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Publication numberUS142806 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 16, 1873
Filing dateMay 16, 1873
Publication numberUS 142806 A, US 142806A, US-A-142806, US142806 A, US142806A
InventorsJoseph Moos
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US 142806 A
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' Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. KQQQQNB, dated Se'peniher 16,1873; appliiation filed- May 16, 1813.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, Josnrn Moos, of the city and county of Philadelphia and State o f Pennsylvania, have intented certain new and exact description thereof to enable a person skilled inthe art to make and use the same.

The nature of my invention consists in so constructing a cooling-box or refrigerator that I can safely store the'creams or ices in'glass or porcelain vessels, and readily adapt the refrigerator to difl'erent-sized vessels; also, in an arrangement. of shelves in the vessels for safely holding molded'creams, and transporting the same. I

I will now proceed to particularly describe the mode in which the said invention is made and operated, making reference to the accompanying drawings and letters of reference marked thereon. I

"The same" letters of reference apply to the same parts in the several figures.

Figure 1 shows ,a longitudinal section of the refrigerator; Fi across-section; Figs. 3 and 4, respectiye y, show the cutter and scoop for removing the cream. Figs. 5 and 6, respectively, show sections of the cutter and scoop. v

- Amepresents a water-tight chest formed;

with double walls, which may be filled either with air or any slow conductor of heat; B, a

.lid,similarly made, hinged at G ,to the chest A. The chest, when in use, contains'ice or a cooling or freezing m ixtur e. D is a plate made preferably of metal fitting closely in the chest A. and resting upon shoulders or bearings E E. In the plate D are apertures F,

surrounded by a rim orflange, G, projecting downward, through which project the necks of the porcelain or glass vessels H, H, and'H. A shonlderor rim, J,-is formedon each of the vessels H, and hasa gum or other compressible ring or 'gasket placed upon it, .which fits aga nst the rimG of the plate D, thus ibr ming, practically, air-tight joints between-the rims J 'of the vessels H and the plate D, and avoiding breakage of the vessels H by any concussions on the plate D. The vessels H are supported in stands K, made adjustable in height in the box vA by means of screws L passing through slots in the legs M, to adapt them to vessels of varying height or length,. and are steadied laterally .and controlled so as to coincide with the holes in the plate D by means of flexible metallic braces-N,which reach from the sides of the chest, and are susceptible of adjustment in the direction of their length by bending or straightening. To each of the vessels H is closely fitted a c'ovcr'to exclude the air. In one of the vessels H are loosely'fitted shelves 0, dividing it horizontally into several compartments, which may be lifted out,,and are used in the following manner: In the bottom compartment is placed a freezingminture or ice; in the middle compartment molded forms of cream or ices, after being decorated ready to be served, are placed and in the upper coinpa'rtmentis placed a vessel,

P, containing-a freezing-mixture or ice. 'The forms. of molded cream may thus be decorated and transported; safely to considerable distances, and the necessity of sending such forms, in molds and a skilled person with them to open the molds and decorate them at their destination, is avoided:

The scoop Q or removing cream from, the vessels H and H is made in shape like a car pentexs gouge-that isto say, having the f( rm of a segment of a hollow cylinder terminating in a cutting-edge having the bevel in the convex side. The scoop is most convenient when made with the convex side to conform in shape to the curve of the side of the vessels H and H The knife R is made with flat sides, one sharp or cutting edge, and-one thick edge,

and has the end so beveled as to fit in and.

scrape out the concave side of the scoop. The knife and scoop are preferably made of glass or porcelain, or may be made of horn or hard wood. I I

The advantage of {this apparatus is, $113.21 I

am enabled to avoid any injury to the flavor of c'ream'sor ices by avoiding contact with .any metallic substances. I am able to read-.

ily adapt the supports in the chest to vessels of varying di nens'ions,,to remove anddispense the contents of'the vessels without waste, and with a small amount of lab-0r and justable stands K, combined with vessels H,

but little waste of freezing or cooling matefor the purpose set forth.

rials, to preserve the creams or ices with un- 2. The vessel H formed in compartments impaired flavor, and prepare for display and by removable partitions c'r shelves 0, in comuse decorated forms of. creams and ices, and bination with the refrigerating-chambers at the send them considerable distances without rctop and bottom, as described and shown. quiring ille services of a specially skilled per- JOS. MOOS. son in serving them.

What I claim as my invention, and desire Witnesses: to secure as such by Letters Patent, is- JAMES P. Pn'rrr,

1. The chest A, having the pletel), and ad- J 01m 13. Dilvmn.

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