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Publication numberUS1427351 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 29, 1922
Filing dateFeb 1, 1922
Priority dateFeb 1, 1922
Publication numberUS 1427351 A, US 1427351A, US-A-1427351, US1427351 A, US1427351A
InventorsBowman Walter H
Original AssigneeGoldsmith Bros Smelting & Refi
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Container for mercury
US 1427351 A
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1,427,35 Patented Aug. 29, 1922.




To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that T, VVA'Lrnn H. BOWMAN, a citizen of the United States of America, and a resident of Chicago, county of Cook, and State of Illinois, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Containers for Mercury, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to receptacles suitably designed for receiving mercury and for use in marketing the same, while'being still further serviceable for dispensing the mercury in any desired amounts, for example, to meet the requirements of dental surgeons.

The object of the invention is to protect the substance contained in the receptacle from contamination while the receptacle is still suitable for conveniently dispensing desired quantities of the substance contained therein.

The objects of the invention are accomplished by the device shown in the drawing, wherein Figure 1 shows the improved container with its surrounding carton shown in section.

Fig. 2 is an enlarged vertical sectional view of the container.

At the present time mercury is retailed in small jars or bottles, and with the better grades of mercury such as used in the dental profession, considerable care must be exercised to prevent contamination or oxidizing of the mercury, but the usualjars or bottles in which it is sold do not have any provision for accurately dispensing the mercury as needed, and, therefore, it is customary for the dental surgeon to be provided with a dispensing receptacle within which part of the mercury is poured. It is the purpose of the present invention to provide a suitable container for the mercury both for marketing purposes and for the needs of dental surgeons. With this end in view, the container is provided with a specially designed stopper and double seating valve whereby a finely adjusted outletmay be afiorded by slightly unscrewing the cap of the stopper so that a fine stream of mercury may be poured from the container.

The structure as illustrated shows a glass bottle'having a body 1 and reduced neck portion 2. This neck portion has an exterior thread 3 for receiving a centrally Specification of Letters Patent. Patgnt d Afl 29 1322 Application filed February 1, 1922.

Serial No. 533,271.

apertured cover 4. The purpose of this cover is to retain the stopper 5 in the neck of the bottle against the pressure of the weight of the mercury therein when the bottle is tipped to pour mercury therefrom. The stopper 5 has a central axial opening 6 within which fits a tubular member 7 having an annular shoulder 8 above the upper edge of the stopper and in position to be engaged by the locking cover a. The upper end of the tubular member 7 is threaded to receive the nipple or cap 9. This cap is hollow to provide a passage 10 for the mercury, and at its upper end has a perforation or outlet 11. A valve 12 fits within the space 10 of the cap 9 and has a reduced portion or stem 13 extending downwardly into the tubular member 7. This portion 13 is of less diameter than the bore of the tubular member 7, and likewise a similar stem 14 extending upwardly from the valve is of less diameter than the diameter of the axial recess 15 in the cap. The stem 14: seats against the cap at the aperture 11 and the shoulder 16 at the enlarged part of the valve seats on the upper edge of the tubular member 7.

Due to the weight of the mercury it is necessary to carefully protect the receptacle when in transit, and for this reason the carton 17 within which it is packaged is providcd with a tubular spacer 18, surrounding the neck of the receptacle and extending from its shoulder 19 to the cap 20 of the carton.

In the use of the receptacle in dispensing some such substance as mercury, the cap 9 is unscrewed more or less in order to provide a passage of the desired size around valve 12. The valve floats on the mercury as the latter runs out around the valve. The recess 15 in the cap being tapered toward the upper endof valve stem let provides a minute outlet for the mercury, and, there fore, prevents the mercury from flowing out faster than desired. This form of stopper serves to properly seal the receptacle, preventing contamination of the mercury or its oxidation, and also provides for accurately dispensing the mercury.


1. A receptacle of the class described comprising an open-mouthed body, a stopper having a central aperture, a tubular element fitting said aperture and provided with a shoulder above thestopper, a cover having threaded engagement With the receptacle and arranged to engage the shoulder on said tubular element, a hollow cap having threaded engagement with the upper end of said tubular element, said cap being provided with a perforation, and a valve in said cap adapted to seat at both the said perforation in the cap and at the end of said tubular element.

2. A receptacle of the class described comprising an 0pen-n1outhed body, a stopper having a tubular extension affording an outlet, a cap in threaded engagement with said tubular outlet said cap having a perforation, and a valve in said cap, a seat for the valve on said tubular outlet, and a seat for the valve on the cap at its perforation, said valve having an axial projection ex;- tending into said tubular element, but of less diameter than the bore of said tubular element.

Signed at Chicago this 2nd day of Decemher, 1921.


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