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Publication numberUS1425259 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 8, 1922
Filing dateApr 15, 1922
Priority dateApr 15, 1922
Publication numberUS 1425259 A, US 1425259A, US-A-1425259, US1425259 A, US1425259A
InventorsHowe Thomas Charles
Original AssigneeHowe Thomas Charles
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Display device
US 1425259 A
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Patented-Aug. 8, 1922.




12%25259, Patented Aug. 8, 1922',



y' msrLAY revien.


Application filed April 15,

To aZZww/m, it may conce/m:

Be it known that I, THOMAS CHARLES Howie, a citizen of the United States, residing at Louisville, in the county of Jeierson and State of Kentucky, have yinvented certain new and useful Improvements in Dis play Devices, of which the'tollowing is a specication. y v I My invention relates tov display devices and particularly to a display device in which the articles placed therein are in full view but from which they are removable only after a movement of a portion oi the device.V

It is an object ol' the invention to provide an improved form or' a display device ot the type stated. An object of the invention is to provide adisplay device having one or more supports upon which articles maybe arranged for display but froinwhich they cannot be removed Auntilthe support has been moved from its rnormal position. `More speciiicallyan object of the invention is to provide a `'display device which may be supportedat a convenient height above the floor level and which includes one or more article supports which are normally held in raised position and from which the articles cannot be removed until the support has ybeen movedinto a lower position. j

` These and other objects'oi1 my invention will be apparent from oneembodiment of 4my invention which is described in the following speciiication and illustrated in the accompanying drawings:

In the drawingsl Fig. l is a perspective view of a display device embodying my invention; i

Fig. 2 is a sectional elevation through the device; Y

Fig. 3 is a vertical transverse section on line 3 3 of'Fig. 2, and y Y Fig. 4- is a longitudinalsection on line lf-4: of Fig. 2.

I ln the drawings, the cabinet withinwhich the various article ysupports are carried is designated by the numeral l, and vcomprises Vin' effect a b'ottoniless boi; which may be supported at any desired elevation above the floor level, as by means yof suspending straps or wires 2; The cabinet l may comprise one or more-units as desired, and for each. of said units a pair of vertical guides 3, 3 are provided. Upon a rectangular frame 4 which isv slidably arranged in the-guides` 3, 3 a plurality of article sup'ports 5 are the cabinet. 'raised positionthe baskets 5 cannot be tilted vabout the pivots 7 but .when a 'frame is low- 4ered-to position a basket below the cabinet,

specifi-@aum or Lettersratent. Patente@ aug, a, 11922,

192e. sei-iai ne. 552,869.

mounted. The article supports may take ly adapted for the display of books, maga zines lor the like, baskets formed of spaced wires constitute the article supports. The baskets 5 are preferably pivotally 'supported in theframe 4l, at points located above the centerof gravity of the Arespective baskets so tlratv the baskets willbe normally retained in their upright'position. The frames-4l are approximately of the same length aslthe cabinet l .and arenormally maintained at the upper limit of their range of movement byv yielding means, such as coil springs 8 which vare mounted on the frames 4 and have their vtree 'ends connected tothe top of the cabinet.

yTo permit inspection'oi' the articles con tained inthe `baskets :5, portions of the walls of the cabinet lare cut away to' provide openings v9 inline with the various sets of baskets carried by thetram'es 4, and these openings may be provided at one side, or on lopposite sides of the cabinet.'v To prevent work 10 extends below'the top of thelowest v basket 5 when the frames @are in raised position, and below the grille work the openings :9' in the walls of the cabinet are unobstructed. To insert or remove articles from a basketV 5 the frame 4E is lowered until' the top'ot the particular basketisaccesl sible through the lower or unobstructed portion of theopening in the cabinetwall.

The baskets 5 may be of any desired length or width to provide for the display of articles of various sizes, but the distance vbetween theopposite 'faces of the baskets is but slightly less than the distance betweenfthe inner faces of the front and rear walls of When the frames 4 are in the basket may be readily tilted. This tilting of Vthe basketsis of advantage when a large article or When several articles are to ybe inserted in' enrees@veelirene.V abasketet one time. e e

For convenience in lowering the :trames/34 to renderthe baskets accessible the bottom off'geaeh framois proviledfvvith a'handle 1L.

The cabinet l is suspended at a convenient height above the fioor^and^the*articles for display may be placed inthe, relieve 'baskets upon moving'the baskets belovv'the cabinet er te lnevth the runbeti'ueted portions of theopeningsin thegcabinet Walls.

