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Publication numberUS1426569 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 22, 1922
Filing dateFeb 26, 1921
Priority dateFeb 26, 1921
Publication numberUS 1426569 A, US 1426569A, US-A-1426569, US1426569 A, US1426569A
InventorsAlonzo P Ingram
Original AssigneeAlonzo P Ingram
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Gummed tape
US 1426569 A
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1,426,569. i PatentedAug.22, 1922.

4102220 [3 fnyrw MMQMV- g UNITED PATENT OFF-ICE.



Application filed February 26, 1921.

- specification.

My invention is designed more particularly for use in banks or putting up currency in bundles, and it includes a gummed strip in roll form, having the gum applied thereto in spots instead of continuously, and

having on its exposed or front side adjacent the point Where the spots of gum occur on its inner side, indications so that as the strip is drawn out from the dispensing device by the operator, he can determine, by the indication, the point at which the strip is to be torn off from the roll in order to provide a detached section of strip of the prescribed length having the spot of gum at the end thereof ready for use in wrapping around the bundle; This strip will be devoid of gum throughout its length excepting at the end, so that when severed it will be ready for moistening, wrapping around the bundle, and being secured by bringing the gummed spot and the free end of the strip together.

In the accompanying drawing is shown a roll or strip of tape made according to my invention.

In these drawings 1 indicates the strip of tape in roll form having data on its front face indicating the denomination of money with which the strip is to be used in bun- .dling, and having also suitable indications so that the operator may know how far 'todraw the strip; out from the dispensing device which contains 'it before severing it from the roll. This indication may be of any suitable character, such as the word tear or any suitable symbol, and the strip on its inner face is provided with gum applied thereto in spots' as indicated at 2. These-spots of gum are arran ed adjacent the indications on the outer ace, so that when the strip is torn at the point where the indication occurs, there will be a section of tape in the hands of the operator having one end gummed.

Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Aug. 22, 1922.

Serial No. 448,207.

It is of advantage to use the gum only in spots, leaving the rest of the tape free from gum, because this avoids the danger of having the strip stick to the currency when wrapped about the same, it being understood that where the strip comes in contact wlth the currency it will be entirely free from any gum, and there will be no danger of molsture causing the strip to adhere to the currency. This form of strip also cheapens the manufacture, because it uses less gummy material than when the entire strip is coated.

The data printed on the strip will indicate the denomination of the bundle just wrapped.

Another advantage of using a tape gummed only at intervals is that the tape will not deteriorate as rapidly as a fully gummed tape when subjected to usual atmospheric conditions, and the brittle character of the tape which appears after a certain period of time will be eliminated.

I claim 1. As an article of manufacture, a roll of .tape having marks on its outer face indicating the points where the strip is to be severed, and having on its inner face adjacent the indications, spotsof gum, the major portion of the strip being free from gum.

2. As an article of manufacture, a tape for packaging, gummed in spots on one side and free from gum on the other side, said tape being in the form of a roll, the spots of gum being Widely separated and uniformly distributed along the same, to provide bands having a spot of gum at one end only and only on one side, substantially as described.

3. As an article of manufacture, a strip in the form of a roll having gum applied thereto in spots on one side, and free from gum on the other side, said tape showing on its ungummed side the location of the spots of gum on its other side, substantially as described.

4. As an article of manufacture, a tape in the form of a roll having indications where it is to be torn off, with a spot of gum on one side only adjacent each'of said indi- 5. .As an article of menufeetui'e e r oll o-f tape guinmed at intervals on ene side and the I'efree from gum on its other side, With indica- I tions on the letter side as to Where the gumined portions lie substantially es described.

In testimony whereof, ll afix my signatui e. w


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