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Publication numberUS1434944 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 7, 1922
Filing dateOct 16, 1920
Priority dateOct 16, 1920
Publication numberUS 1434944 A, US 1434944A, US-A-1434944, US1434944 A, US1434944A
InventorsGrace Cooper
Original AssigneeGrace Cooper
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US 1434944 A
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BHAsiERE. .APPLICATION min oc. 15.'.192'0.'

Panfted Nov. 7, 1922..

Patented Non'. 7, 1922.

` .een



Application led (lotober 16, 1920. Serial No; 417,360.

To Q77 iff/mm t 'may concern.'

Be it known that l, Gir-ier, Coornn, a citizen ot the United States. residing in the borough o'l Manhattan, in the City and county oi .New York and State oi. New York, have inrented certain new and use'tul lmprovements in Brassieresv` of which the fol# lowing is a siiecitioation.

M v invention relates to brassires adapted 'for use independently or as corset covers.

The essential objects ot my invention are to attain the ends commonly sought in such garments by a single unseanied piece ot' cloth without (closures in either the Jfront or back whereby the bust is firmly7 held without impairingl ability to breathe eomt'ortably7 the lines and shape of the bust effectively indiiated, the straps affected. to cling to the shoulders and maintain the luist down vand back, and the expense ot' manufacture reduced to a minimum. Other objects and advantages eonitort, neatness of appearancc.y the elimination of auxiliary coverings, and tbe absence. oi folds.

To the above enumerated ends essentially my inrentimi consists in such parts and in. such combinations of parts as tall within the scope ot the appended Claim.v

ln the aceompanying drawings which form part ot this specification-- Figure 1 is a front perspective View of my novel garment applied to the wearer.

Figure 2, a pattern oi same, and

Figure 3, a fragmentary side. View of the garment showing a modified form of fastening. i

Lili-e reference characters indicate like parte throughout the views;

ln the form ot my inventionV herein illusv trated the garment eompz'tises in pattern form a single pieee of suitable eloth fabric. comprising a substantially freetangular bust member 5 infecter-ably slightly tapering towards its end. a bark member 7, tapering towards its end greater degree than the bust member9 and'parallel connecting webs or straps fl integral with the luist and back members at in termediate portions ot' the adjacent ends of said members whe-re the latter' are ot" maximum breadth. 'lhc described parts have a peripheral binding 1l as well as a binding l2 around the neck opening 13.

ln this instance thc lateral edges or inarmembers 5 and 7 embrace the trout and back i' respectivelyv as well as the sides. At points below the arms theY edges 15 and 1S are brought adjacent each other at one side ot the body, and the two other edges 15 and 1S y are adjacent each other at the other side ot the body.

'The members of each pair of adjacent edges are drawn together and retained in the present instance by a string lace' 21 threaded Crosswise through the openings 16 and 19 and knotted at the waistline 22 as at 23.

For the described fastening may be substituted that shown inFigure 3 consisting of a series of hooks 25 on one margin 18 en-Y gageable with a series ot' eyes 26 on the other margin 15. i Y

The described means of fastening are not exclusive, and it will be understood that when hooks are' employed a plurality ot' parn allel rows of eyes may be used to accommodate bodies ot different circumferential dimensions.

By making the body portion of the brassire with tapered ends, and with one end tapered to a greater degree than the other 1 am enabled to obtain a better fitting garment, which will readily accommodate itseltto the bust .of the wearer and obtain a better shape.

l elaimz- A brasslre eomprismg front, rear and shoulder portions forming an elongated neck opening therebetween, the front-andA rear portions extended laterallybeyond the shoulder portions into substantial 'juxtaposition to form an arm opening and the side edges ot each ot said-frontend rear portions converging in a direction away frein-the neck opening, and means lfor securing said eonvergringedges, said securing means including parts extending beyond both ot said edges.y whereby the said juxtaposed edges are held in substantially a4 common plane.

ln testimony whereof I have attixed my signature. v w

GRACE `Goeman.`

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U.S. Classification450/92
International ClassificationA41C3/00
Cooperative ClassificationA41C3/00
European ClassificationA41C3/00