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Publication numberUS1435024 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 7, 1922
Filing dateApr 3, 1922
Priority dateApr 3, 1922
Publication numberUS 1435024 A, US 1435024A, US-A-1435024, US1435024 A, US1435024A
InventorsShapiro Benjamin H
Original AssigneeShapiro Benjamin H
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Reflector for christmas-tree lamps
US 1435024 A
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Patented. Nov. Z. 1922i Patented Nov. 7, il22f imam@ narrar carica.



applicati@ med. april e,

To all whom-zt may concer/a:

Be it known that l, BENJAMIN H. SHA- Y rino, a citizen of lthe United States, resident of the city of New York, borough of. Queens, county of Queens, and State of New York, have `invented certain new and useful lmprovements in Reflectors for Christmas-Tree Lamps, of which the following is a specification. The object of this'v invention is to provide va light reflector of novel construction for `hristmas tree lamps whichwllnot only -produce a glittering land pleasing eect when Xviewed from a position forwardly thereof, but which also will permit the light rays of a lampv associated therewith to pass through openings therein and be reflected by parts of the 'reflector through said openings to and against tree ornaments located rearwardly and laterally of the reflector.

With the above and d related objects in view, the' invention consists inthe novel construction, 'combination and arrangement of parts hereinafter described and claimed.

ln the accompanying drawings illustrating the invention',

Figure l -is a side view of my improved reflector;

Figure 2 is a front view thereof. Figure 3 is a sectionai view of the reflector applied to a lamp. d Figure 4 is asectional view of a portion of the reector greatly enlarged. l

Referring to the drawings,I 2 designates .35 1the reflector, 3 an electricplamp associated therewith, 4 the socket member into which the stem 5 of the lamp' 3 is screwed, and 6 the electric wires leading from the socket memberi. d

The body 7 of the reflector 2 is made of paste board or other suitable sheet materiali formed from'a suitable blank intothe flaring or cone-like shape,as illustrated inthe draw- `ings.

' 45 f rlhe inner surface of -thebody 7 is covered l with a coating of Hitter or tinselu 8 comprising numerous bits-or small pieces of glass of any desired color united to the body 7 by an interposed layer of. glue or other suitable adhesive material 9.

The reflectorQf has a central apertureJ 10' therein for the reception of the stem 5 of the electric lamp 3, and-it is provided with Q a number of openings Ill-outwardly of .the

1922. Serial No. 548,890.

aperture l() for rays of light to pass therethrough. Any suitable number of the openings ll may be provided and they'maybe shaped and arranged relatively to each other to produce an attractive and pleasing design in the nished article.

ln applying the reflector 2 to the`lamp'3, d

faces set at di'erent angles relatively to each other and to the body 7 and,` when the reflector 24 is appliedto a lamp upon a Christmas tree,- the light rays from the lamp will be reflected by the said surfaces forwardly of the reflector and also'through the openings 11 therein to and against tree ornaments located rearwardly and laterally of the reflector, causing the reflector itself to .present a glittering and pleasing effect and causing the adjacentY ornaments receiving light rays through the reector openings l1 f to present a bright and pleasing effect.

l have found the-use of small silvered or silver colored pieces of glass as the flitter give very satisfactory and 4pleasing results. ltV will .be understood, however, that the character and color of the flitter may be va- .ried greatly without departing from my invention.

vl. ylight reector for Christmas treevr lamps comprising axaringbodyhaving a central aperture therein for the reception of the stem of an electric lamp, and having openings'therein outwardly of said aperture,

the inner surface of'said body having a coating of flitter thereon presenting numerous light reflecting surfaces set at different angles relatively to each other kand to said body to redect light forwardly, of the body and laterally thereof through said openings.

2. A light reflector' forj Christmas tree lamps comprising a flaring body having a central aperture therein for the receptionof the stem of an electric lamp, and having faces set at said angles to re-lect light foropenings therein outwardly of said aperture, wardly of the body and laterally thereofthe inner surface of the body having thereon through said openings. 19 a coating of flitter comprising numerous In testimony whereof I aiiix my signature pieces of glass set at different angles relahereto. f tively to each other and to said body and presenting numerous light reflecting sur- BENJAMIN H. SHAPIRO.

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U.S. Classification362/255, D11/121, 428/7, D26/118
International ClassificationA47G33/08, A47G33/00
Cooperative ClassificationA47G33/0836
European ClassificationA47G33/08F