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Publication numberUS1435379 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 14, 1922
Filing dateJun 6, 1921
Priority dateJun 6, 1921
Publication numberUS 1435379 A, US 1435379A, US-A-1435379, US1435379 A, US1435379A
InventorsConnery James W
Original AssigneeConnery James W
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Combined mail box and sign holder
US 1435379 A
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1. w. coNNERY.'


APPLICATION FILED JUNE 6. I92I Patented Nov. 14, 1922.


@R mk yg@ Patented Nov. 14, 1922.

JAMES w. connues?, orfknwnnnn, ILLINOIS.

COMBINED MAIL Box yam) srennonnne.

Application filed rvJune 6, 1921. vSerial No."475,508.

To aZZwwm t may concern-f i. I I i Be it known that I, JAMES WV. Co'NNnRina citizen of the United States, residing at o Kewanee, in the county of Henry and State of Illinois, have invented certainfn'ew and' useful improvements in a Combined Mail BOX and Sign Holder; and I do declare the following tov be a full, clear, and exact-de scription of the invention, such as will en! able others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same.

This invention relates to an improved device which is especially designedfor use in. rural free mail 'delivery districts, they same embodyinglmeans for supporting a mail boX andalso supporting a sign bearing fthe' name of the owner of the box.

The principal object of the lnvention is to generally improve upon devices of this class by the provision of oney ofextreme simplicity and `durabilitj'y wherein the structure is such that thelmail boirisL rotatably mounted on astandard and is supported on an adjustablej'stop on'theylatter, this construction Vand arrangement being advanta-y geous in that vitfpermitsthe ybox to, be swung around in such a way as to enable it to be conveniently emptied by the resident of the house, in front of which theboX is placed, and swungtoan opposite position toprop` erly position yit sothat it ,will be convenient to have mail placedtherein by the postman;

` -Another object of the invention is to pro` vide a device of this class wherein the means convenience of use.

for mountingthe y.mail boX on the post -is not `only rotatable, but is slidableto permit it to beraisedto the proper elevation for Another object of the invention is to pro;

vide a device of this class embodying the structure mentionedin the last named ob-` ject together with a :sign holder which is positioned on the upper -endof vthe standard and serves as a stop to prevent possible displacement of the boXN from the standard by ylifting it upwardly.

. Other objects and advantages of the invention will become apparent during `the i 4course of the following description.

In the accompanying drawings forming a part of this vspecification and in which like numerals Vare employed to designate like parts throughout the same:

Figure l is aside elevational'view of a device constructed 1n accordancewith `th1s vby forming notches invention,fwith the lower..v portion ofi/the l st andard removed;

Figure 2y 'e Figure 3 is a centralzvertical sectional viewtaken substantially on theplanefofthe line 3-3 of Fig. 2..

is a yfront elevational View; I

Figure l is a detail section takensubstan- `t-i'ally on'the plane of the lined-#fil` of Fig.

1` with the mail boX removed.

lFigure -is a perspectiveview ofone of 'i theldetails ofthe device. l 'I n Referringto thedrawingsspecically and byfreference characters,`the numerallA des'- igiiates a'hollow standarddesigned to be an.-

cho'redin the ground at a convenient point i in frvirrtI ofthehouse. I An adjustable stop'- collar 2 is arranged on this standardaa' slight distance! below the upper, end of the latter, being held in :various adjusted positions by means of the seftscrew `3 [with ywhich it is equipped and which is' engageable'with the standard asshownin Fig. (A sleevelfof vlarger diameter. than the ystandard l sur-I.` rounds the latter and rests on the upper 'edge of vthe collar, 2. As :before indicated, ,thijs'f sleev'efec is bothy rotatable' andv slidabley on .the standard fora purpose already mentioned and to .be hereinafter again referred to.

