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Publication numberUS1430811 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 3, 1922
Filing dateJun 20, 1921
Priority dateJun 20, 1921
Publication numberUS 1430811 A, US 1430811A, US-A-1430811, US1430811 A, US1430811A
InventorsJohnson Bernard P, Ralph Schroeder
Original AssigneeJohnson Bernard P, Ralph Schroeder
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US 1430811 A
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giggg gl 1 o Patented Oct. 3, 1922.

Patented Get, 3, i922,



Application filed June 20,

To (/17 v1.- imm it may concern Be it known that we, BERNARD P. JoHN- soy and RALPH Sorrnonnnn, citizens of the United States. residing in Cincinnati, in the county of l-l aniilton and State of Ohio, have im'entcd now and useful Improvements in a Toy, oi? which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to a toy designed for use in connection with the operation of phonoo'raphs and. is particularly of the nature of a marionettc or puppet, being actuated by the rotatirc action oil the record turntable.

'An object 0'! our invention is to produce a toy of the class above described, in which the various parts of the image are given peculiarly characteristic movements to pro duce the eliiect or a marionette dancing.

A further object is to produce a toy ot the class described in which the dancing or other mo vements may be timed in accordance with the time of the piece being played from a record located on the turntable of the phonograph.

These and other objects are attained in the toy (lLSCI'llN-Xl in the following specification and. illustrated in the accon'ipanying d ra wing in which Fig.5. 1. is an elevational view, somewhat in dirrannratic form of: a toy embodying our invention, mounted on a turntable which, l'or purposes of: purely diagrammatic illus tration is shown considerably smaller relatively to the inarionette, than is actually the case.

Fig. 2 a fr gmental perspective view of the timing incchinism by means of which tho lnariouclto is caused to dance in synchron sui with the time of the piece being played.

1n the constructirm of our mproved toy we provide an upright 3 which is secured to a 52' 1E l: cxtencliug arm l; which projects acro. the record 5 on the turntable G and is supported by a 1 00 7 which rests upon the wood top of the phonograph case adjacent to the turntable. Upright 3 carries a member 8 which is shaped to represent the chest or bust o1 the marionette. To the lower end of this is pivotally attached, at a point 9, the hip portion 10 of the torso. At the sides of the member 8, the upper portions 11 and 12 of the arms are pivotally 1921. Serial No. 478,905.

attached at points 13 and 14. To these arm portions the forearm portions 15 and 16 are attached at points 17 and 18. At the upper part of the member 8 a head and neck member 19 is attached pivotally as at point 20. -.he hands of the forearm elements 15 and 16 are attached to the head and hip members 19 and 10 respectively at points 21 and .22 ii desired, in order to simulate more closely the movements of a dancer. To the lower portion of hip member 10, thigh elements 23 and 24L are pivotally attached at points 25 and 26, and to the lower ends of thigh elements 23 and 2d are pivotally attached at points 27 and 28 the combined lower limb and foot elements 29 and 30. Head and neck member 19 is provided with an extension 31 to which a link 32 is attached at a point the lower end of link 82 being connected to the hip portion at point 25. Rotatively mounted in a bearing 341 is a roller 35 which carries a friction tire 36 for engagement and operation with the surface oi the record 5 on the turntable.

- Uonnected at a point 37 with point is a linl; 38 by means of which the toy is operated when roller 35 is rotated. Povitally but frictionally secured at a point 39 on arm 1 is a linger, 10 for engaging the record centering pin ll of the turntable, this finger, when adjusted properl serving to space roller 35 the proper distance from the center pin to time the number of rotations 01" the roller so that the marionette will dance in proper synchronism with the piece being played. The movements oi the marionette, from the drawing and description given above, being so readily understood, it is deemed unnecessary to amplify this description with a detailed description oi." the operation.

Having thus described our invention what we claim is:--

toy for application to phonographs, consisting oil? a vertical support, means adapted to retain the support any desired distance from the center to the edge of the phonograph. turntable, a roller rotatively mounted at the lower end of the support for engagement with the surface of a record on the phonograph turntable, the upper portion of a marionette torso ridgidly attached to the upper end or" the support, a torso hip portion pivotally attached at its upper end to the upper portion of the torso, pivoted leg portions pivoteily attached to the hi portion, pivuted arm portions pivotaiiy attached to the upper portion, a, head pivotaliy attached to the upper portion a link operetively connected with the roller and the pivot of one with the hip portion and a link pivoteiiy connecting the other leg with the head, one arm having pivotal connection with the head and the other with 10 the hip.

In witness wehereoi we n'fiix our signatures in the presence of two witnesses.



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