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Publication numberUS1429984 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 26, 1922
Filing dateSep 13, 1920
Priority dateSep 13, 1920
Publication numberUS 1429984 A, US 1429984A, US-A-1429984, US1429984 A, US1429984A
InventorsVollmer Gustav C
Original AssigneeVollmer Gustav C
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Knife sharpener
US 1429984 A
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APPLICATION msn SEPT. 13, 1920.

PatentSept. 26, 1922.,

lnenfr Patented Sept. 26, i922..

innata erster?.



Application filed. September 13, 1920. Serial No. 409,752.

To all to tom t may concern: I

Be it known that i, GUSTAV C. VoLLMnn, a citizen of the United States, and yresident of St. Louis, ilffissouri, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Knife Sharpeners, of which the following is a specification. j

rihis invention relates to improveinentsjin a knife Sharpener. and has for its object a plurality of adjustable sharoening members clamped on a supporting body and arranged interjacent to each other, forming a V-shaped recess into which the edge of a knife blade is inserted and sharpened by drawing the blade through said recess.

A further object of my invention is to construct a simple device which has a plurality of members arranged interjacent to each other; the inner edges being provided with a roughened sharpening surface against which the cutting edge of the knife is brought in contact and the edge sharpcned.

Figure 1, is a perspective view of my complete invention.

Fig. 2, is a side view of the same showing the knife blade in position in the act of being inserted. f

Fig. 3, is an end view 'of the same.

Fig. il, is a detail perspective view of the base.

Fig. 5, is a horizontal sectional view taken on the line 5-5 of Fig. 3.

In the construction of my invention I provide a base member 5, consisting of a sheet of material suitably bent forming a support` ingsection 6, and an ear 7, the supporting section being constructed preferably angular in form. Two surfaces of supporting section 6 are provided with a plurality of lugs 8 between which are placed sharpening members 9. The two surfaces are also provided with internally screw-threaded bores 10, into which is inserted a screw 11, by which a clamping plate 12 is held in position and against the sharpening members whicl are seated between the lugs 8.

Each of the sharpening members 9, is constructed of a strip of steel, preferably Octagon in cross-Section, one surface of each of the members being serrated forming a cutting edge 18. This edge is constructed preferably in the form of a lile and on account of the octagonal shape. the surfaces 14 form bevels which when the members are properly located in position on the support ing member 6 form between adjacent cut` ting edgesa space suflicient to permit the particles of steel removed from the knife blade to pass downwardly and out of the way7 so as not to interfere with the blade; and yet cause the deviceto form smooth and sharp cutting edge on 'the knife. A These sharpening members are arranged as shown in the angular body, so that the upper portions cross each other forming a V-shape recess and the members are firmly held in proper adjusted position by the clamping plates 12. By means of these plates and whenever it is found necessary to adjust the sharpening members, each individual member can be raised or lowered by releasing the clamping plate and then held in locked position by tightening said plates. The essential feature of my invention is to construct a knife sharpening device by providing a plurality of sharpening members arranged in the form of a X and interjacent to each other, and yet providing sufcient space between the cutting edge of each member to permit the removed particles from the blade to pass out un-interruptedly.

Having fully described my invention what I claim is:

1. A knife Sharpener` comprising a ta` pered base; a plurality of sharpening meni- 'bers supported on said base and arranged interjacent to each other, said sharpening members being octagonal shaped in cross section 'and means for supporting said sharpening members in their set position, substantially as specified.

2. A knife Sharpener comprising a one piece base; the upper portion thereof arranged triangular in form; sharpening members supported on the triangular portion of said base; said sharpening members ar` ranged interjacent to each other, the upper portions forming a V-shaped recess into which the blade to be sharpened is inserted and fastening devices for supporting the sharpening members in rigid position, substantially as specified. l

3. A knife Sharpener comprising a base formed of a bent sheet 'of material; the upper portion of said base being tapered in form; a plurality of sharpening members supported on the tapered portion of said base; said sharpening members being elongated and in cross section eetagonal in `Form; the upper surface of said sharpening` members bein serrated and forming a sharpening surfaceT seid sharpening members beinginterjaeent to each other, and by means et the etagonal shape, forming spaces between each. pair of adjacent members through which the particles removed from the knife edge are permitted to pass out nninterrnptedlrA substantially as specified 4. A knife Sharpener comprising' a base; constructed of ay sheet of material suitably bent forming a supporting portion; an ear and :i plurality of lugs formed on the supporting' portion; sharpening` members leeated between the lugs, eaeh of said sharpen` ing members having a serrated surface and said members being,` so arranged as to be located interi acent to each other bringing the serrated surfaces in position to be rubbed GUSTAV C. VOLLMER Witnesses: I

ALFRED A. Brons, S. M. ifinsrinn.

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U.S. Classification76/86
International ClassificationB24D15/08, B24D15/00
Cooperative ClassificationB24D15/081
European ClassificationB24D15/08B