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Publication numberUS1420148 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 20, 1922
Filing dateNov 19, 1920
Priority dateNov 19, 1920
Publication numberUS 1420148 A, US 1420148A, US-A-1420148, US1420148 A, US1420148A
InventorsRock George L
Original AssigneeRock George L
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Strap and fastener
US 1420148 A
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Patented June 20, 1922.

1,420, 1&8.


M aomwh INVEN TOR.



Application filed November 19, 1920.

To all whom. it may COltCT'il-f Be it known that I, GEORGE L. ROCK, a citizen of the United States, and residing at l'Vaukesha, in the county of ll aukesha and tiltate of Visconsin, have invented a new and improved Strap and Fastener, oi which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to means in the term of metal, ribbons for banding and se curing boxes, bales and other packages, and its object is to provide a reliable connection between the ends of such metal ribbons which will positively secure such ends together with minimum trouble, and which can be made at low cost.

This invention consists of a metal ribbon and a plate of metal provided with two parallel slots through which, when the plate bent parallel to these slots, the ends of the ribbon may be inserted from opposite directions so that they overlap within such slots. after which the 'l astener is bent flat to cause the lapping ends oil the ribbon to be kinked su'l'liciently to lock them together.

This invention further consists in the details 01'' construction illustrated in the accompanyin drawing and. particularly pointed out in the claims.

in the accompanying drawing. Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a box secured by means of two straps whose ends are "fastened together by means of my improved buckle. Fig. 2 is a plan ol the buckle. Fig. 3 is a perspective of the buckle and the ends oi? the strap extending through it before the buckle is flattened and big. t is a similar view alter the buckle is flattened. Fig. 5 is a section on the line 5--5 of Fig. 4t.

Similar reference characters refer to like parts throughout the several views.

Boxes and bales are often secured by means ol straps. ties or hails oi thin metal ribbon and various tools have been designed to tighten them around the articles bound thereby. The buckle shown in the drawing is designed to prevent the ends ol the strap from separating after being tightened and is n'el erably stamped from sheet metal. it is shown to be a rectangle 1 having. end slots 2 through which the ends 8 and. t of the Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented June 23d, 192% Serial No. 425,250.

strap 5 extend, the buckle being bent up to substantially if-shape to permit the ready insertion of the ends of the strap.

A. central slot 6 has a central enlargement which weakens the intermediate cross bars rklittfl' the strap has been tightened around a package A, the buckle is bent flat, as shown in Figs. l, l. and 5, which usually so kinks the overlapping" ends of the strap as to prevent movement between them. ll hen it. is desired to so lock the parts together as to prevent separation without destruction oi the buckle or the strap ends, a center punch may be employed to drive down the central portion 9 ot the straps into the central enlargement T of the buckle. as shown in Fig. 5. if this is carried out to its maximum limit, the central cross bars become bent, as indicated by the dotted lines 10 in Fig. This causes these cross bars to grip the strap ends and prevents the buckle being bent, as shown in Fig. 3, to release the strap ends. This central slot may be omitted if desired.

{he sizes oi these buckles, their general shape and the proportions ol? their several parts may all be varied by those skilled in the art without departing from the spirit of my invention as set forth in the following claims.

I claim 1. Jr bale strap and fastenercomprisinga metal ribbon havingoverlapping ends and a metal plate having three parallel slots, the orel-lappingends of the ribbon extending through the outer slots and the metal of the overlapping ends of the ribbon being forced down into the central slot.

A bale strap and fastener comprising a metal ribbon having overlapping ends and a metal plate having three parallel slots, the overlapping ends of the ribbon extending through the two outer slots and across the inner slot. the cross bars between the slots in.

the plate being" reduced in width at the middle. and the metal of the overlapping ends of the ribbon being forced down into the center of the middle slot suliiciently to bow out the said. cross'bars.


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U.S. Classification217/66, 24/23.00B
International ClassificationB65D63/08, B65D63/00
Cooperative ClassificationB65D63/08
European ClassificationB65D63/08