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Publication numberUS1434532 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 7, 1922
Filing dateFeb 25, 1922
Priority dateFeb 25, 1922
Publication numberUS 1434532 A, US 1434532A, US-A-1434532, US1434532 A, US1434532A
InventorsDavala John D, Staley Ward W
Original AssigneeStaley
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Clothespin holder
US 1434532 A
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Patented Nov. 7, 1922..


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Application filed February 25, 19% Serial No. 539,327.

To all whom may concern it knot n that we, JOHN D. DAVALA and W no -W. Srutnr, citizens or" the United States, residing at Frankforh in the county or. .Herkimer and State of New York have invented new and useful Improvements in Clothespin Holders, of which the following is a specification.

Our present invention has reference to a .lneans whereby clothes pins may be siidably suspended from a clothes line but effectively sustained thereon against accidental displacement.

An object is to provide a means whereby any desired number of clothes pins canbe slidably supported on a clothes line so that the removal of the pins from the line in detaching the clothes therefrom 'Will be obviated and also whereby the pins will be conveniently sustained for use by the laundress in hanging the clothes.

.1 1 further object is to produce a device of this character which shall be of an 'xtreinely simple construction, cheaply manufactured, QZLSllj applied, of a nature not susceptible to deterioration from weather conditions and which will be found both convenient and desirable for the purpose intended.

A still further object is to produce a clothes pin holder that includes a clamp of an especial. design which. is readily arranged over the head to the neck of a clothes pin, spring means connecting;- the clamp of an eye which is also of a peculiar and particular construction inasmuch as the same comprises a split member whose ends are disposed in lapping relation and which ends, when pressed away from each other permit or the eye being arranged on the clothes line or removed theretorm as desired.

The drawing which accompanies and which forms part of this specification.

illustrates a satisfactory embodiment of the improvement reduced to przmtice. and wherein Figure l. is a view of aclothes line showing clothes pins suspended therefrom in accordance with this invention.

Figure 2 is a greatly enlarged perspective view of one or the clothes pin hangers showing the same attached to a clothes pin.

Figure 8 is a View of the catch that constitutes one of the elements of the improvement.

Figure 4 is a view of the eye which constitutes another element of the improvement. Preferably all of the elements constituting our improvement are formed oi metal, but are so treated as to render the same nonsusceptible to rust or deterioration from onoosure to weather conditions.

In the drawings, the numeral 1 designates a clothes line sustained at a desired elevation in the usual manner.

The clothes pins 2 are of the usual construction, being provided at their closed end with an enlargement forming the same with head and with a reduced portion forming a neck at the juncture of the body of the pin with the head. In carrying out our invention, we employ a clamp which is constructed trom a strip of suitable spring metal shaped to provide the same with a split collar portion 3, the ends of which being outturned, as at l, and the arms of the collar are designed to be arranged around the neck of the clothes pin. The collar is centrally formed with an extension 5 bent to provide the same With clamping finger 6 disposed centrally and longitudina y of the collar, the said finger designed to overlie the head of the clothes pin and having its end bent toward the collar to form the same with lip 7 that is in contacting; engagement with one of the sides of the clothes pin head. Connected centrally to the colla" 8 there is coiled spring 8, and the outer end of the said. coiled spring is socured to the eye member 9 01 our improve ment.

The eye is also formed of a single flat strip s prin metal bent upon itself to provide the same with a flat portion 11, the ends ot the same being rounded in opposite directions to to the ring-like body of the eye. The sorter element of the split ring-like body 1'; for distinction, indicated by the numeral l2, and the longer by the numeral 13. The ends of the portions 12 and 13 are disposed in lapping relation, the end of the portion 53 being outtan'ned, as at 14 to provide a lip which serves as a guide tor the clothes line 1 when the shorter element 11 of the body of the eye is brought into contact with the said line, the said lip thereafter guiding the line between the split portions or the eye so that the eye may be arranged thereon for suspending the pin therefrom.

Of course any desired number of pins are suspended from the line in a manner as above described. Because of its elasticity, the connecting element 8 between the eye and the clamp permits of the bifurcated end of the pin being readily brought to engage with clothes that are disposed on the line and likewise readily permits of the removal of the pins from clothes engagement. The pins when not in use may be moved longitudinally on the line in close relation to each other and may be conveniently drawn along the line by the laundress when the clothes are to he clamped on the line.

It is thought that the foregoing description, when taken in connection with the drawings will fully set forth the construction operation and advantages of the improvement to those skilled in the art to which such inventions relate and therefore further detailed description will not be attempted.

' Having described the invention, We claim 1. The combination, in a means for supporting clothes pins from a clothes line, of

a clamp arranged to engage the neck and head of a clothes pin, a resilient element connected to the clamp, and a split spring eye designed to be arranged on the clothes line connected to the said element.

2. The cornbination in a means for supporting clothes nins from a clothes line, of a spring clamp formed to provide a split collar arranged around the neck of a clothes pin having an extension terminating in a finger which overlies the head of the clothes pin and the said linger having its outer end formed with a lip which is in contacting engagement with one of the sides of the clothes pin, a resilient element connected to the clamp, and a split spring eye secured to the element and arranged. on the clothes line.

3. The combination in a means for suspending clothes pins a clothes line, of a spring clamp to engage with the head and neck of a clothes pin, a coiled spring secured to the clamp, a split spring eye secured to the spring, said eye having its ends at the.

split portions thereof disposed in lapping relation and the end of the outer portion bent to provide a lip to facilitate the arrangement of the eye on the clothes line.

In testimony whereof we afiix our signatures JOHN D. DAVALA. WARD STALEY.

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