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Publication numberUS1434930 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 7, 1922
Filing dateOct 14, 1920
Priority dateOct 14, 1920
Publication numberUS 1434930 A, US 1434930A, US-A-1434930, US1434930 A, US1434930A
InventorsAustin Taylor John
Original AssigneeAustin Taylor John
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Toy figure group
US 1434930 A
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APPLICATION FILED ocr. 1'4. 1920.

Patented Nov. 7, 192.2.

Petented liloif. 7, i921?,


Application filed october 111, 1920. 'Serial No. 416,813.

l 10 @ZZ whom t may concern Be it known that lf, JOHN ius'rin TAYLOR, a citizen of iliustralia.7 residing at San lFrancisco, in the county oit' San Francisco and State oi: California7 have invented new and useful Improvements in rfoy Figure Groups, of which the following is a speciiication.

This invention relates to toys, and more particularly to means by which. `toy iigures' may be connected in groups.

The object oi the invention is to provide a connection ier the iig'ures which in appearance would be siroilarto the natural Way the :figures employed would hold to one another if in their animated state.

ln carrying out the invention the figures are preferably made oi" cardboard, and in case they represent human beings the hands are yformed for connectingtheni so that they appear to be holding to one another in a natural manner. v The connection is a 'pivotal one and the AFigures may be easily connected or disconnected. rEhe invention is illustinted by Way of example in the accompany ing drawings, in Which- Fig, l is a connected group oi :ligures illustrating the use ci iny inventionf Fig. 2 is an enlarged detailed view of the connection. y

Referring to the drawings more particularly A indicates a cardboard ligure which in this instance represents Santa Claus. The arnis oit each ligure are indicated at l0 and cach hand is enclosed by a glove l1. v tglove7 oi course, gives the appearance of the .fingers of the hand being grouped as at 12 and the thunib of the hand separated ther from, as indicated at 18. r.lhe linger group is formed in the shape of a. hook While the` crotch between the iinger ,Qroup and thumb is continued in a reversely curved slit as at 14;, and the slit terminating 1n a substantial cres- The cent-shaped incision made in the finger group, as at lo, forming a flap, as indicated at 17.

vWhen connecting` a pairoiigures the hands which torin the connection are placed one upon the other and then the. flap 17 and hooi( or linger group oi" one-hand are slipped beneath the flap and hoolr or finger group of the other hand. rihe connection then made is shown in both figures of the drawings. rlhe pivotal point of the connection occurs at the inner ends of the crescent shaped slits l5. Any number of iigures may be connected or grouped in this manner and suspended by attaching a string to the uncon nected hand oi each end ligure. rlhe pivotal connection permits a rocking movement of the ngures which, When suspended would five a jumping; appearance and thus add t0 amusement oi the i'igrures.v

"il/Thilo l have speciiically described and shown particular kind of figure is to be understood 'hat this is only by Way of illustrat'on and any igures could be used or grouped` hicli Ywouhl be adapted ior the connection sh ivn.

Having time described iny invention, what l claim and desire to seciire by Letters Patent is:

l. A toy iigure group comprising a plurality of cardboard figures with laterally ei:- tendingarins, each arm being formed at its outer end with reversely curved slit and an extended portion whereby' adjacent arms be interlooled. f

2. A. toy ligure group comprising a plufl figures with laterally exrality of cardboaw` tending arins, each arm being formed with a. reversely curved slit and the portion beyond theslit being extended to forni a hook whereby adjacent arms may be interlocked.


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U.S. Classification446/101, 428/7
International ClassificationA63H3/00, A63H3/08
Cooperative ClassificationA63H3/08
European ClassificationA63H3/08