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Publication numberUS1432132 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 17, 1922
Filing dateDec 23, 1920
Priority dateDec 23, 1920
Publication numberUS 1432132 A, US 1432132A, US-A-1432132, US1432132 A, US1432132A
InventorsSturges Howard P
Original AssigneeSturges Howard P
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US 1432132 A
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l APPLICATION FILED DEC. 23, 1920. Iy-432,132.. Patented Oct. II''IIQZZ. 3 SHEETSSHEET I.


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conveniently parked without interfering. oi

Patented @etL7 il?,

onirica@ `nowann r. s'runens, or ennnnrfnrn, immers.


Application :filed December 23, 1920. Serial No. 432,683. n

To all wwme' may concern: L

Be it known thatl,.`HowAnn P.. STURGns,

a citizen of the United States, 'residing at Glenellyn, in theco'untyof Du vPage and State of illinois, havevinvented certain new and useful improvements in Buildings, of which `the following is4 a specifica-tion.

i This invention relates to the construction and arrangement of buildings, but more y particularly of such buildings -as are in .tended for commercial purposes, and has for itsprimary object to provide a' practical and" advantageous. construction which will permit automobiles to be driven under their own power to the various Hoors and there with thestores, oiiices or other places business located on such floors.

Another object of the invention is to provide a winding driveway having a parking strip extending substantially longitudinally thereof and contiguousl thereto to permit automobiles to enter the strip at any point along the driveway. y

A further object of the invention is to provide a relative arrangement of the driveway, the parking strip, and the stores or oflces on the various iioors, whereby the parked automobiles willnnot obstruct the entrances to the stores or offices located on the driveway or the view of show-windows or display-stands of these stores from the driveway.

The rapid increase in the number of auto-4 mobiles, particularly in the larger cities, has made necessary traiic regulations which either forbid entirely the parking of automobiles in the public streetsin the more congested districts or have so limited the time in whichl an automobile may remain lin these streets that automobile owners have either beenprevented from driving to and from their places ot business, or compelled to leave their cars at a remote garage.

in a building of my improved type, it is possible to park cars in, the; building in which theowner has an oitice, store, or otherA place of business, and there'is; practically no delay in enteringuor' leaving'this building. An inclined driveway communicates with the various `floors of the building, and the offices or stores have entrances. on this driveway. -A parking 'strip is provided along the edge of the driveway, so that a car maybe turned from the driveway onto' this strip at any point where there is anunlthe accompanying drawings showing a selected embodiment thereof, in which 2y 'F ig. 1 -is a iioor plan of the irstoi' street ioorg' liig. 2 is-a iioor plan ofthe second floor;

Fig. 3 is a floor plan of the seventh and all floors above;y L y Fig. t is a -verticali section on Athe line 5L- t of'lig. 1;-

Fig. 5 is a verticaljsection on the line 5- 5 otFigl;

lFig. 6 is a vertical section onthe' line 6,-@ of Fig. l.

Referring to the drawings, the buiiding forming the invention is constructed with. an, outer wall? which consists ,of a front 8,

a rear 9 and side walls 10 and 11. For the y purpose ot illustration, the walls 9 and l() are assumed to abut on neighboring-buildings, and the walls-8 and l1 to 'face on str eets.- A winding driveway 12 enters the building from the front and follows the wall 10 nearly to the rear thereof, where it turns and follows the rear wall, turns again near the walt 11 and follows this wallto the front ot the building, where it again turns and follows the front wall to a point above the entrance.. -'lihe angie of inclination would naturally vary with the size of the building, but lthave found it advantageous to make this incline very radual in orderV tha-tears may be easily driven in and out. in the portion of the driveway extending from the entrance along' the wall l0 vthere is a rise of eight feet and a like rise takes place in the portion of the driveway extending along the rear wall. This amount of rise is based on the assumption that the height of thetirst story is sixteen feet, so that with the rise' described the driveway will'have reached theA height of the second story when it turns forwardly along the wall 11. The portion of the driveway alongthe walls 8 and 11 is in the present embodiment constructed horizontal. 'lhe rise of the driveway from the second to the third floor takes place in the second convolution along the walls '10 and 9, so that the third iioor is reached when'the driveway again turns towards the front. Successive rises take place f between each of the iioors with which the driveway conmmunicates. lt would probbe parked at any point along this driveway without interfering with the movement of cars therein. The paths tobe followed by the automobiles in enteringand leaving are indicated by lines in Fig. 2, and at the front corner 14 l have provided suiiicient space to' permit cars to turn around. The courses of the cars in entering and leaving the building may bemarked by painted lines on the floors of .the driveway.l A partition 15 eX- tends longitudinally of the inner edge of the driveway and separates the area devoted to stores or oflices from this driveway. The

building in the present embodiment is pro-'- vided with an inner wall 16 forning a een#` ltral court` and the space between the partition 15 and this wall may be subdivided'in any suitable manner.A All offices or stores within this area would have their' entrances on. the driveway and portions ofthe partition may be constructed of glass to provide show-'windows in case the area within this partition is to be utilizedfor stores.

vA portion of the lower or street ioor of thev building has been separated from the rest of the building by partition 17 to form a separate entrance hall at 18 communicating with `the elevators 191serving the seventh and higher floors.. Elevators Q0 are pro floors. 4

In the present embodiment, the first floor ofthe building has been designed for use as a single store, and the space vbeneath the first rise of the driveway, following the wall 10, could be utilized for storage purposes. The

vided to take care of the second to the sixth' portion of the driveway along the rear wall would be sufficiently raised above the store floor to .make it available'for general merchandising, as it is eight feet at its lowest and sixteen feet at its highest point. A sky light'of the usual type would be constructed 'over the portion of the store beneath the court. The stores on the second and succeeding floors facing the driveway at the rear of the building would have their floors disposed relative to the incline of the driveway as is indicated at 21, and the same would be true of the stores facing the wall 10 on these floors. f

- ...It will'thus be seen that a car may be driveninto the building on the. driveway and parked onanyconvenient ioor. The position of the entrance to the driveway and the directionof .the convolutions would naturally depend upon thelocation of the building relative-to the street .and adjacent buildings, for it is desirable to utilize asfar as possible lfor the inclination of the driveway, the sides of the building having blank walls. It will be readil'yfevidentthatthe rise of the driveway may take place wholly along one side of the building or may be continuous for an 'entire convolution', de: pending upon the type of building and the particular use for which it is intended.

I am aware that many changes might Vbe made in the construction and arrangement` as `describedwithout` departing from* the spirit of .In finvention', and- Preserve the right toma eall su'clrras .fairly fall within the scope ofthe following claims.- l I claim:` "W f 1. Abuilding vhavinguian wall, an

inner wall, an .inclined windingfdifiveway betweensaid walls,I a parking space along said driveway and va series of. enclosures or roomsiformed along said driveway andcommunicating therewith. v.

2. A building having-an outer wall, an inner wall, an inclined'winding driveway between said wallsv7 a series `of partitions lforming with one of said'walls a lseriesof rooms. along said driveway and communieating therewith -andjja parking space formed along said driveway adjacent the other wall. y 3. A building 'having an enclosing wall, an


inclined winding driveway within said building, a series of enclosures or rooms along said driveway and Vcommunicating therewith, 'and a parking spacefor vehicles along porf tions of said driveway opposite said' rooms.

4. A building having an outerJ wall, an l HOWARD r." srunaensjj;

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