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Publication numberUS1424389 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 1, 1922
Filing dateJun 16, 1921
Priority dateJun 16, 1921
Publication numberUS 1424389 A, US 1424389A, US-A-1424389, US1424389 A, US1424389A
InventorsWesley Wyatt John
Original AssigneeWesley Wyatt John
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One-lick bread cutter and cake cutter
US 1424389 A
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' J. w. WYATT.



Patented Aug. 1, 1922.



Application filed. June 16,

To (ZZZ 11 110111. it may concern:

Be it known that 1, JOHN VVESLEY W van, a citizen of the United States, residing at Los iiingeles, California, have invented new and useful Improvements in One-Lick Bread Cutters and Cake Cutters, oi which the following a description.

The objects of my invention are to provide a cutter that makes a plurality of slices at one stroke and one that may be converted from the form .in which the blades are par allel for cutting a rectangular loaf or the like, to the form in which the blades are convergent or radial for cutting a circular loaf, cake, or the like.

I attain these objects by the device illustrated in the accompanying drawing in which Figure 1 an elevation of a convenient wrench for adjusting the spacing of the knives; Figure 2 is a plan of the assembled device broken away to show a part of the features; Figure 8 is a section through. the center line of the handle on the line 3 3; Fig ui'e l is an elevation of the assembled mechanism; Figure 5 is a section on the line 5 5; and Figure 6 is, plan view of the entire structure adjusted to cut a circular object such as a round cake.

t'liinilar numerals refer to similar throughout the several views.

The back l. of the cutter is formed from one piece oi spring metal to the shape slmwn and serves to hold the knives in line and as a place of attachment for thchandle and adjusting lovers. The knives 3 and 4t. 4 are mounted loosely on the spring rod 2 which is threadml. troni both ends almost to the router. The center knife 3 has an en la '.*,'Q(l hoe. 3 and this knife is firmly fixed in the back 1 and on the rod 2 by ineansof the pin -l: which passes through all of these parts and holds them together. The knives l 4 are maintained at equal spacings at all adjustments by means of the springs 5 5 one of which is slipped over the rod 2 between each pair of adjacent knives. The knives a l and the springs 5 5 are held on the rod 2 by the nuts 6 6 and the spacing of the knives is adjusted as desired by screwing these nuts in or out by means of the special wrench 16, the width of the spacpar ts Specification of Letters Patent. Pggtgnjtgfl A 53; 1, 1922 1921. serial No. 178,162.

ing being read on the scale 1 inscribed on the back 1. The heels of the knives are square to fit neatly within the back 1 and are retained in position in the back during curvature adjustments by means of the lip 1 of back 1 fitting into grooves P 4* in the knives 4 4.

Thus it will be seen that the knives 4 a are capable of being moved along the rod 2 by the nuts 6 6 and are held at equal distances apart by the equal springs 5 5.

To the back 1 are soldered or welded three pairs of lugs 7 7 provided with hinge pins 8 S to which are attached the handle and the adjusting levers 15 15. The handle 9 is threaded along its major portion and on this is screwed the sleeve 10. The grip 11 is slipped over sleevelO and secured to it by rivets 12 12 so that both must: turn together. Asplit collar 13 13 fits loosely over sleeve 10 and between the lips lO and 11 and is free to turn on the sleeve. The two parts of the split collar 13 areheld together by the pins 14 14 which. also pass loosely through the levers .15 15. Levers 15 15 are hinged at their other ends to lugs 7 7 by pins 8 8.

out along the threads on handle 9. Collar 13 does not turn but is carried toward or away from the back 1, when the grip is turned. and this motion is transmitted through the levers 15 15 to the ends of the back 1. The center of the'back is lined to the handle by the pin 8 and consequently movement transmitted to the ends of 1 causes the back to bend about its center carrying the ln'iives and the rod 2 with it, the knives tending to point toward the center of the circle to which the curvature of the-back conforms as shown in Figure 6. Vihen adjusted in this manner the cutter is capable of slicingcircular objects. such as round cakes, etc.

I claim: I

1. A slicer comprising a flexible head, a plurality ofadjustably spaced knives mounted thereon, and means for flexing the said head thereby adapting the slicer to cut an elongated article such as a loaf of bread or a round article, such as a cake.

2. A slicer including a plurality of blades,

Thus when the grip 11 is turned the sleeve 10 turns with it and moves in or and means to adjust the blades so that they ,Will assume a position 111 Which be parallel or convergent at Will. 3. A slicer comprising a-fiexlb plurality of spaced knives mounted thereon, and means for flexing the said head thereby a they Will le head, a

adapting the slicer it) cut an elongated article such as a loaf of bread or a round article, such as a cake. a

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U.S. Classification30/304, 30/114
International ClassificationB26D3/24
Cooperative ClassificationB26D3/24
European ClassificationB26D3/24