The `springS returns thei frame and'baskets te' raisedpeetieee"uren release ef the handle 11 andthe basket openings are then behindthe jgrille work l0. In' this, position the vrille VWork "10 will not interferewith displayof( the" articles but kWill i the baskets.

prevent removal of the samef Thearticles are thusprotected fromg'casual handling; but

are 17e-adi y rremovable upon the'lowering of glassor byother forms of open grille Work, and that various changes may be kmadei'n theiparts,y their relative size, shape location Without departing from 'the l spirit [of my invention,


l. Ina display device,` a cabinet provided Withaligned. vertical openings in its opposite Wa`l1s,.a frame vertically inouablefin ,I sai'dcabinetjaplurality of article supports carried bysaid frame and locatedbetWeen L Seid, alieieed Openings-means eXten'dine 40 iacross the upper portions of said vopenings preventing access;A tothe'A interior of the: cabinet, and `means normally retainlng said frame in raisedlposition andyieldabley to permit downward movement thereof.y

' 2. "In a display device, a'cabinet,avfr=ame movable in `-said -cabinet, article supports carried' by saidl frame, means normally"reytai1 i1r1gsaid frame in oneeextreme position insaidcabinet, and means forming@ portions of theopposi-te Walls orsaid cabinet- 'and` permitting` -azfreeview of the opposite sides of said article supportsk when. intheir normalposition tvhile preventing accesstm the Asame, saidcabinet having openings permitting access tosaid article supports when said frame isvvm-oved from its'nonmal position. l l n d In adisplay device, -airame, ak pluralitylof verticallyaligned, article supports pivcotally mounted on saidfrarne, a] cabinet for supporting .said framejfor vertical movement, means leermal-1y holding Seidreme andr anticle supports inx the upper portion of ee'dfeebieet-enelmeans en Seid eebinet preventingaccess tosaid article supports When in theirl normal position, said cabinet having openings inv-verticalfalignment With said article supports and below the` level of the '-lowestarticle support when said frame is in its normal position.

4, Inga,displayI device, a cabinet, provided with aligned vertical openings in its opposite'wall's,"grille Work extendingv across the upperlportions of saidopenings', an article support Within said cabinet and locatedibetween said openings, 'anfdmeansnormally retaining .sai'd article support at the upper portion or saidcabinet and: yielfdable1 to' permit devlwerd mevem'erfltl r 5, ln .a L.disp-lay,device',- a frame, a plurality ofL baskets mounted `on saidfframe, acabinetfor supporting said frame for vertical movement, yielding means normally holding said frame and" baskets 'in the .upper vportion of said cabinet, and means on the upper l,portion ofsaidcabinet preventing acce'ssto said baskets when yin their normal or .upperposition, said vyielding means permitting movementA off said f frame into position 'toallow access tosaid'baskets. d

6. In a `display device, a cabinethaving an opening in one Wall thereof, a frame slideble in. Sad Cabinet en article support. pvotally mounted 'on Vsaidframe, means onsaid cabinet and ,extending across'the opening 95 thereofl preventing access tothe 'interior' of said cabinet, means normally retaining said frame in such position that thefarticle support mounted thereon is behind saidiirst mentionedmeans, and means 'on sai'dtoabinet 100 preventing @tilting .ofisaid article support when said frame'is in Anormal position, said retaining means [permitting movement ofv d said frame into *position vvherein 'said article supportmay be tilted;Ik l l yi e 105 7. In afdisplay device, a'bottomlesscabinet provided `with an openingin one wall thereof, a frame vertically slidable in said cabinet, an article support pivotally .mounted on saidmframe, vmeans on said 'cabinet `preventing .access to d' the interiorl thereof .through the upperportion of said opening, ymeans normally retaining said frame in raisedyposition, and,l means onl said cabinet preventing tilting ofy said 'article support 115 when said frame ist inraised positiomsaid vira'me being `movable to position said .articlerseupport below said cabinet.

'8. Inr a display device, a bottomless cabinet adapted to ,be supported above the fioor 120 level,l aligned vertical openings in the opposite Walls-of said cabinet, grille Work ex- 'tendingacross the upper portions of said Openings; ej.frameveitelly' Sl-dablefin Said lcabinet, "ag pluralityof "baskets mounted on 4125 Seid 'fre-mie.: eed-'between Saidv verdeel' epee- -ings,means normally retaining said frame 4and baskets WithinV the upperportionvof said.y cabinet and between saidegrille Work,

fs'aid'meanslbeing yield'able to 'permit move- 130 ment of said baslrets into position below the ity of vertically aligned baskets pivotally level of said grille work. mounted on said frame and between said'lo 9. ln a display device, a cabinet having openings7 means. normally retaining said aligned openings in its opposite walls, means 'frame in raised position andy yieldable to for supporting said cabinet above the level permit movement of said frame to position of a floor, grille work extending across the said baskets below said cabinet.

upper portions of said openings, 'a frame In testimony whereoilaix my si nature. l5

vertically slidable in said cabinet, a plural- THOMAS CHARLES H WE.

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