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Publication numberUS1420220 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 20, 1922
Filing dateAug 24, 1921
Priority dateAug 24, 1921
Publication numberUS 1420220 A, US 1420220A, US-A-1420220, US1420220 A, US1420220A
InventorsRoux Emile Victor
Original AssigneeRoux Emile Victor
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Building element or block
US 1420220 A
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PPLICATION FILED AUG.24, I9 1,420,220. mmm@ 2o, 1922.

/NVEN TOR ...5h/'LEM nL/v/C ETOI? Roux.

PER HIST TORNE l at Marseille, in t MTE.



vSpecification of Letters 1 atent. i' i Patented Jung A20, 1922.v Application led August 24, 1921. Serial No. 494,835. I

` v I 'GRATED ,UNDER rar. rnovisroivs or THE A'c'r or MARCH 3, 1921,41 sur. L., 1313.)

To alZ- whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, EMILE VIdrOR Roux, a citizen of the Re ublic of France, residmg line Republic of France, 5 have invented certain new and useful Im.-

`provements in Buildin Elements or Blocks led' applicatlons in (for which I have 'France November 8,1919, Patent No.' 506- O92, and in Great Britain March 4;, 1920, Patent No. 161,7 97), of which the following is a specification.' I

This invention relates to. improvements in building elements or lblocks formed of tubular reeds, bamboo or the like, with or without a reinforcement ,of metalv or vege.- table fibres, and bound together by-a binding agent.

reeds'are chopped into -small pieces and distributed haphazard in the binding agent.`

The'a'pplication of the principle of tubular blocks for lrefri} 1;erat,ors is the 'rational use of the air chambers -(Whence the enormous importance of air chambers'naturally closed by knots), and blocks of cork can thus be replaced" by blocks of reed having 'ai lower density, and rbeing more ynre-proof and more profitable than, cork.

Figs. 1 and, 2 sho'w two sections, lateral and transverse respectively, of a building blockformed of tubular reeds.

. Such 4blocks are already known,

their formation are vnot similarto those According toth'is invention the tubular 'which will now bedescribed land which are" adapted more especially for the construction In accordance with the present invention,

the blocks composition is preferably :f

`1. Two eiternal'layers A. A. formed of impermeable cement;

2. A' layer of cement B. B. against theinside of each of these vfacings with metallic reinforcement 3. Against the vinterior of each of the cementjlayers B. B. a layer or row of natural vegetable tubes `or reedsv G fitted 1 vertically one to another and of'another row of vegetable tubes or reeds "D Afitted horizontally one 'to another, these reeds being'pressed and `bound with twine orthe like;.

" 4. Avcentr'al part or coreformed of reeds or other similar vegetable substances E. E., cut or chopped and a glomeratediby means yof casein, these ree s ,or 'vegetable tubes forming air-chambers closed. 'at the endsjby,

the binding` agent. f

What I c lalm is: Blocks for yuse in building refriger-ating chambers, comprising layers of reeds arrange'd crosswiseand'agglomerated by casein and,l *between such layers and forming the interior. of the bloeks,``cut reeds also agglofmeratedl with' casein. 4 In testimon whereof p EMILE vio-'ron ROUX. f -Witnesses, r 4 l EUGN'E DUoUFFoRn,

' I Ronan.

I atlix my signature -in presence o two witnesses.l Y

but their disposition and the materials entering into'

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U.S. Classification52/612, 52/577, 106/122, 52/DIG.900, 52/600, 106/137.1
International ClassificationE04C2/16
Cooperative ClassificationY10S52/09, E04C2/16
European ClassificationE04C2/16