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Publication numberUS1430980 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 3, 1922
Filing dateMar 25, 1922
Priority dateMar 25, 1922
Publication numberUS 1430980 A, US 1430980A, US-A-1430980, US1430980 A, US1430980A
InventorsGideon Arthur C
Original AssigneeGideon Arthur C
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Sign holder
US 1430980 A
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Magma@ I PAIAAIAA IIC-Amm .alfeffige gages.

Patented @et 3, 1922.

'sTTEs i y Loonse `m1143111* l' OFFICE.


sien Homann.

Application led March A25, 1922. l Serial 110.546,635.

T o all whom it may concern.'

Be it known that ll, ARTHUR C. (EriDEoN,l

a citizen ofthe United States, residing at Live Oak, in the county of Suwanee' and E State of Florida, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in a Sign Holder; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clearand exact description of the invention, sucha's will enable others skilled io in the art towhieh it appertains 'to make I and use the same. A

This invention relates to a holder for signs such as those of4 paper or pasteboard. The l"invention generally aims to provide tion with accompanying drawings illustrat.

ing one practical embodiment.

n said drawin szl Figure 1 is a ont elevation Vof the iin.

proved sign; f c Figure 2 isa lan viewi- Figure 3 is a on itudinal sectional view?` K at 23. Such strip' 22 extends above the wall ,10; and are there provided with apertures on the line 3`3 of igure 1;-

Figure 4 is a transverse sectional fview on the line i-of Figure 1, looking toward the closed end of the holder, `and Figu re 5 is a perspective view showing therefor in detached relation.

Like .reference characters designate like or similar parts in the different views. v

lnreducing the invention to practice, a

blank or single piecey of sheet metalV or other bendable material asat A is preferably pro-U,y vided ltoform a casing. y Such casing has a;

rear wall 10 and is bent to provide longitudinal edge iianges at 11 which are double looped to provide longitudinal groovesfl2 :j l

and 13. Within the grooves'12, a sign la is slidably and removably disposedand in the rooves 13, a transparent panel, as of cellu oid or glass l5 is rmanently or removably disposed, Aas desired. lanlr A has -a novel construction of holder with its body` Additional `objects 'and advantages willA the insert end of the holder' and the closure,

`of the invention;

an integral transverse flan e at 16 which is foldable over the rear wa l 10 and insertable intoveither of the grooves 12 or 13, preferably the latter, so that lit forms an abutrment to prevent lateral displacement in one direction of both panel l lhe sign 14 is to betaken as conventional.

the sign -14 and the -It may be of paper or `pasteboard designed to containlnumbers, asfor al temporary automobile license orotherwise. It will be realized that the casing protects such a sign l and reinforces it.

The closure memberl is provided for the open end of the sign as at 17 having a main lia-nge insertable into the grooves 13 and an auxiliary flange 19 insertable into the grooves 12. With such closure in place, the sign and panel cannot become detached from the holder. The flange 19 is preferably narrower than the main flange 18 and suitable openings as-at 20 are provided through the main'flange 18, panel' 15 and rear wall 10, .to accommodate a removable fastening bolt 21 which may be ofthe usual construction shown. It is obvious that in'lieu ofthe bolt 21 any other lsuitable fastenin may be used..

In order to attach the ho der to a suitable support, forrinstance an' automobile, in

fthe case of a license sign, any suitable means may :be employed. s shown however, a

pluralityof bars or strips may be disposed transversal of and at the rear of wall 10 andiivete or otherwise secured thereto as 2 4 to accommodate bolts, nails'l'or other fasn tening or suspending means.

n Wiii 4be realized that. the ign 14. is

effectively housed and protected by the holder and that thesame may be readily inserted' ior 'removed with the closure 17 detached through unfastening of the bolt 21.

As merely one practical embodiment hasL been illustrated and described, it will bev understood that changes in the details thereof may be made within the spirit and scope said wall provided with grooves to inountA said sign, a transparent panel, said means having grooves in which said panel is d1sposed,'and 'a flange on said, plate disposed atan angle to said grooves and extending into one of the grooves.

2. A holder of the class described having first. and vsecond grooves, a sign disposed in one of said grooves, a transparent panel disposed -in the other groove and over said sign, a Closure for the holder having a flange t0 extend into. one of said grooves and a flange to extend into the" other of said grooves, said closure beinfr applicable and removable ina direction longitudinally of the grooves, and fastening means to secure the closure to the holder.

3. A holder of the classdesoribed having a rear Wall, a sign, a transparent paneldisposed over said sign, flanges at opposite edges of said Wall and integralitherewith, said flanges being double loopedto provide first and second grooves, said sign being .ARTHUR o. GIDEON.

. Witnesses:

, Jnssin MAE Gorr, Q L.-WH1 TE.

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U.S. Classification40/611.5, 40/611.6
International ClassificationG09F15/00
Cooperative ClassificationG09F15/0012
European ClassificationG09F15/00B2