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Publication numberUS1421921 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 4, 1922
Filing dateApr 22, 1921
Priority dateApr 22, 1921
Publication numberUS 1421921 A, US 1421921A, US-A-1421921, US1421921 A, US1421921A
InventorsDoerr Carl F
Original AssigneeDoerr Carl F
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Rotary glass cutter
US 1421921 A
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Patented July 4, 1922 MIN* num/5885s yany one of the cutters 44 can be moved into lowermost cutting position, and after tlus adjustment has been made the cutter "head 43 is fastened in position on the sleeve 40.

" spending notch 48 with thescrew 50 and at For this .purpose the hub 42 ofthe-@cutter head 43 is provided with notches 48 extendiiigh longitudinally and spaced equal dis-` tances apart circumferential-ily in alinenient.

with the corresponding axles or shafts carryingi the cutters 44.V The sleeve 4.0 1s provideI withV an upwardly extending screw "(50 on which screws` a nut 51, andthe said screw l50y isadapted to engage any one of the notches .48 after 'the cutter head 43 :has

been turnedintothe desired position witha v the time the nut 51 is partly unscrewed.

`When Athe desired notch. 48 -i-s in .engagement A with the screw 5.0 then the nut 51 is screwed .down t0 fasten the cutter head 43 to the sleeve 40. 'It is understood that on moving the sleeve 4() lengthwise on. the carrier 27 the cutting edge of the cutter 44 iny bottom.- position atthe time is a .desired distance from .the axis of thepivot 15 to .cutthe disk. a vdesired size. 1n order to aid= the glazier or .other .person using ,the vrotary glass cutter .1toaccu` rately set vthe cutter for cutting a disk .of-the desired diameter the har forming the ,carrier 2,? is,V preferably 'graduated with a 1li-near ifeasurement, as plainly indicated in Figure l.

VFrom the ,the arrangement described the user of the rotary glass cutter can readily. adjust Va cutter-head 43 ,to cut a glass disk of anydesi-red diameter.- By providing their head 269i the .cutter .carrier 27 with a counterbala-neing `weight 130, the cutter carrier 27 andthe cutter head 43 mounted thereon are counterb-al- 'vaneedfto permit of readiflyswinging the cutyter carrie r around vfor the lowermost cutter 44 to ont. into .theglass 1.2. Byrmountingthe cutter carrier 27 4to swing up and .down on the .hearing gnemher l@k it permits if.con venient ,Qlltiillg nOf Convex surface 1n. p-raetieesin dislc cutters 44 are proyidel-,gf which one is-.used at the=time, and when .dull the ,cutter head lcan the readily adciitter'44.into cutting position, andwhenal] the cutters have become dull. they ,can be y,renl 'rly` 1:. erno ved from the .cutter head. .43..and "lllee @nee-1 To do-,thisfitieonly foregoing it will be seen thatbyV necessary to push thesha'fts or axles 46 out of the openings 47 to permit removal of the "diskl'cutters'7441. New disk critters can now inserted in the recess 45'and` the axles or shaftsl 46 replaced to permit of using the cutter head 43, as above describedJ with the new disk'cutters in position.V

I twill. lleno -ced that har carriers 27 of different length may be used -for cutting disks varying considerably in-.diarneter for tdisks, .Sav Vof -S'X- indie@ and .less awe .-l'esrndingiber is usediaedfferzcrttie.disks of: morethan sixpinehesin diameter: .glenger bar is.. used.. I


1- In 'a rotary. glassfeetteei-aetterban a ranged-in spacedfrelationand peaje. ng

Haring thus? described ma 1 interina@ I' .claim as new and desireyto seeugelaetters l d bar, a vCutter .previdedwth er' tremante-peripheral face efjtheffoultter heed,

the latter being mounted to turn Slide; 011 the-Said:Sleeretofallou adire .2.. a rotaryuglass; .ha

the .cutter head on the sleeveand. meanssel 9o Slew@ Sldable 0112 the Said @utter .been

head having a v-hub meuntedftofrturir .to slide on thesleeue, the-.huhhaving'nntehee Va clamping screw on thegsaiel sleeve fand adapted to engage any .oneef y.tlgie notches, anfl-Y Guttersfheld-Qntbe Sei cuttervhead and. projecting'. trom; :the ne eheral face thereof in.Y spaced Y.1 elatii01-. and?. niet@ to the said notehesgtoallow-of adjnstingie cutter Vhead `with anyone of ,th lowermost .cuttingposition-.f 1.

3. Arotary glassetteeora fisura-Sabas@ .having a verteal'piremmelabermounted@ ioo ics

turn on the saidvpivot and lext-ending therefrom. injone direction? a y-b tending laterally from) the ,pivot ,opposite direction and having aheadp oted -Qnjthe Said member .te swine-"nr and dovrete Cutter head -arryiegi a plurality-etcetera and. a sleeve Vheld lengthwise adjustihe on ilo the said bar and on whichythe;said-.-cutter'.

head isjadjustihlymounted Yto permit ofmoving any lone of .the .cutters intecuttingpcsition. l. .1 i f 4. A rotary glesscutter,omprisingi-aihase having a vertical pivot, a member mpllll'fd `to turn on the saidpirotandezgtendingflaterally therefrom in one dineetiem. afcutter.

extending laterally -trornthe piwft in vanopposite direction and having* a head pivoted on ,thesaid member :toiswinglfujc-` down, .a cutterhead' havingrecesses in litsV peripheraglfaee and having a huh With. notches, .disk .cutters nfthe Seidreeesses and projecting from the-@peripheral faeeiof the; cutter headfV pivots. held; in the cutter headf and er1-which sad are iso mounted to turn, a sleeve slidably mounted on the said bar, a clamping means on the said sleeve and adapted to engage any one of the notches on the hub of the said cutter head, and a fastening means fastening the said sleeve to the said bar.

5. A portable device for cutting glass disks comprising a base adapted to rest on the glass, said base having a vertical upstanding pivot, a bearing member mounted for complete rotation on said pivot, and a cutter head carrier provided With a cutter head at one extremity and a counterbalancing Weight at the opposite extremity, having pivotal connection with the bearing member on the same side of the pivot as the counterbalancing Weight.

6. A portable device for cutting glass disks comp-rising a base adapted to rest on the glass, said base having a vertical upstanding pivot, a bearing member mounted for complete rotation on said pivotyand a cutter head carrier provided With a cutter head at one extremity and a counterbalancing Weight at the opposite extremity, having pivotal connection with the bearing member on the opposite side of the vertical pivot to the side from Which the cutter head is arranged.


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