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Publication numberUS1433439 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 24, 1922
Filing dateNov 12, 1918
Priority dateNov 12, 1918
Publication numberUS 1433439 A, US 1433439A, US-A-1433439, US1433439 A, US1433439A
InventorsWeis Andrew L
Original AssigneeWeis Fibre Container Corp
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Paper box or similar container
US 1433439 A
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` t Application`1cdiNovcmber12, 1918. Seriallo. 262,146.

To all a0/om t may concern.' Y t itlniown that l, ANDREW] l1. Weis, a`

citizen of the United States of America, `and a resident of Monroe, Michigan, have invent` f ed a certain new and"u`seful Improvement in Paper oXes or Similar Containers, of which the following isa specification.t` y

This invention relates to paper boxes of that kind in which the entire box, preferlO ably, is madefroin a single blank having foldably connected sections to form the side walls, and flaps to form the top and bots tom.

t Generally stated, the object of the invenl5 tion is to providea box which can be shipped tlat, andwhich can be' readily reduced to a condition suitable for use by the folding` and securing in place of the flaps which form` the bottom, `so that thebox can be filled withtobacco or some other commodity,

and which can then be readily closed by se curing the upper Haps in place,` the ,lower flaps being practicallyloclred against opening, after the bottom is once closed, but the t W other flaps being capable of unfolding to remove the contents thereof.`

` `It" is'also an object to provide certain detailsand features of construction tending to openthe top ofthe boX when it is desired to increase the general etliciency and the desiraility of a boX of this particular construction. M

To these and other `useful" ends the invention consists in matters hereinafter set forth' andclaimed, and shown in th accompany# ing drawings, in'which- Fig. `1 is a perspective of `a bor` embodying the principles of the invention, showing `the top thereofopen.

` `Fig. `2 is a vertical section on line 22 in llig. 3.`

. Fig. 3A is 'a vertical section on line in Fig. 21V t u v Fig. 4t is a horizontal section on line t 115 in Fig. 2.

t Fig. 5 is a plan of theblanlcfrom which saidbox is niade. I l g lTig.` 6 isa perspective ofthe lower porV tionof a sirnilarboX, showing the' bottoni iiaps only partially closed or folded, and

` illustrating this forni` of the invention.

Figui( is a similar' view showing another t forni of the invention. t

lFig. 8 is a horizontal section on line 8-8 9 is a horizontal section on line 9-1-9 in Fig. 7.

As thus illustrated, and `referring to Fig.

5, it will be seen that the blank from which the box is made comprises the rectangular G0 sections 1, 2, 3, 4l, 5, and 6, which are iiexibly connected together by the creasesor score lines 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11, the sections l, 2 and et being broad to form the front and back of the box, while the sections 3 and 5 are nar- 65 row to forinthe narrow sides of the box. The section lhas a half-nioon-shaped opening 12 therein, near its lower edge, and said lower edge has a flap 13 secured thereto along the flexible crease or score line 14, while the section 2 has a curved slot 15 therein near its upper edge.V The section 8 is provided with upper and lower flaps `16 and 17,. and the section 5 has upper and lower Haps 18 and 19, while the section 4l 75` has upper and lower flaps 20 and 21; and the liaps16 18 and 20 are connected to their respective sections along "the crease or score line 22, while the flaps 17, 19 `and 21 are cont nected to'these sections along the score line 80 23, so that the flaps may be folded ashere-` inafter described. For the purpose of clos-- ing thetop ofthe box, as hereinafter explained, theflap 20 has a crease or scoreline t 24;, and forthe same purpose the flap 21 has 85 a creaseor score line 25, and in addition the flap 21 is cnt through` at 26, and in` this way the half-rno`on-shaped portion E27V can be pressed slightly inward, so` that it twill cooperate withthe opening 12, in the manner hereinafter `set forth. f

` With a `blank of the foregoing character, the `box is inade in the factory to the extent that the blanks are formed and partially set v up or put together, the sections 1 and 2 95 being folded flatwise together, and the free edge of the section 1 being glued or otherwise secured along the inner surface of the section 2 adjacent the fold line 8, so that the sections provide a double wall; the section 6 is then glued or otherwise secured to the section 1j alongthe fold `line 7, whereby a box which is flat and rectangular in cross-section is provided. The hollow structure thus formed, however, can be flattened 'down when in this condition, which will reduce the expense of transportation. 'lhe user will then open it up, fold the flaps 17 and 19 upward, fold the flap 13 npward against the Haps 17 and '19, 110

and then fold the flap 21 upward and in sert its edge between the outer wall 2 and the inner wall 1, this liep being' folded along` the line 25 where it engages the lower edge of the wall 1, whereby the bottom is closed. rllhe portion 27 having been displaced inwardly, its straight edge will dro-p into the space formed by the opening 12 and will engage the straight edge of the latter, thus formino4 a locking` device to hold the bottom flaps in closed position. As the walls l and 2 are held flatwfise to gether, the interlocking' iiap 21 cannot be withdrawn except by forcibly pulling it out, which would Vtear the paper, or by squeezing the box in a manner to spring the walls 1 and 2 apart suiiiciently to disengage the portion 27 `from the opening 12, so that the bottom or lower end of the box is practically closed permanently after the flaps are properly folded'. This, however, leaves the top of the box open. and the tobacco or other commodity can then be placed therein. J-Alfter that, the flaps 16` and 18 can be folded downward, and the flap 2O can be folded downward, so that it willbend along its crease or score line. 24 where fit engages the upper edges of the walls 1 and 2, and the tongue-shaped portion of the iiap 20 can then be inserted downwardly through theslot 15 and between the walls 1 and 2y to close the top of the box. However, the tongue portion of the flap 2O can `be withdrawn from the slot 15 when it is desired to open. the box for the purpose of removing the contents thereof. y

