with the curves of the wrist.

llt has heretofore been suggested that pocketbooks, fans and other articles be secured to the wrists ot users by means of loops formed in a flexible member, but these prior devices have been intended for entirely different uses and functions from the purely ornamental purposes inherent in the bracelet of this invention. Moreover, they were not intended for use as bracelets, and their size and structural characteristics, as well as their design, would preclude their employment for this purpose.

It will be understood that the speciiic structure described may be modified as to details, more especially in formal respects, without departing .from the spirit and substance of the invention, the scope of which is commensurate with the appended claims.

Having thus fully described the invention, what l claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

l. An article of jewelry consisting of a bracelet embodying' a flexible member, a slide through which the flexible member is passed to form a portion of said member into a. loop adapted to embrace the wrist of a wearer, said loop being maintained in conformity with the wrist by the slide, and a separate member associated with each end of the flexible member to preclude such ends from beine` withdrawn from the slide.

2. An article of jewelry consisting of a bracelet embodying a flexible member, a slide through which the flexible member is passed to form a portion intermediate the ends thereoic into a loop adapted to embrace the wrist ot a wearer. and weights secured to the ends of the Hexible member and adapted to automatically maintain the slide in a posi tion to reuse the intermediate portion of the such ends from being Withdrawn from the flexible meri'iber to properly fit the Wrist. slide. 10 8, An article of jewelry Consisting of e in testimony whereof, have signed my bracelet embodying a slide, a fexible cord name to this specification.

messed twice' through said slide to form a f #n ioop adapted to embrace the Wrist of a ALEANDRL GENAILLE wearer, and a separate ornamental member Vfitness:

secured to each end of the cord, to preclude E. F. PROPER.

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