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Publication numberUS1420759 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 27, 1922
Filing dateJan 26, 1922
Priority dateJan 26, 1922
Publication numberUS 1420759 A, US 1420759A, US-A-1420759, US1420759 A, US1420759A
InventorsSawicki Joseph G
Original AssigneeSawicki Joseph G
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Submerged heater for tanks
US 1420759 A
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1,420,759., Patented June 27, 1922.

INVENTOR J w/c// ATTORNEY v Essexville, in the county of efficiency and that may be manufactured show the position of .by the Figure 3 is an enlarged fragmentary plan carried upward and along the opposite side tending radially ,and the tank. bottom 7.




Specification of Letters Patent, Patented- J une 27, 1922.

' I Application filed January 26, 1922. Serial No. 531,988." I

The members 14 and 15 are provided a with flanges, 16 and 17 extending around the citizen of the United States, residin at four sides of the elements and a'p'lurality of of Bay and tate' screws '18 and engaging nuts 18 secure the of Michigan, have invented certain new and two elements in water-tight engagement, useful Improvements in Submerged Heaters there being a packing therebetween. forTanks, of which the following is a speci- Transverse and long tudinal partitions, fication. Y respectively 19 and. 20, divide the interior One of the objects of this invention is to into separate compartments adapted tohold provide a .washlng machine with an. electhe heating coils 21, which may be simple trical device forheating the wash water. -coils of resistance wire or interchangeable Another object is the provision of means resistance units of the replaceable cartridge for enclosing a series of heating elements intype. c 1 teriorly of a watertight compartment Insulating bushings adapted to be secured to the bottom of a through the longitudinal partitions 20, prewashing machine tank. venting the resistance coils or their ter- A further object 'is the means provided minals from contacting with the metal whereby an electric heating element, adapted casing. to be submerged 'in water, is constructed in Near one of the corners of the casing, is a manner calculated to give a high degree provided a water-tight leading-in-bushing 23 clamped through the casingl wall by a atlow cost. nut 24:, and an opening throug the clamp These and other like objects are attained permits the entrance of a suitable electric novel construct current carrying cable .25, the conductors so of parts, hereinafter'described and shown in, of the cable being branched interiorlg' of I the accompanying drawing, forming a the casing, forming lead wires 26 an 27, material part of this disclosure, and in insulated from the casing by porcelain inwhich:- sulators 28 and 29.

Figure 1 is aside elevational view of'a By reference to Figure 3, it will be seen wash ng machine with the sideremoved to that the lead'27 is isposed along one of theheating member. the inner sides of the casing and to it is Figure 2 is a top plan view of the tank connected one of the terminal ends of each and heater with the drum removed. series of resistance coils, and the lead 26 is To all whom it may cancer rt:

Be it known that I, Josnrn G. SAWICKI,

22 are provided view of the heating element, broken away show the heating units.

Figure 4 is an enlarged partial longitudiv nal sectional view of the same. j

Referring to'the' drawing in detail, the

to of the cas ng to be similarly connected to the opposite terminal ends of the coils 21.

The casing members 14 and 15, and. the partitions 19 and 20 are preferably made from aluminum castings. v v numeral 6 designates in general the tank of From the foregoing it will be seen that a a washing machine having curved bottom 7, practical device for the purpose has been concentric with which is rotatably mounted disclosed in the preferred form of its em a cylindrical hollow drum 8, perforated and bodipnent, but ch "nges in the form, conprovided with an arcuately curved longitu- 'struction, proportions and details may be dinal slidi%' plate 9, giving access to the made without conflictin with the scope of interior. cans for rotating the drum is the invention as defined liy the claims hereto shown by the crank handle-10, fixed to a appended. a trunnion 11, after passing through the side Having thus described my" invention, of the tank 6. Y what I claim as new and desire to secure Secured to the inner surface of the curve by Letters Patent, is bottom 7 of the tank, are brackets 13 ex-- 1. An electric water heater for washing.

inward and supportinga machines comprising a pair of submergible heating element comprising a pair of rechollow casingmembers, flanged elements tangular'memb'ers 14 and 15 comform'able projecting'outwardly around said members, 110 with and positioned between the drum 8 said flanges being adapted to fit againstv transverse disposed in opposite directions, means for maintaining said flanges in intimate contact, and a packing interposed between said flanges to make a water-tight joint.

2. An electric water heater comprising in combination with a washing machine tank a hollow casin its central p ane, integral flanges extending outward, means for preventing water from entering therebetween, longitudinal and partitions formed in said casing elements, heating elements consisting of a plurality of resistance units disposed in compartments formed by said partitions, in-

sulating bushings fixed in the longitudinal partition walls, and means for sup-porting said casing at a spaced distance within the wall of said tank.

l 3. An electric water heater for raising the temperature of water contained in the tank of a washing machine, comprising a hollow casing conforming to the contour of the inside bottom of said tank and spaced from the wall thereof, means for connecting said casing to said tank, resistance units forming heating elements contained in said casing and electrically insulated therefrom, means adapted to be separated along.

for conveying electrical energy to said.- heating elements, and means for preventing water from entering said casing when submerged.

4. An electric water heater comprising a two part hollow casing, tending from said casing, means for holding said casing members tightly together, a plurality of heating elements electrically connected and disposed within said casing, means for insulating said heating elements from the casing compartments formed with the casing and separating said heating elements, means iorentering an electric current carrying cable into said casing, said means consisting of a clamp passing through the outer wall of the casing and secured therein by a-clam nut impinging against the casing wall orminga water-tight connection, sald cable containing a pair of electrical conduotors to one of which are attached one of the terminals from each series of heating elements, while the other conductor is connected to the opposite terminals of the'same series of heating elements.

In witness whereof I afiix in Si ature. JOSEPH G. A CKI.

flanged elements ex:

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International ClassificationH05B3/78
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