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Publication numberUS1427239 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 29, 1922
Filing dateNov 30, 1921
Priority dateNov 30, 1921
Publication numberUS 1427239 A, US 1427239A, US-A-1427239, US1427239 A, US1427239A
InventorsHarry O Spencer
Original AssigneeHarry O Spencer
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Combination valve device
US 1427239 A
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l AQXQSQ.. Patented Aug. 29, 1922,

. 5j j .if

0 2?? 2%? g ,ff 'ZZ-y H 7 22 2f ff 25g; jg

Z5' 27 ZA 31111044 For fig 0, ,pcrwr /2 Wil/14KW- UNITED srariesr naam?. c. srrnvcnn, or cifiicrlvnnrr, c1110.


To all 'whom #may concern:

y Be it known that'I, HARRY O. SPnNGnR,a

citizen of the United States, residing at Cincinnati, in the county of Hamilton andy State of Ohio, have invented certain new anduseful improvements in Combination l Valve Devices, of which the v`vfollowing is a specification. .f

My `invention relates to a combination valve device, for use in connection `with internal combustion engines, particularly such engines as are employed to drive automobiles, although not necessarily restricted to this use.

An important object of the invention is to', provide a valve device ofthe character scribed, which will be very vdiliicult to ,i operate without a knowledge of the combina.

tion, which will not leak, iseasy to adjust,

simplein construction, andcheap to manu= facture.

Other objects and advantages of the in-r vention will be apparent during the course of the following description.

In the accompanyingdrawings,y formingr a part of this specification, andjin which l,

like numerals are employed tov designate like `,parts 'throughout the same,

lFig. .1 is a central vertical section view through a valve device embodying inyinvention. Fig. 2 is a plan view of the same, and,

Fig. 3 is a bottom plan view of the device. Inthe drawings, wherein for the purpose of illustration is shown a preferred embodiment of ymy invention, the numeral `5 des-v ignates a casing provided with oppositely arranged threaded nipples or tubular reXtensions 6, having their bores in communication with ports? and 8, as shown. The nipples 6 are adapted to be connected in the gasoline supply pipe leading to the intake of the carburetor, and if desired, the casing may be arranged near the carburetor, while of course the invention is not restricted'to this particular location. The casing 5 is cylindrical and is provided at its top with a horizontal annular flange 9, forming a shoulder 10. Arranged within the casing 5 in concentric relation is an inner rotatable valve 11. and cylindrical tubular valves 12 and 13. These valves interfit, and the outermost tubular valve 13 slidably contacts with the inner wall of the casing 5. The outer tubular valve 13 is provided with a reduced tubular extension 14, forming a shoulder 15,

andjpacking 16 is arranged between the ,shoulder 15 and the *,{shouldlery 10. The tubular extension 14 projects through the opening 10 and extends upwardly `above the ange 9.y yThe `intermediate tubular, valve rsnfijorrict.

Patented Aug. 29,1922.. l Application led November 30, 19,21. Serialv No.518,978, f

12 isprovided with an upstanding tubular extension 17, l:forming a shoulder 18, ar-

rangedbeneath aI shoulder` 19, andpacking 2O isarranged between the shoulders. 18 and 19. The tubular eiitensitmy 17; projects through and beyond the tubular extension 14, as shown.' The/inner valve 11 is'provided with a reduced extension 20', formf ing? a shoulder 21, arranged :beneath a shoulder .22, and havingA packing 23 disposed between these shoulders. The exten- The ,tubular valve 12 has a pairof diametricallyL oppositely arrangedy ports 23,

, adapted to register with the ports 22 and with, a,k port 24, extending diametricailly tliroughthe valve 11.1'.

The numeral25 designates a header cap, seciiredto the casing 5 by screwsy 26 or the like. j y'llhisheadfis providedpcentrally thereof with a screw threaded opening 26', receiv.

ing rascrew-threaded adjusting bolt 27 :hav- 1 ing a `wiiigedfhead 28.y The innerrounded end of this `bolt operates within a recess k29 in a` follower element or,y plate 30,y slidably mounted within the casing 5.` This follower plate isadapted to force the circular packing element or yplate 31 yinto .contact withy the ends of the several valves, and also to force the shoulders y,of these valves`r and their several packingelements intoirm engage.- ment.y This provides a positive means for preventing leakage, without binding of the valves, which are all cylindrical and do not taper.

The tubular extension 14 of the tubular valve 13 has an annular cap 31. arranged thereon, which cap is U-sliaped in cross section. AThe ycap is secured to the extension by round head screws 32, which form a convenient grip for the rfingers. rlhe cap 31 and the iiange 9 are provided with numerals registration, such as VVV V, the several` pontsof the valves will be ,in registration.

with each other and with the bores 8. The zgasoline is thus free to flow through the del vice. lt is obvious that ,the combination may4 be readily changedY by cireumfere'ntially.` Y

-valve having a reduced tubular extension adjusting theca'pwith respect to its valve extension.,

Itgis to be understood that the form of my invention herewith -shownV and described', is to-be taken asa preferred example of the saine, and` that various changes inthe shape,size, andarrangement of partsmay be resorted tof'without departing 'fromy the spirit `of my invention `or the scope of the subjoined claims. h

Ha'vingwthus described 'my invention, l

y claim g l l. A 'f combination valve"V device compris# infr ka casing'havingin'let and outlet openings, said casing being provided at one end with an 'inwardly extendingfiange forming a Vinain openingand a shoulder, a tubular valve rotati'vely mounted ,within thevcasing and 1havingopenings `adapted to register,

with the inlet and 'outlet-,openings saidA tubular,valv`e being provided at. one end `'with a reduced tubular extension extending through themain opening land forming r a shouldei1 arranged beneath` the first named shoulder, packing disposed between said shoulders, a valve rotatable within the tubular valve and having anuopening adapted to registerL combination whereby the. valves may bev shiftedto a position to bring allot the openingssinto registration, `a follower plate A' arranged beneath said valves, a packing plate arranged between the follower plate andr valves, and adjustable means to move thefollower plate ltoward the valves.

2." A 'combination valve device comprising, a casing provided with inlet and outlet openings, said casing being provided at one end with an inwardly extending flangeforming a main opening and an internal shoulder,"

a tubular valve-rotatable within the casing and having openings adapted to register projectingthrough the main openingand -with the openingsof the casing, said tubular f ing` arranged between the exterior flangefof the tubularrvalveand `the flange of tlie casing, a second tubularvvalve rotatable within the firstV named tubular valve andhav-ing openings adapted for registration with the valve having a tubular extension projecting throughgthe tubular extension of rthe first the exterior shoulder of the second tubular valve and the interior shoulder of the rst 4tubular valve, a valve rotatable within the' secondtubular valve' and having an opening y adapted 'to register with the openings thereof. thelastfnamed valve having an extension vopenings ofi-the saine, said' second tubular.`

projecting through the tubular extension of.;

the secondr tubular. valve and forming a shoulder, packing arranged-between the lastA4 named shoulder and the `interior shoulder of the second tubular valve, said extensions casing and having a screw threaded opening,"

a follower plate arranged between thelheadf! and the ends' of said valves, a packing plate arranged between the follower plate and said valves, andan adjusting bolt operating within the screw `threadedr opening of' thehead` and contacting vwith Y' said vfollower plate;l i

In testimony whereofl aflix-iny signature;l

HARRY osrENcnnf

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