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Publication numberUS1435267 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 14, 1922
Filing dateAug 8, 1921
Priority dateAug 8, 1921
Publication numberUS 1435267 A, US 1435267A, US-A-1435267, US1435267 A, US1435267A
InventorsFrancois Vathe
Original AssigneeFrancois Vathe
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Grotesque doll
US 1435267 A
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GROTESQUE DOLL. APPLlcAloN mso 4mm. 192|.

Patented Nov. 14, 1922.

' pollas/11115? A TTUHIVEYS.

patented Nov. lll, 19232. .p .l i

rissa? raaivoois varian, or NEW YORK, N. Y.


`appiieaemii fusa yiiilg'iisiis, 192i. seiai No. lisais/'1.

T all whom 'it may concern.' A

Be it known that I. Fin-moois VArH, a

citizen of Jthe United States, 4residing `at New York, in thel county` of New lYork and4 5 State ,of New York, have invented Certain new and useful lniprovements in Grotesque ably flexible and unarticulated. This figure when disposed in almost any position will have a very grotesque and amusing appear- In the accompanying drawing; Fig. l is an elevation of a doll constructed in accordance with the invention,

' Fig. 2 is a side elevation of the saine`r Fig. Sis an elevationof the saine when placed in one grotesque position, and

Fig. 4t is a fragmentary sectional elevation through one of the joints between a limban d the trunk. In the illustrated embodiment, the doll comprises a trunk or body l, having secured thereto a head 2 with grotesque features and a turban 3,' and very greatly elongated, unshaped arms 4i and legs 5.' A breech-cloth 6 may be secured to the trunk by a waist i s l p 1 elongatedflexible legs whereby the limbscan vbe placed and held. in -vvarious grotesque poy band' 7. The entire body of the doll is formed of cloth cut and sewn to the desired shape, lled with cotton, felt, wool or other soft flexible material, the cloth form at the junction of each of the limbs with the body being preferably stitched together in a line, without lling at the stitched points, as shown in Figs. l, 2 and 4, so as to provide l 4'hinge joints. The limbs are elsewhere preierably unarticulated so as to permit of placing of the same in various and numerous amusing positions with respect to the trunk and head, one of which positions is shown in Fig. 3. A small tape 8 may be attached to the back atthe shoulders and tol the 4rear of the head so as to prevent the head from.

ltions without the-use of fastening moans.

falling toofar. forwardfand mayv also ex-`y tend slightly further as a loop 9 by means of which the doll canbe suspended when desired. A doll "constructed in accordance withthis invention is non-breakable, durable and inexpensive.

By the expressions abnormally long,

and. greatly '.elongated,y as lused inthe claims in defining the length of the limbs, I mean that they have a length at least one `and one-half that ofthe average normal length of limbs relatively to the height of the person, whereby the legs can be flexed into different grotesque positions and be held in those positions by interlocking them with oneanother or with other parts of the body without the use of hooks or other lfastening means.

It will be obvious that various changes l in the details herein described and illustrated may be made by those skilled .in the fart within the principle and scope of the invention. f

l claim: y l. A doll comprising a trunk, a head with grotesque features, and very abnormally long fiexible limbs whereby the limbs can be placed and held in various grotesque posi- 2. A doll comprising a grotesqueligure n -with very abnormally long flexible limbsf whereby `the limbs can be placed and held in various grotesque positions without` the -use of fastening means.

A dollcomprising a figure with greatly elongated, unshaped flexible limbs whereby the limbs cany be placedalid held in various grotesque positions without the use of fas-A tening means.

4. A doll comprising a figure with greatly sitiens without the use of fastening means.

Afdoll comprising figure with gro.-

whereby the limbs can be placed and held in various grotesque `positions without the use of.- fastening means. f

\ 7. A doll comprising a fabric form filled with soft flexible material, the limbs being greatly elongated vto gire the forni a grotesque appearance whereby the limbs een be placed and held in various grotesque posi tions Without the use of fastening means.`

8. A doll comprising a fabric form filled with soi't .flexible material, the .limbs being greatly elongated to give the form a grotesque appearance, tliefibrie at the junetion of the limbs and trunk being stitched together without filling to provide a liinge joint whereby the limbs Can` be placed. and' held in Various grotesque positions Without the use of fasteniiig means.

9. r-x doll comprising 2L fabric form filled with soft fieXible material, thek limbs being unartieulzited, flexible and greatly elongated to give-zi grotesque appearance whereby the limbs can be'plaeed and heldin various grotesque positions Without the use of fastening means.

l0. A doll comprising a fabric form filled \\\itli soft flexible material, the limbs being unartieulated, flexible and greatly elongated to given grotesque appearance, the fabric at the junction of the limbs and trunk beingA stitched together-Without filling to providel zu hingev joint whereby the limbs can be placed and held in various grotesque positions Without theuse of fastening means.

In Witness whereof, I hereunto subscribe my signature. n


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U.S. Classification446/369
International ClassificationA63H3/00, A63H3/02
Cooperative ClassificationA63H3/02
European ClassificationA63H3/02