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Publication numberUS1434831 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 7, 1922
Filing dateNov 15, 1919
Priority dateNov 15, 1919
Publication numberUS 1434831 A, US 1434831A, US-A-1434831, US1434831 A, US1434831A
InventorsFrederick Long
Original AssigneeWhitaker Glessner Company
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Can or pail
US 1434831 A
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1,434,831,- Patented Nov. 751922.




Patented Nov. 7, 1922.,


Ifllla 6MM/Immo Patented Nov. 7, i922.



Application iled November 15, 1919. Serial No. 338,261.

To alf, t may concern le it known that l, FREDERICK LONG, a citizen of the United States of America, and resident of Bellaire, county of Belmont, and State of Ohio, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Cans, or Fails, of which the following is a speciication;

This invention relates to certain improvements in pails of the character commonly employed as containers for paint and other like materials, and the primary object of the invention is to provide a drawn sheet-metal pail which is shaped to provide a cover. support and which has a cover that is interengaged with said support to form an airtight closure for the pail or can.

The invention further aims to provide a pail which has a plain interior throughout so that the paint wiped from the brush over the pail top will freely flow down into the pail without Vencountering and being arrested by ledges, or other projections upon which the paint can collect and harden.

Still further, the invention aims to provide a pail which is of simple and economical construction and wherein the lid may be easily replaced after initial removal and as easily removed. I The invention also aims to provide a closure which has a large and effective seating area, so as to notl only assure firm andpositive seating of the cover but to also and accordingly increase the resultant seating effectiveness. The invention further resides in the novel construction and. relationship of parts which is hereinafter described.

In the drawingsl Figure 1 is a side elevation of the invention;

,Figure 2 is an enlarged fragmentary view, partly in side elevation and partly in section;

Figure 3 is a view similar to Fig. 2, showing a modified form of the invention; and- Figure' 4 is a view similar to Fig. 2, illustrating a further modified form of` the invention.

ln proceeding in accordance with 'the present invention, the pail 1 is drawn from sheet metal and has the upper end thereof so shaped that it is completely devoid ofV interior projections or ledges upon whichy paint or other material could collect or find lodgement. rlhe upper edge of the pail is rolled or curled outwardly to form a conveX bead 2, and then downwardly to form a trough-like channel or groove 3, and is then extended upwardly to form a vertical annular wall 4 which extends for a distance above the bead 2. Said wall 4 terminates in a bead or roll 5 formed by curling or lrolling the wall outwardly, downwardly and then inwardly and upwardly.

The vcover has a central circular flat body 6 which seats on the bead 2, an annular depressed bead 7 engaging in the channel or groove 3, and a vertical annular wall 8 conforming to the wall 4. Said wall 8 is curved outwardly and downwardly at its upper end, as at l2, and conformably engages the roll 5. rIwo joints capable of receiving cement are thus formed, namely, between channel 3 and bead 7 and between the roll 5 and the curved part 12. Depending tongues or lugs 9 extend downward over the exterior of said roll 5, the same being adapted for turning into underlying grip` ping relation to said bead.

In the modified form of the invention depicted in Fig. 3, the structure is similar in all respects to that .illustrated in Fig. 2, except that the downwardly pressed bead 7 of cover 6 is'omitted and the flat body of the cover is extended out tol and forms a substantially right angle with the upright wall 8. A gasket l0 of suitable compressible material, preferably a tubular strip or ring of rubber, is introduced in the grooveor channel 3 and'is held under compression therein by the overlying portion of the fiat body of the cover.

The further modified form shown in Fig. 4 employs the structure of Fig. 1 with the exception that the body of the cover is depressed below the bead 2" of the pail to form a downwardly facing groove or channel 11 in which is snugly received said bead 2, there being thus provided three cement-receiving joints, namely, between channel 11 and bead 2, between channel 3 and bead 7, and between roll 5', and curved part 12 of the cover.

The several joints formed between the substantially vertical walls of the pail and cover in each of the three forms described are of the friction type. The convex bead 2, 2 and 2'. of the pail in each instance forms a. brush wiping edge.` The entrg cover support extends exteriorlyof the pail interior so that the latter is unobstructed throughout, permitting the pail to be drawn from sheet metal, including the cover seat or support.

What is claimed is:

l. In a drawn sheet metal receptacle, a'

body having an integral outwardly projecting cover seat shaped to form a bead and a rim relatively spaced and separated by an upwardly-facing'channel, said rim being disposed at a higher level than said bead, a vertical wall constituting a friction seat. being provided between the channel and the rim, and a cover seated on said bead and extending over the channel and frictionally and resiliently engaged througho'ut with the vertical wall and with the rim.

2. A sheet metal pail having an integral outwardly extending resilient cover seat, said seat having an upwardly-facing trough-like channel formed therein with a vertical outer wall of greater height than the inner wall thereof, said seat also having a rim located exterior to said outer wall, and a flexible cover on the seat having a portion fitting in said channel and a vertical wall frictionally engaged with the vertical wall' of the seat and also having a part conformably engaged with the rim of the Seat.

3. A pail having an integral external annular cover seat shaped to provide a convex upright bead, a rolled rim located outward with respect to said bead, and a channel intermediate said bead and said rim, said rim being elevated above the level of said bead to form a vertical wall of considerable height, and a cover resiliently nested with said seat and forming at least two friction joints Ywith the latter.

4. A pail having the upper edge of its body turned outward and downward to form an upwardly facing convex bead, thence curved outward and upward to form an upwardly facing trough, and thence curled outward and downward to form a roll-like rim, the latter being located above the level of said bead, the upward outer wall of the trough being vertical and of relatively greater length than the inner wall of said trough, and a flexible cover shaped to form an annular Wall for frictionally seatingy within the top of said body and a sinuous flange for conformably engaging said bead, said channel and said rim forming friction seats with the opposite walls of said channel.

In testimony whereof, I affix my signature in presence o f two subscribing Witnesses.


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