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Publication numberUS1422302 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 11, 1922
Filing dateJul 31, 1920
Priority dateJul 31, 1920
Publication numberUS 1422302 A, US 1422302A, US-A-1422302, US1422302 A, US1422302A
InventorsHoward Parker
Original AssigneeBrown Co
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Pipe wrench
US 1422302 A
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Patented July 111, 1922..



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Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented July 11, 1922.

Application filed July 31, 1920. Serial No. 400,396;

To all whom it'mag concem:

Be it known that I HOWARD PARKER, a citizen of the United tates, and a resident of Berlin, county of Coos, Stateof New Hampshire, haveinvented certain new and useful Improvements in a Pipe Wrench, of which the following is a .specification.-

The object of this invention is to. provide a pipe wrench having features of novelty and advantage. It is of'particular advantage in that it may be used on a pipe without danger of mutilating, marking, crushing or otherwise damaging the same. The device of the present invention is peculiarly adapted for use in connection with pipes formed of paper pulp and the like although, of course, it is applicable to. pipes of other kinds.

In the accompanying drawingswherein one embodiment which the wrench of the present invention may take is shown- Fig. 1 is the side view and Fig. 2 is a top or edge view.

Referring to the drawings in detail, (1 denotes a handle to the forward end of which is connected, by means oflinks b and a spring 0, a strap d adapted to be passed about a pipe p shown in dotted lines in the drawing.

The handle has at its forward end a curved edge 10 forming a gripping surface or jaw. The links 6 are pivotally connected to the handle by the pin 11 and to the outer ends of the links is connected, by means of a pin 12, a spring 0 which, as shown, may

be in the form of a split band ring of con-' siderable stifiness. Connected to the other end of the spring isa shackle 13 through which passes the strap 03. Thestrap d may be doubled back upon itself'as shown, the bend receiving the shackle 13 and the free end of the strap passing between the jaw 10 and that end of the spring 0 connected to the links 6'. This end of the spring may be said to constitute a jaw 14 complementary to the jaw 10. 15 is a roller journalled on the pin connecting the shackle 13 to the spring.

' The operation of the wrench will be read-- Fig. 1 so that the strap tween the jaws 10 and 14.

To turn the pipe 12, the handle a is swung downwardly whereupon the strap is tightly is not pinched be gripped between the complementary jaws 10 and 14 and the forward end of the handle will take up slack in the strap d. In the event such force is applied to the handle as might crush the pipe or strip the threads thereonwhen the pipe is being screwed into another pipe, the spring will be distended sufiiciently to permit the strap d to slip about'the pipe and thus injury to the latter is prevented. After the spring is distended tothe extent that the roller 15 and.

the tip 16 of the forward end of the handle are brought opposite each other, the handle will pivot about its tip without increasing the grip of the strap about the pipe.

It is, of course, obvious that my invention is susceptible of various modifications and changes which are within the spirit of the invention without departing from the scope of the following claims, it being understood that the present disclosure of my invention is by way of illustration only and it is not to be taken as restrictive of my conception.

I claim as my invention 1. A pipe wrench including a handle and a flexible band secured at one end and de tachably connected at its other end to said handle, said band having an efl'ective gripping action throughout its'engagement with the pipe and including extensible means permitting of extension of said band to prevent injury to the pipe when the force applied is excessive.

2. A pipe wrench including a handle, a flexible band secured at one end and detachably connected at its other end to said handle and adapted to grip the pipe throughout oted to the handle one on each side thereof, a

split resilient ring one end of which is con- I an effective gripping action throughout its engagement with the pipe when the handle is 10 turned, said band including, resilient means permitting of automatic expansion of said band and slippage thereof about the pipe when the force applied is excessive;




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U.S. Classification81/467, 81/64, 81/477, 81/57.33
International ClassificationB25B13/00, B25B13/52
Cooperative ClassificationB25B13/52
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