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Publication numberUS1426846 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 22, 1922
Filing dateSep 2, 1921
Priority dateSep 2, 1921
Publication numberUS 1426846 A, US 1426846A, US-A-1426846, US1426846 A, US1426846A
InventorsEdward Craig Robert John
Original AssigneeEdward Craig Robert John
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Container for dispensing liquids
US 1426846 A
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APPUCAT ON ILI'ID SEPT. 2. I92I. 10.4l26fl 846 Patented Aug. 22, 1922 R Q T N E v N 0% m 5 E P R Parana entree.



Specification of Letters Patent. PSLt-Qlfhtdl Aug. 22, 1922 Application filed September 2, 1921. Serial No. 498,123.

T 0 all whom it may concern:

Be it'known that I, ROBERT J 0H1? EDWARD CRAIG, a resident of the town of Colling- Wood,'in the county of Simcoe in the Province of Ontario, Canada, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Containers for Dispensing Liquids, of which the following is the specification.

My invention relates to improvements in Containers for dispensing liquids and the object of my invention is to devise a container in whichthe liquid can be readily poured thereinto without the danger of spilling the same.

A further objectis to provide means whereby the liquid in the con tainer may be readily poured out. Another object is to devise improved means for closing the top of the container and a still further object is to provide means for carrying the detachable portion of the spout when not in use.

My invention consists of. a container constructed and. arranged substantially as hereinafter more particularly described and illustrated in the accompanying drawing in which:

Fig. 1 represents a side elevation of the container, the upper portion of which is shown in section.

Fig. 2 is an enlarged vertical section of a modified form of the upper portion of the container.

Fig. 3 is an elevational detail partly in section of the detachable portion of the spout showing the same applied to the spout proper, and

Fig. 4 is a sectional view of the spout cap showing the same applied to the handle when it is not required to cover the end of the 'spout.-

Like characters of reference indicate corresponding parts in the different views.

1 is the container constructed oi suitable shape and provided with the inclined spout 2 having an exteriorly' threaded end 3 over which the screw cap 4 is adapted to be screwed. 5 is the truncated conical upper portion of the container provided with the cup-shaped portion 6 having the central orifice 7 k 8 is acap adapted to fit over the cup-shaped'portion and to close the same, said cap having a depending tube 9 secured thereto which is adapted to constitute a,

, closure for the orifice 7. 10 is a small vent in;.the-tube 9 in the vicinity of its upper of the tube and adapted to hold the wiping waste 12 in position between it and the lower face of the cap' 8. 13 is the handle of the cap.

In the modification shown in Figure 2 the cup-shaped portion 6 has an upwardly extending exteriorly threaded rim 14 over which the downwardly extending internally threaded rim 15 of the modified form of cap is designed to be screwed. 16 is the container handle. 17 is a vertical orifice extending down from the top thereof for receivingthe detachable portion 18 of the spout. 19 is an internally threaded socket portion formed on one en of the spout and provided with the lugs 20, said flexible spout portion being adapted to be secured to the spout proper 2 by screwing the socket member 19 over the exteriorly threaded end 3 thereof.

21 is the container bail. 22 is an exteriorly threaded lug formed on the top of the handle 16 and onto which the cap 4 of the spout is threaded when not required to cover the end of the same.

When the cap 8 is applied to the upper portion of the container as shown in Figure 1, such cap will prevent any liquid getting out of the container but owing to the vent 10 in thetube 9 will not prevent the liquid being poured therefrom from the spout 2.

When it is desired to pour the liquid out of the container the flexible spout portion 18 is applied to the spout 2 as already described, and such spout portion 18 being will always be available for wiping the users hands or for wiping the container and fur ther owing to the cap 4: being applied to the lug 22 there will be no danger of such lug belng lost as so frequently occurs at present.

From the above descriptionit will be seen that Ihave devised a container for dispensing liquids into which the liquid can be readily poured without spilling and from which the contents can be readily poured out without having to remove the cap of the means whereby the small detachable portions of the container can be applied to the same when not in use.

What I claim as my invention is.

1. In a container for dispensing liquids, a top portion provided witha cup-shaped portion, said cup-shaped portion having a central orifice therein, a cap covering the cupshaped portion, a depending tube formed on the lower face of the cap and extending through the central orifice for closing the same and an outwardly extending flange formed on the tube intermediately of the length of the same.

2. In acontainer for dispensing liquids, the combination with a handle having an orifice extending down from the top thereof, of a flexible spout portion normally housed in the orifice and adapted to be applied to the end of the spout proper,

3. In a container for dispensing liquids,

naaae'ae the combination with a hollow handle, of a detachable container spout normally housed in the handle and adapted to be applied to the end of the spout proper.

4. In a container for dispensing liquids, the combination with the spout having an exterior-1y threaded end and a hollow handle, of a spout extension portion having one end threaded, said spout extension portion being normally housed in the hollow handle and adapted to be applied to the end of the spout proper, a screw cap adapted to be threaded onto the end of the spout proper in place of the spout extension portion and an exteriorly threaded lug on said handle onto which the cap is screwed upon it being removed from the spout proper.

Iaors I. KNOX, W. 'I. Arman.

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