Since the sleeve l is-rotatable as stated, it is ldesirable tofpro'videlmeans for holding itinaset position. lj thereforeprovide .a novel cofactin'g means betweenI the'sleevefand stopcollar foraccomplishing this end. yThis coT I. l

acting in its ypreferred form yis carriedfoutl the 'stop collar; at diame'trically opposite spending pointsvv onI `the lower .edge ofthe vsle'eve''these projections being shaped u to (be received] in and held,y `in' lthe ynotches 5 as "J v i shownv in `Fi`g.,2.l Herelgwish to "point out that when' the devces"inpracticalluse, the co-acting means'5 and 6'will be positioned` so that the `mail box can be supported either in front of or in rear ofthe standard to per# mit it to be convenientlyemptied orlled as the casemay be. Referring now to the up- 5 in the upperedge of 'f points andiforrningfprojections 6 at corre# una,

the mail box 9 is detachably or otherwise connected therewith as shown.

As before indicated, the device in addi# tion to embodying the parts already mentioned includes novel sign holder which is here designated as a whole by the numeral 10. l wish to malte it known here that this sign holder 10 may be constructed in any suitabie way, the same preferably including a rectangular open iiranie 11 and a removable backing or retaining plato 12 for holding the sign 13 in place. rlfhis sign, of course, is to' bear the name of the resident of the house in 'front of which the mail bof; is placed, valso designating the number or' the route and box number. lt is or course understood that any other suitable inscriptions may be placed thereon. The sign alsor preferably includes a central depending part 1e havingon its lower end a reduced neck 15 which extends into the upper end of the hollow standard 1 as shown in Fig. 3, this portion 1st lbeing equipped with4 a stop flange 16 which rests yon the upper end of this standard andserves to limit the downward movement of the part 141. A removable' bolt or the` like 17 is passed through the standard and' neclr 15 to retain the sign holder in place. Here l again wish to direct attentionto the' fact that the sign holder also constitutes rmeans for preventing the sleeve 11 and other parts 'from being removed from the Vstandard as long` as it is in place. lt

therefore serves an important additional function. y

In use, the standard 1 is anchored in any suitable way at a convenient place in front or' the house with the inscriptions on the sign facing the roadway. Thus, thepost` man will be able to easily seeythe name appearing on the same as he approaches the device. Assuming that the mail boi: is in the position indicated .in the drawings, that is extending forwardly 'from the standard, it will be seen that itis in a convenient place to enable the postman to deposit mail inside of the box.' Vf hen it is desired to remove the mail, the sleeve 4: is grasped and slid upwardly on the standard and the mail box andother parts are swung aroundso that the boX is in an opposite position to that shown, in which place the mail can be i/isas'ze conveniently and easily removed. l/Vhen the is in this position, it will be seen that the co-aoting means 5 and' (5 already described will serve to hold it either in the forwardly or rearwardly extending position as Athe case may be.

hersens reading the foregoing description in connection with the drawings will doubtless be able to obtain al clear understanding oi'v the invention. ln view ci this, a more lengthy and letailed description is thought unnecessary.

Since probably the best results may be ob# tained with the construction and 'arrangement herein shown and described, this is taken as the preferred embodiment of the invention.l However, slight minor changes coming withinv the scope or the subjoined claims may be resorted to if desired.

I claim:

1. ln coinbna-tiomastandard, an adjustable stop thereon, a tubular member slidably and rotatably mounted on the standard and resting loosely on said stop, (3o-acting means between the latter and member to hold said member in a setv position, and'mail boX supporting arms rigidly connected with said member. n I

2. ln combination, a standard, an adjustable stop collar arranged thereon', said collar having notches r'ormed in its upper'edge at diametrically opposite points,"a sleeve rotatably and slidably mounted on said'standard and resting on the upper edge of the collar, said sleeve having diametricallyl-opposite projections formed on its lower end for cooperation with said notches, said sleeve being also providednear its upper end with oppositely and laterally disposed ears, and a pair or spaced horizontal mailbox supporting arms connected with said ears.

3. ln combination, a hollow standard have ing` an adjustable stop thereon, a rotary mail box supporting device rotatably and slidably mounted on said standard and engageable with said stop, and a combined signholder and stop on the upper end of said standard for preventing undue upward movement of said elements.

ln testimony whereof l have hereunto set my hand.`


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