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Publication numberUS1426485 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 22, 1922
Filing dateNov 15, 1920
Priority dateNov 15, 1920
Publication numberUS 1426485 A, US 1426485A, US-A-1426485, US1426485 A, US1426485A
InventorsLa Roche Joseph P
Original AssigneeLa Roche Joseph P
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Music roll, purse, and carrying bag
US 1426485 A
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1 ,426,485 Patented Aug. 22, 1922..



l bag if employed as such, when so closing JosErH P. LA. noCHE, or CHICAGO, ILIINoIs.


specification f ramersrateiit. l Patented' Aug-22, 1922..

Application led November-1.5, 1 920. Serial No.-424,283.

Toy all whom itmaty concern: Be it known that JOSEPH P. LA ROCHE, a

citizen of the United States of-America, re-v siding at Chicago, county of Cook, and State of Illinois, has invented anew and useful Music Roll, Purse, and Carrying Bag, of wlrijich the following is a specification.

he to provide an improved music roll, purse and carrying bag including a closure andl fastening means, which are vcommon to the music roll, purse and carrying bag when used respectively as such.

As a further purpose it is the aim to pro-v vide a device of this kind comprising inner, v outer and intermediate sections joined bymeans of bellows connections, thereby providing compartments, in which `articles may be supported, when used as a carrying bag, and when the device is folded so that it can be used as a music roll, half portions of the compartments -may be used as purse compartments, there-being a thickness of material, such as leather or the like preferably the former secured to a-portion of the intermediate member of the roll, purse or carrying bag, so as to provide a compartment "for, change and paper currency, the closure actmgas .means common to the purse vand music roll or closing both of them.

Another .purpose resides in the provision of a stiifening member secured between a lining and the material of the closure longitudinally of the upperlpart of the music roll,

purse and carrying bag, so as to afford means for attaching a carrying handle in'place.

It is obvious that any suitable fastening means, such as snap fasteners or the like may be carried by the closure and the upper por.- tion of the inner thickness of the device and the lower portion of the outer thickness, so that the closure may close the carrying the purse or music roll.-

It is also obvious that when the device is used as a music roll, it is possible to use it as a purse at the same time, as the music may only be folded and placed between the folded parts of the device when used as a purse.

While the design and construction at present illustrated and set forth is deemed preferable, it is obvious that as a result of a reduction of the invention to a more practical form for commercial purposes, the invention may be susceptible of changes, and the right to these changes is claimed, provided purposevof, the present invention is` they are comprehended*within*` the scopeof' what is. claimed. The invention comprises further` features and combinatlon of parts, las will be hereinafter set forth, shown in the drawings and, l


`In the drawings f y Figure'l is a view in perspective ofthe combined music roll, 4urse and car in ba showing the same folrdedf and 'usedrs agcoliig2 bined music roll andV purse .and constructed 1n accordance with theinvention.

F1gure2 1s a view in perspective' showing the lcomblned purse land music roll partly open, more clearly showing the construction end arrangement of the parts.

Flgure 3 `is a perspective View showing Athe device used as a 'carrying bag with the closure fastened.

Figure 4 is a sectional view on line 4-4 of Fi ure 1. f Y,

s igure 5 isja sectional'viewonline 5;.-5' of Flgllre 3. 1

Figure 6' isa cross-"sectionalviewon line' 6-'6 of Figure-3.` l f Figure? is ai -vertical sectional view on line 7 7 of Figure' 5.'

Referring more especially tothe drawings, l, 2 and 3 designatej'the inne'r,",outeran'd`- intermediatesections-ofthe music roll, purse and carrying bag. It Vwill be inted that the inner vand intermediate sections are substantially of the `same dimensions yand are stitched together as shown atei andjpro'vided with a binding 5, for connecting theside and bottom edges. The upper edges of these Sections have a. stitched binding 7 The outer sectionv 2 is ofthe same width as the inner and intermediate sections, but

lis longer than the inner and intermediate sections, particularly at the up er end,

thereby providing an extension 8, w ich con# stitutes a closure. The marginal edge of the section 2 has a binding 9 stitched thereto.

Strips 11 of material, preferably leather are also fastened to the section 2 by means s of the marginal binding, that is tothe side and bottom edges. These strips 11 are first stitched together 4 atl certain of their` ends as indicated at 1'2, so as to provide a U-shaped section of material carried bythe section 2. This U-s'haped section is stitched as at 13-to the intermediate section, a short distance inwardly from the marginal edge thereof. By this construction it will be noted that the several sections of the music roll,

purse and carrying bag are connected in a bellows fashion, so that when the device is used as a carrying bag, the several sections may be distended considerable distance, so t-hat the compartments may be opened very wide, and thereby give considerable space,

l:for the reception of articles to be carried,

outer section 2 is provided lwith a plurality p of male members 19 ofdsnap fasteners, while the upper portion of one face of the inner section is provided with a plurality of male members 20 of snap fasteners, vpreferably arranged in pairs. The closure has a plurality of female members 21 of snap fasteners, to engage either the male. members of the lower portion of the outer face of the outer section, or either set of male members of the upper portion of one face of the inner section, so that the closure may be used for closing the device when used as a music roll and purse, or close the device when used as' a carrying bag. It is obviousthat by the provision of the4 two sets of male members on the upper portion of one face of the inner section, so that the closure may be fastened in one or more positions, so as to permit the device when used as a carrying bag to hold more or less at the top of the bag, when the closure is fastened.

The 'exteriorv of the closure at the point where it folds has plates 22 and holding rings 23, to which the handle 24 is connected.

to a stiffening member 25, which is interposed between the lining and the material 'of the closure.

When the device is folded on itself as indicated in Figures l and 2, it may be used as a music roll, or half portions of the com# partments may be used as purse compartments. When the device is open as shown in Figure 3, it is obvious that it may be used as a` carrying bag for shoppingpurposes.

rllhe invention having been set forth, what is claimed as being useful is In a music roll, purse and carrying bag, inner, outer and intermediate walls, the inner and intermediate walls being joined at their side and bottom edges, a tj-shaped member corresponding in shape to the marginal edges of the walls and being stitched to the inner face of the outer wall adjacent its side and bottom edges, the inner marginal edge of the U-shaped member being stitched to the intermediate wall, thereby causing to be formed a pluralityof widely distensible compartments, and at the same time providing bellows connections between the several walls, a lurality of sets of fastener members carried y the upper portion of the inner face .of the inner' wall, fastener ymembers carried by the lower portion of the exterior face of the outer wall, a closure common for closing the several compartments and at the same time holding the lower half of the device folded when used as a music roll, said closure having fastener members common to both sets of fasteners carried by the inner and outer walls.

In witness whereof, in the presence of two Witnesses, the inventors signature is'hereunto aliixed.

' JGS. P. LA ROCHE. Witnesses:

FRANK M. U'r'r,


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