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Publication numberUS1433886 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 31, 1922
Filing dateDec 17, 1920
Priority dateDec 17, 1920
Publication numberUS 1433886 A, US 1433886A, US-A-1433886, US1433886 A, US1433886A
InventorsGordon Joseph T
Original AssigneeGordon Joseph T
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US 1433886 A
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l. T. GORDON. Toy. APPL|CAT|0N FI'LED DEC. 17, 1920.

Patented Oct. 31, 1922.

INVENT Joseph 'TGO O72. BY #Kd/0l ATTORNEY tiene eric.


` mor.

Application filed December l?, 1920.

To c/Z whom it may concern.'

Be it lrnown that JOSEPH T.' GORDON, e citizen of the United States, residing et New York city, in the county of New Yorlr und tete of New York, have invented certuin nenT end useful Improvements in Toys, of 'which the following is e specilicetion, reference being had therein to the accompanying drawing.

My invention relates to improvements in toys, and particular reference to un automatically operated to5v boat with figures eerrvino; oersto propel the bezit along.

ln the accom van fino' dinvvin@r l have ily lustreted in side elevation, partly in longitudinal section, u suitable torni oi toy boat with the figures in position showing un en1- bodiincnt oi mv invention.

l. indicates the canoe, und 2--3 the tig ures therein. l yindicates e suitable form of spring, motor for rotating the spindle 5 upon which is eecentricully mounted the drum 6 having u. shank 7 passing through the levers rl-9. l0 indicetes another lever restig upon the top of' the shank 7 sind provid ed with a tinnsverse slot through which the pin ll projects.

From the 'foregoing' it will be observed thet :is the motor rotates the vertical shaft i3, the eccentricellv mounted' drum 6 will mise the levers 8 to reciprocate longitudinally, firstto the lett, then to the right,

etc.` While ut the seine time the upper lever l0 will also huve u slighter longitudinal re f il/irocation due to the rotation oi" the pin ll in the slot of the lever l0, the movement ot the lever 1.0 being siightl;7 out ot step from. the movement of the levers 8F49.

The lever lO it the lefteirtreinity is cennected to the lever 1.2 pivoted et 13 end having u bifurcu'ted end engaging e pin in i@ link 14.v upon the pin 16 upon which the erm l? is mounted.. The seme general errangement is carried out with reference to ligure B. The lever 8 is slso-pivotelly conm Serial No. 431,315.

nected to a lever 18 also provided with a. bifurcated end engaging n pin in e. link sim iler to lll onr the other side for operating the erin i9, and e similar set of connections is provided for the other ligure 3. In the hands oli' the figures, suitable paddles such as 20 may be provided as shown, from which it will be observedl that es the motor turns the arms will lift and reciprocate the paddles in e veryY naturel manner causing the bont to` progress as if peddled by hund. l

Ott course it Will beunderstood that various modiiicetions muy be mede in the construction end arrangement of parts Without departing from the spirit of the invention es claimed.

l claim:

l. ln e device of the class described, a diretl figures in a bont-like structure, e mo- "or Within said boet-lilre structure between eid hgure's, en eccentrically mounted drum riven by seid motor and e lever to'one arm off euch figure from seid drum, another lever pivotally mounted ,upon seid eccentric drum und pivotelly connected to the other erin of: euch ot seid figures, the hands ot seid iigures being provided with paddles 'for the propulsion ot seidy bout.

2. ln u. device ot the class described, a. pair of lfigures in` e bout-like structure, e motor Within seid bout-like structure between seid Iigures, an eccentricelly mounted drum driven by seid motor and n. lever to one .firm of each ligure from seid drum, ann other lever pivotully mounted upon seid eccentric drum und pivdrellyv connected to the other erin ci each oi said gures, the hands of seid figures being` provided with paddles for the propulsion of seid boat, the connections betwveen seid arms of seid igures and suid levers being pivoted levers extending upwardly through the bodiesl of seid figures.

ln testimony whereof l hereunto affix my signature.



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U.S. Classification446/157
International ClassificationA63H23/04, A63H23/00
Cooperative ClassificationA63H23/04
European ClassificationA63H23/04