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Publication numberUS1428916 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 12, 1922
Filing dateApr 15, 1921
Priority dateApr 15, 1921
Publication numberUS 1428916 A, US 1428916A, US-A-1428916, US1428916 A, US1428916A
InventorsClora J Snideman
Original AssigneeWabash Sanitary Company
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Detachable tray for high chairs
US 1428916 A
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1,428,916, Patented Sept. 12, 1922.

l g-i. 12

(Zora; Ijn/Z/eman,

Patented Sept. 12, 1922.




' Application filed April 15 To allwhom it may concern: I

Be it known that I, CLORA J. SNIDEMAN,

, a' citizen of the United States, residing at l/Vabash, in the county of Wabash and State of Indiana, have invented a new and useful Detachable Tray for High Chairs, of which the following is a specification.

It is the obj ect of my invention'to provide a simple detachable mountingfortrays for high chairs, especially adapted for the swinging-tray frames, though not lr'mlted to such use, wherein the attaching devlce 1s attachable and releasable wholly from the top, and may readily by put in place by feel The accompanying drawings illustrate my invention: Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a high chair having a tray mounted thereon in accordance with my invention; Fig. 2 s a plan view of the tray and .its mounting, with half of the tray broken away toshow the cross bar of the tray frame; ig. 3 is a greatly enlarged sectional view throughthe fastener'used in'Figs. 1' and 2; Flg. 41s a similar sectional view, showinga modified form of fastener; and Fig. 5Iis'a plan of the fastener shown in Fig. 4:, with a frag ment of the tray. p

The highchair 10 has the usual side arms ll and back 12, and a tray frame consisting of swinging side arms 13 cross-connected by a curved cross bar 14: screwed to them, is pivoted at the rear upwardly extendlng ends ofv the swinging side arms to the back 12 by pivot screws 15, the swinglng s'lde arms when the tray is down in normal pos tion resting on the fixed side arms 11. Mounted on this swinging frame 13-44: is a tray 16, which has a depressed center portion, for holding the food or other things for the child, surrounded by an outer flange portion which overlies the forward-endsof the side arms 13 and the'cross bar 14, the latter being in the rear of thedepressed center portion and being'shaped to correspond to the curve which is given to the rear'edge of the tray to accommodate it to the childs body. The cross bar 14L cooperates with the rear under surface of the tray at the rear edge of the depressed center portion to locate the tray on'the swinging frame by feel.

To fasten the tray detachably on the frame, I provide a device which is exposed at the top of the tray but which a small 1921. H Serial n6. 461,577.

child is unable to operate. This device may take seyeral forms, of which one form is shown 1n Figs. 1, 2, and 3, and another in Figs t and 5, the form shown in Figs. 1, 2, and 3 being the one I prefer. This preferred form comprises a pressed metal frame 17 which extends through a suitable hole in the tray 16 over the end of one of the swinglng arms 13' and has fixed therein a tube 18 which also projects through such hole and is notched at the bottom to allow the catches of twodogs 19 to project through, the two dogs being articulated together withinthe tube 18 on a suitable hinge jointandbeln'g provided with laterally projecting fingers 20 which rest on a'shoulder near the top of the tube 18, and a depressible button 21 slidable in the frame 17 and tube 18 and slotted where "the fingers 20 proect through and spring-pressed upward by a compression spring 22 which acts against the top of one of the dogs'19 to press the hinge point of such dogs downward and thelr lower ends outward. The push button 21 is enlarged within the frame 17 to provide a shoulder 23 which prevents it from being pushed upward out of such frame, and 1s unslotted directly below the fingers 20 so that when the push button is depressed such unslotted portions act upon the lower ends of the dogs 19 to push them inward ag'amst the action of the spring 22. Two o these push buttons 21 with their mount- Ings. are provided on the tray 16,'one over each arm 13. .Each arm 13 below the push button 21 is p'rovided with a cup 24, which 1s counter-sunk in the'upper face of such arm and suitably held in place, as by ratchet teeth '25 on its sides or by a tack or screw 26 in its bottom. Within this cup is a disk 27 which is spring-pressed upward .by a coiled compression spring '28 seated in the cup. The upward movement of the disk '27 is limited by engagement with a tube 29 which depends part way into such cup and is spaced from the inner wall thereof. l

When'itis desired to attach the tray 14, it is put in place overthe swinging frame, and located by feel, if desired, by the engagement of the curved cross bar 14 with the curved rear under edge of the center depressed portion of the tray, thus bringing the tubes 18 over the tubes 29. The tray and hold, the;two parts together,

is then pushed down, and the two tubes 18 engage their respective disks 27 and depress them, and the "slanting lower" ends" of the dogs 19 engage the upper end of the'tubes 29: and are pushed i-i1Wa-rdthereby until the lateral latches at" the lower ends of such dogs pass below the lower, end of the .tubeS.

