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Publication numberUS1435159 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 14, 1922
Filing dateSep 1, 1921
Publication numberUS 1435159 A, US 1435159A, US-A-1435159, US1435159 A, US1435159A
InventorsV. Havens
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US 1435159 A
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Patented'Nov. 14, 1922.






1 ,435,159. Patented Nov. 14, 1922.


ATTORNEYS Patented Nov. 14, 1922.




Application filed September 1, 1921. Serial No. 497,555.

To all whom z't may come m Be it known that I, CLARA V. HAvnNs, a citizen ofthe United States, residing in the city, county, and State of New York, have invented a new and useful Washable Doll, of which the following is a specification.

My invention consists of a doll formed of fabric that maybe made up or assembled into the form, the head and body of a doll, and taken apart or knocked down, when it may be readily washed, after which it may be again made up in clean condition, the means employed and the construction and manipulation of the various members being hereinafter set forth.

The invention is satisfactorily illustrated in the accompanying drawing, but the inn portant instrumentalities thereof may be varied, and so it is to be understood that the invention is not limited to the specific details shown and described, as long as they are within the spirit or scope of the claims.

. Figure 1 represents a front elevation of awashable doll embodying my invention.

Figure 2 represents a side elevation thereof.

Figure thereof.

Figure l represents a blank from which the head and body of the doll is convertible.

3. represents a rear elevation Figures 5,6 and 7 represent plan views illustrating the various steps of converting the blank into a doll.

Figure 8 represents a vertical section of a portion on line 8-8 Figure 4.

Similar numerals of reference indicate corresponding parts in the figures.

Referring to the drawings 1 designates the head of. the doll, 2 the body and 3 the skirt thereof, said members being formed of a piece 4 of towelino; or other suitable washable material, which piece is shown in normal condition in Figure 4, said piece consisting of the flat quad rilateral part 5 and the dependingfolded part 6, the latter being narrower thanthe former, and stitched thereto on the line 14*.

In the part 5 is the right-lined fold line 7, which extends transversely across the same, the diagonal :Eold lines 8, which latter extend from the center of the fold line 7 to the sides of said part 5 and the fold lines 9, which extend at a different angle from the fold lines 8 towards the end of said. part 5,

which subsequently will. become the bottom.

of said part.

so that they are permanent on the part. On

the part 5, which becomes the front of title doll is the face 10 of the doll, which is formed of a piece 11 of fabric, which is stitched to the part 5 and left open at the lower end, so that cotton or other batting 152 may be inserted behind said piece 1]. and so puff-out the latter, see F igureS.

On said piece is embroidered, painted or printed the simulation ofa mouth, nose, eyes and hair, so that he piece presents the appearance of the face of the doll.

To the lower end of the piece ll are secured the strings or tapes 18, which are adapted tobe passed around the neck i l of the doll to close said end and to retain the head 1 in position, as will be hereinafter further referred to.

In making up the-doll, the part 5 is folded. down on the line 7 when the lower portion of said part is folded downwardly on is self to the stitch line of said part6 for shortening said part 5 and placing a portion of the part 6 back of said folded part 5, and another portion of the latter depending from the part 5 at the stitch line 14 and extending partly below the bottom of the part 5, all as shown in Figure 5, while the face 10 of the doll and the strings 13 appear on the front of the part 5.

The parts as thus set up are reversed, as shown in Figure 6, when portions of the sides ofthe part 5 are folded on the diagonal lines 8 upon the backs of thecontiguous portions of the parts 5 and 6, producing the triangular laps 15 of double thicknesses of the fabric, the result being shown in said Figure 6. Then said triangular laps are again folded on themselves on the diagonal lines 9, and upon the upper portions of the part 6, producing the triangular laps 16, the result being shown. in Figure 7.

The tops of the laps and of the part I now form as in Figure 7 the peak 18, which primarily is above the head of the face, the saline being turned down on the top line 1? of the head on the adjacent portions of the laps 9, and comprising part of the back of the head 9 of the doll thus imparting some rotundity to the back of the head, and thus divesting said back of flatness, see Figures 2 and 3. Then the strings 13 are run around of the neck of the doll and engaged with the lower end of the turned down peak,

holds said. peak in position, preventing it opening out.

head 1' ie imooee on the part of from opening out and forming the neck Li,

which Well defined, While at the tune, the several laps are prevent-er from It will be seen that the lane iorni the body ofthc deli, while the exteriorof saidbody simulates a cape or Wrap, while the shirt 3 is that oi the skirt oi a dress, and so the clothing: ot the doll isinade up, while the l e W21- terial of which the clothing is composed,

doll oinoirl nature thus beingproduced. v

are untied. peak. .13 may be raised, and.

the laps L5 and. 16 unfolded and the piece 4i,

and 6 of thetabric opened. out, as in Figure 4-. The piece 1 may be washed. and the doll thus cleaned, after which said piece may be manipul ted to reconyert itinto the doll as in Figures 1., 2 and 3. as hereinhetore explained. y v

I-iaving thus described my invention, What I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is:- v V 1. A. doll formed eta piece 01? washable fabric folded and lapped to form the face and body of the doll and the simulationof a cape thereon. i v a 2. A. doll oi the character stated, termed oita piece of fabric folded and formed into ahead;,-la 3s"on said piece folded and formed into a body, anda member pendant from said body folded and fornied'into a skirt.

A doll oi the character stated. formed of a piece oi? fabrictolded t DKliOlfmCil into a head, a body and, a skirt, said headhayin z a a piece of. fahric h-avingr thereon diagonal and transverse fold lines adapting the piece.


is evident th when the strings or tapes to be converted into a head,a body, a neck intermediate oit'said body and head, a skirt pendant from the body, and ineans for retaining said body in a closed condition, said head having thereon the simulation of a face i I (-3. In a doll of: the character stated, apiece ol? 1 'ahr.ic adapted to he formed into a head, a piece of material with a simulation thereon of a face, the latter-named"piece being in ')0S6fl on the said head, a puiiingbetween eaid pieces, anda piece of material. folded a'mun d and secured to the head.

7. in a doll oil? the character stated, a,

piece oi tahric itihtptml to he formed intolabone, and having laps adapted to be formed into embody, a new intermediate of said body andhead, a peakbeyoncl thehead and il"' .*-ldahie upon the back of the head, an d moo, ns glor closi ng' said neck and consequent ly saidbody adapted to .prevel t the opening of. said body and, neck. I a a R; In a doll loi the character stated, a

piece of? fabric adapted to he formed into a head, aiaee onsaid head, a peak onsaid v piece adapted to he folded-down on the hack oi s 7 ill out i back, and means for retaining said need '1 position.

pie'ragonaland transverse lines and formed lnto head i2- thereon a "face, means for closing said in) ed to, form a continuity of the head and to be folded on the baclrof the latter, to till out the same, and means to retain said llQi-H'i, neck and body in closed. position.v

1 H piece of fabric tiiornforn ing a doll, the some embodying a rectangular part with depending: folded POI'tiQIl OflQSS Width, the

rectangular 1:)art having; a transverse fold line, and diagonal told lines to form, trian-.

giular laps.- i i i CLARA. V. HAVENS. Witnesses: i I .l'onm A. Winnnnennnvr,


head. and, belowthe neck todoll ot the character statedjfie brie adapted tohe folded upon Clh a body a neck and a skirt said head i. 5 i 7 i ml :1 body and a peak on said'piece

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