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Publication numberUS1432249 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 17, 1922
Filing dateFeb 6, 1922
Priority dateFeb 6, 1922
Publication numberUS 1432249 A, US 1432249A, US-A-1432249, US1432249 A, US1432249A
InventorsRobert Hoyme Christopher
Original AssigneeHoward S Borden
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Article of manufacture
US 1432249 A
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Ls fi. Patented (m. 17,1922.

' IN V EN TOR. flmgw WW ATTORN ill Bil)

enemies oer. tr, rearserene cranes.


nn'rretn or r rnnurncrenn Apnlicstlon filed February "8, 1922. Serial No. 534,557.

Z all whom it may concern."

Be it known that l, (lrrnls'rornne ltoenn'r Horne, a citizenof the United States, residing at New York city in the county of New York and State of New York, have invented a certain new and useful Articleo'f Manufacture, fully described and represented in the following specification and the accompanying drawing, forming a part of the same.

This invention relates to a new article ct manufacture adapted to serve both as a bath towel'and a sanitary hath robe.

The invention is designed to enable pro prietors of hotels, bath houses, and the like,

to furnish to each of their guests a, sanitary the expense which'they haveheretofore incurred in furnishing their guest with clean bath towels. v a

An article constructed in, accordance with the invention comprisesa strip of toweling of about the length of two bath towels,

provided at or near its center with a head I hole and having along each of its edges at opposite sides of the headfhole fastenings by which: the edges of opposite sides of the strip may be detachably secured together about the body when it is desired to use the article as a bath'robe. When the :t'astenings are detached the article may be extended at full length and servesthe purpose of an pieces detachably ordinary bath towel. Furthemnore, when the tastenings are detached the article may be laundered as easily as an ordinary bath towel. /Vhile T find desirable to constructthe entire article of a single piece of toweling, it may, if desired, be formed from two secured together their ends. v

The accompanying drawings illustrate embodiments of the invention. In the drawin s:-

ig. 1 is e perspective View of the new article secured about thefigure so as to form a bath robe;

Fig. 2 is a view, upon a smaller scale, of the new article spread out in condition to be used as a towel or to be laundered; and

Fig. 3 is a fragmentar View similar to Fig. 2 but showing a mo ification in which the new article is composed of two pieces det-achebly wcured together.

As shown in Figs. 1 and 2 of the drawings, the new article comprises a. strip; consisting of a single piece of toweling. As seen in the drawlngs, the opposite side edges of the striplO are straight, parallel and unhemmed. The toweling from which the strip 10 is made my be woven in a piece of the same width as the strip 10, vso that the opposite side edges of the strip need not be cut, but may be, and, most desirably, are

the selvage edges of the materiel. The strip 10 has at its center an opening 11 of such.

size that the head may easily be passed through it. The portion 12 ot the strip 10 at one side of the'opening 11 is provided along its right hand edge with fastenings l3 and along its left hand edge with fastenings it. The portion 15 of the strip 10 at the other side of the opening ll. is provided along its right hand edge with fastenings 16, each located at the same distance from hole 11 as the fastenings l3; and adapted to be detachably secured thereto, and along its left hand edge with fastenin'gs 17, each located at the same distance fromhole 11 as the fastenings M and adapted to be detach ably secured thereto. Tn order that the fastenings may not interfere with the use of the article as a towel they are most desirably all made entirely of fabric or'other flexible inaterifl. In the form illustrated, each of the fastenings consists of a short piece of tape sewed to the strip 10 so that corresponding fastenings ere adapted to be secured together by tying. If desired, however, one set of fastenings, for example, the itastenings 13, may consist of loops while the corresponding tastenings 16 may consist of tapes which may be passed through the loops end tied; or other types of flexible hind the body end one in front of the body.

'lhe fastenings 13, 14. are then secured to the fastenings 15, 16 as shown in Fig. 1.

, tions 12 and 15' of the strip are made of separate pieces of toweling, each having at one end fastenings 20, and a recess 21 be. tween the fastenings. When the corresponding fastening's 20 of the pieces 12, 15 are secured together'as shown in. the lower portion'of Fig. 3, the recesses 21 combine to form a head opening likethe opening 11 shown in Fig. 2. In the 'i'orm illustrated in Fig. 3, the fastenings 20 are shown as snap fastenings, but any desired form of fastenings may be used in place of those shown. It will be understood that the edges of the pieces 12 15' of the two-part'strip shown in Fig. 3 are provided with fastenings such as the fastenings 13, 14, 16, 17 shown in Fi s. 1 and 2.

%Vhen the modification shown in Fig. 3 is used, the fastenings 20 may be detached when the article is not being worn as a bath robe so that two separate bath towels are provided.

It is apparent that the new article may be made from a woven piece of toweling without the necessity of any cutting except across the ends Of'thQ strip and in forming the head hole in the form.- shown in Figs. 1 and 2, or the recesses in the form shown in Fig. 3. Furthermore,- the amount of toweling used in the new article is the same as that usedin two ordinary bath towels, so by use of the invention hotel guests may be provided with bath robes as well as bath towels yvithoutany more expense, either as to first cost, or as to laundering, than has heretofore been incurred in furnishing them with bath towels.

What is claimed is:

1. An article adapted for use both as a bath towel and a bath robe, comprising a strip of toweling having straight parallel side edges, being the selvage edges of the toweling throughout the length thereof and having near its middle a head opening, and co-operating fastenings located along the edges of the strip upon opposite sides of the head opening and at corresponding distances therefrom.

.2. An article adapted for use both as a bath towel and a bath robe, comprising a relatively long and relatively narrow strip of toweling having straight parallel side edges throughout its length and having near its middle a head opening, and flexible means for detachably securing the portion of each edge of the strip at one side of the head hole to the portion of each edge of the strip at the other side of the head hole.

3. An article adapted for use as a bath towel and a bath robe comprising two pieces of toweling each having straight parallel side edges throughout the length thereof, said and each having one of its ends perpendicular to its side edges and containing a recess in the middle of said end, and means located at said ends of the pieces upon each side of said recesses adapted to detachably conedges being the selvage edges of the toweling nect the said ends together so that the two recesses form an opening which may be passed over the head. i

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.


MAISE MAURUS, "Jones M. Lo'rz.

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International ClassificationA41D7/00
Cooperative ClassificationA41D7/008
European ClassificationA41D7/00D2