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Publication numberUS1432391 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 17, 1922
Filing dateApr 9, 1921
Priority dateApr 9, 1921
Publication numberUS 1432391 A, US 1432391A, US-A-1432391, US1432391 A, US1432391A
InventorsAime Lavallee Joseph, Rush Green John, Williams Franhlin S
Original AssigneeRush Green John
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Shoe rack
US 1432391 A
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APPLICATION FILED APR- 9%1921- LQLSQBQIL Patented mm. 17 1922.

v f) inverflor s.

' John Ruah (Sr-wan end frames and betwee neaeei 3. A rack for boots or shoes comprising end frames, a transverse rear member connecting said end frames, an intermediate transverse member of rectangular cross section having its ends seated end frames provided with the vertica, member is inclined to the horizontal, a plaof shoe supporting members resting upon the upper face of said intermediate wizransverse supporting member and under lying at one end said rear'transverse supporting member, whereby the tree ends of said shoe supporting members will be in clined upwardly from the horizontal, said free ends being separated to provide spaces for the uppers of the shoes.

i. A rack for boots or shoes comprising transverse connecting members, a plurality of pairs of boot porting members, said pairs of supporting members being so constructed as to receive them and hold boots or shoes with t e soie upward and separated from other boots or shoes, longitudinal separators walls inclined to 'members connecting said end frames, a

in mortises in the whereby the upper face of said or shoe sup-i from said shoe supportextending upwardly with alined apes ing members provided tures located below supporting bar covered with soft non-abrasive material extending through said apertures and removably connected at its ends to said end frames whereby said toe supporting bar may be removed and reversed or re placed when covering" becomes worm 5.; A rack for boots or shoes comprising end frames, a plurality oi rear transverse lurality of intermediate transverse membe s connecting said frames and a dirterent horizontal plane from said rear transverse members, a plurality of pairs. of shoe supporting members resting upon said intermediate transverse members and one end extending; beneath the rear nsverse members, recessesintermediate of he free of said supporting mem rs receive the shoe uppers, longitndlaa eaten separators projecting rip-warm said shoe supporting members having al ned apertures iocated above said. intermeda te transverse inen'iber, a cylindrical tee porting member having a soft cover eaten ing t rough said apertures and means tor removaely securing the ends o l toe sup-- porting member to said end the upper edges of said separators and a reversible transverse toe-

U.S. Classification211/34, 211/36
International ClassificationA43D117/00
Cooperative ClassificationA43D117/00
European ClassificationA43D117/00