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Publication numberUS1426858 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 22, 1922
Filing dateJan 10, 1921
Priority dateJan 10, 1921
Publication numberUS 1426858 A, US 1426858A, US-A-1426858, US1426858 A, US1426858A
InventorsCharles E Godley
Original AssigneeEdmunds & Jones Corp
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Focusing device for headlights
US 1426858 A
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or .'eiefraot'r, stimuleert, assiettes me annuaires :roues OF NEW KGB/IE5.

LECUSENG DEVCE FOR EEADLIGHTS Specification of Letters Patent. All gtiplutgq Awa, 22, 1922* mutation alec January 1o, 192i. serial ne. agace?.

To all whom t may' concern: v

Be it known that L-CHARLES E. Gontier, a citizen of the United States, and residingl at Detroit, in the county ot Wayne and State of Michigan, have invented a new and Improved Focusing Device for Headlights., of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to means for movably supporting the active light giving portion of an incandescent light bulb along or transversely to thefocal axes ot lamps of the headlight type, and its object is to provide simple and effective mechanism to accomplish this object.

This invention consists, in combination with a cup-shaped lamp body having a central aperture, of a connector sleeve extend.- ing into' this aperture and so much smaller in diameter than the aperture that it may be shifted laterally therein, ot' a pair of plates gripping between them the metal of the body around the aperture and in 'which plates the connector is slidable, and a screw mounted in said plates for sliding the sleeve longitudinally.

It further consists in a lamp as above described, of a reflector therein having a central aperture for the connector sleeve of substantially the same diameter asthat of the body, the body around its aperture befiat.

in l lt also consists of the details oi' construction illustrated in the accompanyinglr-avv ing and particularly pointed out inthe claims.

In the accompanying drawing, Fig. 1 is a central longitudinal section oic a lamp embodying the present invention. Fig. 2 is a section on the line 2-2 of Fig. l. Fig. 3 is a section similar to Fig. .l showing a modified form of focusing device.

Similar reference characters refer to like parts throughout the several views.

The focusing device herein set forth is of the type shown in my prior application Serial Number 430,958, filed December 15, 1920.

The cup-shaped body l has a flat preferably central end portion 2 provided with an aperture 4fv andthe reflector B'Within the body has an aperture 5. The connector sleeve 6 receivesthe usual connector plug y 7 at one end, the plug carrying the conductor Wire 8. The 'front end of the connector receivesthe base '9 of the light bulb 10 Whose filament has an active light giving portion 1i. The sleeve i may ifi of any desired cons uction, the patent to Knaufi', Number '1,0 9.9i?, dated April 22, illt, showing a connector well adapted for this purpose.

The sleeve t) has a circumferential groovel i12 which received the clip 13 provided with a rearwardly extending finger le which fits i'n a notch iu the collar i9. '1 6 ,fit against opposite sides of the part 2 ol' thc body i a screw' 17 extends through these plates and is screw threaded into a small arm on the sleeve 6. A spring i2() between the collar i9 and plate A15 causes this collar to press the bracket i8 forward, causes the screw 17 to pull the plate 16 against the part Q of the body, and presses the plate l5 back against the body. The plates l5 and 16 therefore so firmly grip the metal of the body around the aperture 4 that the connector sleeve o and the light bulb are firmly held in the desired position.

The distance from the part il of the lilarnent ot the bulb to the beset) varies so that longitudinal adjustment is necessary to position each type of bulb. The portion. il of thc filament not always central 'with the base 9 and it is often impossible to properly focus lamps provided' with the usual focusing devices found in the headlights of automobiles because of the active part of the filament being so iar to one side oit the focal axis of the reflector. ly the use of the present device, however, the active part of the filament may be moved laterally into the focus of the reflector in order to produce perfect focusing or it may be moved away from this focus when a di'used'light is desired. p

l provide a small pin 2l in the screw 17 to prevent the parts being disengaged unintentionally. iii/"hen the parts are to be removed, the reflector and light bulb are removed, this pin 2l takenv out and the 'screw 17 turned until the bracket 18 is freed therefrom. The sleeve may then be drawn Aforward out of' the plates l5 and 1G.

ln Fig. 3 the central part 2 of the body has an aperture 4a to permitthe sleeve 6 to move around in any desired direction, the center of' curvature of this part 2a and; of the plates l5u and 16 being the middle of the aperture 5 in the reflector The other parts of the focusing device are the same as those above described and have the same functions.

'llhe plates 16 and 16 are :termed with Plates l5 and f neeel be but crrcnm'iei'entiel ilenges n. and which arf,- fei-(l. goed grasping surfaces when elle con neeiorsleeve le shifted laterally in the eperinres C enel. e?. 'llllie :ipeiinre 5 .lillle larger than elle Sleeve@ le perini4 allie lele el nem/ement of elle outer lie eonneo'or sleeve 'elle movement "fof elle enter end of the Sleeve is: coneenbrie lll . .eerexv niounecl in seid wiiliilie ini-delle el." this epertnre 5% The delle-ile and. proportions of the verions perles of this focusing device muy all be changed by 'lliose I@killed in the art wilheu deparbinq from elle spirit of my nven- Lion est fo. 1. in die .iollfm'ing elelins.-

l eleiln:- l. ln e headlight', the combination of e eupelleped lamp body having e central epenin peil ol'plaiee slrlebly fitting seid loerl y sleev'fl el ille,

irennd. he .aperture e connector 'ely nieunteol in seid pleles and movable laterally wielen seidv eperfnre, e plaies to adjust the sleeve longitudinally, spring mounted on elle sleeve te cause elle plates to grip the of elle leefly between them, seid. sleeve be formed with e circumferential groevej e elle in. said grew/'e eed a Geller on said; sleeve end. engaging 'the elip te serve as en elinrnen iler eaicl spring.

2. ln e headlight, elle combination of e lmnp bollylievin en aperure, e pen." of

plete@ sleleely fizing the lmnp loecly around said. epermre, e connector sleeve mounted L ,seid 'Melee end moveable laterally within elpeelierl me elle epe lure, lereclrel; e sleeve, seppervte by seid plates .and

pair of lel plates 'on the sleeve to canse the peli of Het plates slidably fitting ieeeyeee engaging the bracket to adjust ille sleeve longitudinally, e spring mounted on the sleeve to cause the plates to grip the metal of the body between them and means mounted on the* sleeve to serve as an abutment for the spring,

3. in :i headlight, lzhe coinbinelsion of e cup-shaped lamp body lieving e etenecl rear end and e central aperture therein? e slidebly ii'tzing seid llesm tened portion around he aperture, e connector sleeve slclebly mounted in Seid plates and nioveble laterally Within seid elperzure, e screw mounted in seid plates te erljus" he Sleeve .lo1'1gitudinally, n spring mounted plates to grip the nietnl of the body between them and ineens nionntefl on the sleeve to serve s en abnimen; for elle spring.

4. .lln e headlight, the Combination of 2i clip-shaped lamp body leaving si fletened rear enel and e central aperture therein, e. said flee tened portion around the aperture, e eonneetor sleeve sldnbly mounted. in seid plees and movable laterally within said aperture, e screwr mounted in seid plates to adjust the sleeve longitudinally, a spring meunied on the sleeve te canse the plates bo grip he metal of the body between them, seid sleeve being formed with a ereuxnferenial groove, a, clip in seid groove', end, e coller on seid sleeve and engere-ing the clip to serve es en abuinen; for seid spring'. fr

CllARllES E.

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