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Publication numberUS1433340 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 24, 1922
Filing dateJan 6, 1921
Priority dateJan 6, 1921
Publication numberUS 1433340 A, US 1433340A, US-A-1433340, US1433340 A, US1433340A
InventorsHess Clark Samuel
Original AssigneeHess Clark Samuel
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Combined needle and tweezers
US 1433340 A
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1,433,349. Pmmtedl Got-24, 1922.,

illr atenterl-tl nh llddh;

ITO all who m, may (mm;-

e l v a o r r fi t so d li Ha l earner jsnrrnnnrinss era-inn, or HERMAN, cenlronnray \eorinrn'nn rtnnnLs n]; 'i ivirusesrte.

Application e rn-ray e, 1921. seriarno. ease i5.

Be it known that I, SAtrUnnfHnss Genius, akcitxzen of the United States, residinghit Ker-man, illl'tllfi county of Fresno and State oil California, have invented' lcertain new will enable othersskilled in theart towhich ltappertains tofinalreanduse the same. a

Tl'iisinvention has relationto certain new and useful improvements 1 in 1 combined needles and tweezers, and has for itsprilnary object the provision of a combination a device ofthis character which w ll be of snnple and efiicient construction, as well as inexpensive andeasy to manufacture, a The invention has for another ob ect the prov1s1on of a combination device oi the character stated in which the inner end of the needle, will be carried by the 11161111361 employed for pressing together or closing the j awsof the tweezers when the needle is withdrawn to position between the jaws.

The invention hasforalstill further object theprovision of a combinationdevice of thecharacter stated in which the connecting f ends of the jaws serve not only as the head or'body or the device but also as a guide for the needle when the latter is extended and form the loop through which the suspending wring isengaged tor suspendlngthe device from a na l or the llke when not in use.

With the foregoing and other Objects in view as will appear as the description proceeds, the invention consists ingthe novel construction and arrangementot cooperating elements as hereinattermore specifically set forth, claimed, and shownin the acconr panying drawings iornoing apart of; the

present application and in which:

Figure 1. is an elevation with the {needle extended; j

Fig. 2 is a longitudinal"section there through on theflplane of line 2%, of l ig. l:

' Fig 3 isanelevation of the device at right angles to Fig. 1 and showing the needle in "its withdrawn or innermost position; and

Fig. 4 is a transverse sectional view on a t of Fig. 3, looking in the direction indicatedby the arrows. Referring more in detail to the drawings,

the plane of line t in which siinilar reference characters desig nate corresponding parts throughout the separate.

working ends may grip a sliver to extract thesamefroni beneath the skin er when the jaws 1 are eniployed fora similar purpose? forwhichlsuchdevicesare intendedf In orderto draw together the aws ,1 and retain the saniein closed or contacting position, that is, with their working ends contactin l have provided a substantially rectangular aw-enc1rcl1ng and closing ring 4: which is adapted to slide longitudinally upon the aws 1, from the head 3, forwardly to a point past the longitudinal center of the jaws, at which point further forward 1novement of the ring 4 will be prevented bye, stop rivet 5 or the like extended through one of the jaws 1., asclearlyfshown in the drawings. j I

A needle carrying block 6 is secured within the ring l, between the jaws 1, by suitable securing members 7 extended through opposite portions orthe side portions of the r ngs.- as clearly shown 1n the drawlngs.

The head of the needle 8 is secured in the block 6 and the point of the needle projects slightly through the central opening 9 in the body portion 3 of the tweezers at the rear or inner end of the jaws 1, as also clearly shown in the drawings. When the ring 4 is moved toward the'rear end or head or body of the tweezers, the needle 8 is forced outwardly through the opening 9 provided therefor, and at the same time the aws 1 The sliding", movement of the block h between the inner end portions of the jaws 1. will. also serve to force the jaws 1 outwardly or separate the same. A suitable ring 10 is extended through the looped orbody portion 3 of the tweezers so that the device may be suspended on a suitable support, if desired, when not in use.

of what is claimed, without departing from.

the spirit of: the invention.

\Vhat is claimed is 1. A combination device comprising tweezers, the tweezers,including a bodyoand gripping jaws, said, body having, a needle opening, and a ring. slidablv mounted. on

said jaws to draw together the latter. a-

block on said? ring. between said jaws. and a' needle extending from said block, and working through the openingof said body of the tweezers.

.2. A combination. device comprising tweezers including a head and gripping-jaws extended therefrom, a ring slidahly mounted on said. jaws to draw together the latter when moved inone direction thereon,.. a block on said ring'between said j aws, and a vneedle extending from said blockand adapted to be adjusted through the body of; the tweezers by movement of said ring on said jaws.

3. A combination device comprising tweezers including' a head having a central opening therein, jaws extended from said head and having their working ends turned toward one another and reduced, said working, ends ofthe jaws being beveled on one face, a ring siidably mounted on said jaws. means for limiting movement 0'! said ring in one direction, the head 01] the tweezers liniiting movement of thering in the opposite direction. a block on said ring between said jaws. a needle extending: from said block and projecting through sa d. head of the tweezers. said needle being' adapted to in moved ineither direction through said head of the tweezersupon.movement ol' the ring on said jaws, and a suspending member so cured through the head of the tweezcns.

In testimony whereof I afiix my signature in presence of twowitnesses.


\Vitnesses C. A.i PYLE, I. CLARK.

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