29, whereupon the spring 22" pushes such latch projections outward sotthat'they will,

catch on the lower edgesof the tubes 29 lease the tray the push buttons 21 are depressed, .so that the unslotted, lower end of each push button engages the sides of the dogs 19" and forces the lower latch en'ds I thereof inward to release them from the size whoiwou ld use, a high. chairpf so that" 21156 29, whereupon the spring 28 pushes I the, disk 2'1 and; therethrough pushes the b-Tth' t e le li.i ie fien f t e 5 g 19 will no'longer be caught by the tube 29. Thus toI attach the tray, is merely' necessary to the tray downwardaf ter the tubes and 29s have been brought into alinement,

andth-is alinement canfbe obtainedby feeli'r'ig, 'andto .releasethe tray from the swinging frame 'itisf necessary merely to depress the two push buttons 21. pressure reqni'red'on. the push'buttons 21, -'however, is too :greatto" be exerted child of the i therefis no l'op'po'rtunity; to detach lthetray. When'tlie tray is detached, andremoved,

fromthe, swinging frame, ,the curved; cross har l l still remains in place so; that al A though the my is; gone the child is still held againsttfalling out ofthe g [Although I have sh'oivn this A detachable mounting of the'tr ay on the swingingfframe 1314,' there is noreas'o-n why it should not 1 be ma e onf e fixe Side rms 11,

The other] form which I v'hgt ve shown ot my detachable mounting, in .F igsl 3 and 4:, consists of-a cup 30'wliich is set' in the uper ec of the sidearm-as shown, of. the

' swinging side armf .13 which cup is fastened in place byj screws 31 and "is provided, with acover 32betwee'n which and. a disk 33 carriedf'by 'aistem 34: a, compression springl-85 acts. The upper enap f the coin,-

i .pre'ssion springcarries'a crossaizmor thumb button; 3,6, whichwhengin one PQ-sition may pass through an elongatedfslot" 3,7 in the traylsi'de 16 but when turn d at right angles I as shown iii Fight, to hold the tray 16 in place. -The"thuiiib button 36', like the push bu n 18,. ac e bl fr m a eve he my; and when; the tliumbbutton is: turned: in one" ositionfitj permits the tray to be read a tachied'anddetached andwh eni turned T0 re to etch position lies crosswise of such slot,

in the other direction it looks the tray in placeon the side arms 13. I claim as my invention:

1. In combination, a high chair having side arms, a tray havingiiportions vwhich overlie said sidearms and are detachably side arms; a tray arranged to be supported I 2,111- combinat'iomfahigh' c'hairhaving onnsa' dr side arms, said side rms b ng pr -v vided witli isockets "115i 111g stop members ar ranged therein, a pair of s'pringjp'ressed laterally i acting "snap members mounted on the underface jo fsai d tray and arranged I to .engagejsaid stop 1m'embe'rs in the sockets, and finger operated means on the upper surfi face oi said tray for contracting 'said'snap memb r fr l ase em from-th t Pi B bers. Y l

3. Incombinationwith'fa high chairhavingsi e farms, K ver i ally xt ding "S t members formed said side arms haying snap receiving members therein; snap mem bersbn'the underside of said tray arranged to'be inserted in "said socket by a vertical right line. movement and finger lpressure opera-ted means'on the upper faceofsaid tray for releasing saidsjnap members: from i the sockets.

" eglncomhination, a chair having id as; a' ex rr e 't vbe upp r e on, said side arms saidj si'd'e arms being provided 'withsockets having snap engaging plljOj ejctions arranged; therein, a socket: en'- gaging member having laterally projecting spring actuated snaps arranged'to engage saidpro'jjections in said sockets and finger operated means on the uppersurface of the t ey f l'eias e'thge m 'from 'the stops. a

In witness whereof 1, (1mm. J. ,S' ID M'AN, have hereunto set-t my hand atjWabash, In

er mg saidfsnap members tore ianaf h 2 ayf pri "one thousand nine hundred andtwentyo-ne.

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