In Fig. 6 theconstruction is similar to that previously shown, except that the lower closing flap 28 of the box is providedr with two tongue-shaped portions 29 pressed from the body portion thereof, which are adapted to engage the rectangular openings 30 formed in the inner wall 31, which latter corresponds to the inner wall 1 of the constructionl previously de scribed. In this way, .the tongues or small flaps 29 cooperate with the openings 30 to practically permanently close the bottom of the box. In Fig. 7 the construction is similar-to that previously described, but in this case4 the opening 12 previously described is engaged lbyr a corrugated tonguer or inwardly displaced portion 32 which` is pressed from thebo'dy-portionof the flap ,3.3, which latter corresponds to the ilap 21 previously described. Y y

Other modificationsY will beobvious, ,but inanyzeventthe box, asone feature of. the llv'ent'll, iS adapted to be shipped Het, afterthe blank is partially folded, and is provided with bottomilaps which can be folded Yto interlock to close the bottom, and with top flaps which. can also be folded to close top after the tobacco .or-other .cornmodity is placed in the box. Thus a. saving in transportation is accomplished, as the boxes can be packed tightly together without any waste space.

Thus it will be seen that the flap 28 or the flap 33 or the flap 21, in each form of the invention, has an interlocking connection with the inner thickness of a twoply or doublev thickness wall, so that the catch, or interlocking connection thus formed is inaccessible from the outside of thc box` whereby this interlockingr connection cannot be disturbed after the box is filled, the bottom of the box being practically closed permanently in this way.

What l claim as my invention is 2- 1. In a box, an outer wall, an inner wall, the inner wall havingr an opening which is covered externally of the box by thc outer wall, a closing iiap for insertion between the two walls, and means on the flap lo cngage said covered opening to form :n catch which is inaccessible from the outside of thc box thereby to hold the flap closed, together with other elements to form the balance of the box.

2. A structure as specilied in claim l, .said means comprising a portion havingf a straight edge pressed inward from the Hap, and the two walls being,- tlatwise togctlwr` so that the outer wall holds said edge in engancment with a straight edge of the opening.

3. A structure as specied in claim 1, aud a plurality of fiaps held together by said closing flap, forming the bottom of the box, said walls forming one side of the box, and other walls forming three other sides of the box, together with a slot in said outer wall` and means includingr a. flap for insertion through said slot and between the inner and outer walls to close the top of the box.

Ll'. A structure as specified in claim l, said. box beine; formed from a single blank, and said walls being adjacent rectangular scc tions of said blank, with a straight fold line between the two sections, and said blank having means secured to the inner wall along the edge thereof adjacent said fold line, the other edge of the inner wall being secured to the outer wall, and Said Hap being flexibly connected to another section of said blank.

5. A box composed of a blank partially folded to form the sides thereof, but havingy top and bottom iiaps which are left unfolded at opposite ends of the box to permit the shipment thereof in a flattened-out condition, the bottom flaps being adapted to fold into position to permanently close the bot tomfpreparatory to filling the box, with inaccessible structural provisions concealed within the front wall of the box to hold the bottom flaps in place, so that the bottom cannot be opened, and the top flaps being adapted to fold into position to close the box im that it can be }j ene 'l alter the tillingvr thereof. t.' A Sti'uotlu'e as specified 1n olarn 5, aard` structural means oli'tltle bottom Hape ineluding a Hap with an interlocking portion,`said boxA lmving a sidewall provided with means` ilfor engaging said interlockingportion, so

practically permanently G) to form the `elosetlie top of the box7 having,l a slot in one @section k(2) for engaging one ot' `said flap@ and bottoni flaps to close the bottom oit the' box, one ol" thebottorn laps (21` 01:28 or 33) having interloeking` means, and one side Section (lor having' an opening with `a straight `-'edge to engage said interlocking` means, with an `outer thickness of sheet material covering said opening andmeans engaging'therein, so that the "interlock"thus` formed is inaccessible from the outside of the boxeubstantiallyas" described. p t i 8.` lna box` made from aenlgle loldable "blank jot sheet material, the `combination ot )an outer eide Wall forming one `section :of

" \Saidblanlr7 an inner Wall disposed Hatwise 4against Said outer sidewall and also torm-` nigpart of said. blank, one edge portion ot said inner Wallbemg seeurelto "the outer walhineane for insertion betweentbeitwo walls "li 1' mterloolmig oonl'ieetlon to thelnner `Wall forolosingone end ol. the box,l so thatthis end after being` thus `closed Cannot be 4opened after the box is Filled, and other ele-` niente orn'ling the balance of said `blank to complete the box7 whereby the box can be opened and closed.

9.` A structure as speclfied 1n `elaine 8,`sa1d inner Wall and the means Yfor insertion bef tween the two Walls having interlocking i t provisions to keep `said endof the box perf" `ruanently closed.

lO. A structure as specified in claim' 8, said `outer Wall having a slot therein, and one oit said Velements of the blank consisting of aj closure flap having a tongue portion for insertion through said Slot and into the Space i i 5o between said outer Walland Said inner Wall and thus forming the rneans vwhereby the box can be opened and closed.v

'11. In a box', an outer Wall, and an innerf Wall formed with interlocking vmeansV dis-y posed latwise against" the inner surface `of Ithe lmiter Wall7 with the edges` of the inner" `Wall secured in place so that another element ot the box can beinserted edgewise between the two Walls for interlocking `connection to the inner Wall to permanently close one end ot' the bon. i 4


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