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Publication numberUS1424407 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 1, 1922
Filing dateMay 28, 1918
Priority dateMay 28, 1918
Publication numberUS 1424407 A, US 1424407A, US-A-1424407, US1424407 A, US1424407A
InventorsTaavi Helske
Original AssigneeTaavi Helske
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Switch box
US 1424407 A
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APPLICATION FILED MAY 28, 1918- ,1 ,424,407. Patented Aug. 1, 1922.


' whereof the following is I off the electric city and county of UNITED STATES TAAVI nELsxn, or SAN rrmnerse'o, CALIFORNIA.



To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, TAAvIHELsKE, a citizen 'of-the United States, residing'atthe San Francisco, State of California, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Switch Boxes,

a specification.

This invention relates to electric switch boxes, and its object is to promote the cause of safety.

To this end I' so construct a switch box that the opening thereof automatically cuts current, so that the operator, or meddler, is in no danger therefrom.

In carrying out the invention, I, by preference, provide the switch box with a lid, or door, opening outward, and I connect this door with the switch so that the opening of the door automatically throws the switch, and cuts oil the current. I also provide the box with a partition extending between the part opened by said cover and the switch which prevents the insertion of the fingers, or other objects; said partition, or guard, is connected to another cover or removable lid which may be opened to give to access to the switch, if desired, but which, ordinary, is not noticeably openable, and hence is not likely to be opened inadvertently, or by a meddler.

In the accompanying two sheets of drawing I have illustrated a switch box constructed' as above suggested, and containing my invention in what I now consider its best form.

Figure 1 is a sectional side view, with the cover closed.

Figure 2 is a similar view, but with the cover open.

Figure 3 is a'front view with the cover open.-

Inthese figures: The body of the box is represented by the reference numeral 1. 2 is a partial cover for the front thereof, carrying an inward projecting guard 3, which together virtually enclose the switch 4. The cover 2 may be secured to the box in any suitable manner, as by projections on the one entering depressions in the other, as at 5. The cover 6, which encloses the part of the box not rotected by the members 2 and 3, may behinged at 7, and swing Specification of Letters Patent.

6 automatically Patented Aug.

1,1922, 1918. Serial No. 237,357.

. outward and downward, as clearly seen in Figure 2. 8 is a knob upon the cover 6, for convenience in the manipulation of the same, and 9 is a latch, pivoted at 10 to the member 2, and engaging the edge of cover 6 to maintain the same in its closed position.

The switch, generally denoted by the reference, letter 4, is conventionally shown as of the ordinary swinging knife blade form, and need not be further described. It is mounted on a suitable base 12, which may also support fuse plugs 13, which base is attached to the bottom of the box 1. A standard 14 is attached to the switch knives 4, and is connected by a bar 15 with a similar standard 16 projecting inward from the cover 6, whereby the openin of the cover I opens the switch, as clearly seen in Figure 2. The bar 15 passes through a kerf 17 in the guard plate 3, and the latter serves not only as a guard but also as a stop for the switch knives to prevent their opening beyond the required or desired degree, and may serve also as a stop for cover 6. a

From the foregoing it is clear that the opening of the box automatically opens the switch, thereby turning off the current, and making it safe for the operator to further open the box, and expose the switch, if such be desired, but the switch cannot be exposed by the removal of the member 2 without first opening cover 6 and throwing the switch, owing to the lip 18 on member 2 engaging the under side of cover 6 and inward guard 3, which is a part of lip 18.

Having thus described my invention, and an embodiment of it, in the full, clear and exact terms required by law, and knowing that it comprises novel, useful and valuable improvements in the art to which it pertains, ,I here state that I do not wish to be .limitedto the precise construction and aring from said removable portion forming In testimony, that I claim the foregoing thereby an inclosure for said switch, said I have hereto set my hand in the presence 10 hinged portion being connected hto said of two Witnesses, this 23 day of May, 1918. switch and adapte to 0 erate t e same,

frictional means adapted t o securesaid re- TAAVI HELSKE' movable portion to said box and means to Witnesses: lock said hinged portion to said removable FLORENCE L. WOLFE, portion. 7 D. B. RICHARDS.

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U.S. Classification200/50.1, 200/294
International ClassificationH01H9/10, H01H9/00
Cooperative ClassificationH01H9/104
European ClassificationH01H9/10C