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Publication numberUS1435842 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 14, 1922
Filing dateDec 28, 1921
Priority dateDec 28, 1921
Publication numberUS 1435842 A, US 1435842A, US-A-1435842, US1435842 A, US1435842A
InventorsHartman Sr Edward
Original AssigneeHartman Sr Edward
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Broom holder
US 1435842 A
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utyattinted Nom lei, 'lf


Application led December 28, 1921.

To @ZZ whom t may concern:

Be it known that 1, EDWARD Henri/IAN, Sr., a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Dover, in the county of Morris and State of New .lersey7 have invented a new and improved Broom Holder, of which the following is a description.

My invention relates to a holder adapted to be applied to a wall or the like and to yieldingly receive the handle of a broom or the like for holding the broom or similar article suspended against the wall.

The general object of my invention is to provide in connection with the holder a handle displacing device against which the handle may bc moved to assist in the ready disengagement of the handle from the holder.

Reference is to be had to the accompany ing drawing forming a part of this specifieation in which The ligure shows a perspective view of my improved holder and its mode of functioning, it being understood that the drawing is merely illustrative of one example of a practical embodiment of my invention.

'ln carrying out my invention in practice, wire is preferably employed in the formation of the holder and said holder is made to embody a suitable vertical frame or base 10 for attaching to a wall A or the like, si id frame being here shown as presenting side arms having at the upper end eyes 1 1 to receive fastening' screws B. Advantageous i/g the sides are made convergent to receive at the ano'le thereof a furtherA fastening screw B below which the sides are brought together as at 12 and formed at their eX- tremities into an upturned hook 13 available for hanging thereon different kitchen articlcs. The holder embodies a forwardly extending clamp shank 14: advantageously formed by twisting the wire together adjacent to the free ends, said free ends at the front of the shank 14rbeing given the form of flaring yielding jaws 15 for frictionally engaging a handle such as C, the terminals of which jaws are formed into eyes 15a or given an equivalent rounded formation.

A handle-displacing device 1.6 is provided,

Serial No. 525,377.

which preferably also is formed of wire to present upright side members rising from the frame 10, the side members extending forwardly as at 17 above the jaws 15 and the material being continued to form a front transverse bar member 18 integral with the forwardly extending side members 17. The handle-displacing device 16 may7 as shown, be formed of a separate wire looped as at 2O about laterally disposed rear members 19 extending between the eyes 11 and the shank 14 of the clamp.

TWith the described construction the device having been secured to the wall or the like, a handle C, such as a broom handle, may be pressed between the jaws 15 of the clamp to be frictionally held thereby. W hen it is desired to withdraw the handle from the clamp the handle is grasped below the clamp and rocked forwardly so that it bears against the front bar 18 of the displacing device 16 and as the handle is swung outwardly said cross bar 18 acts as ,a fulcrum for the handle and thus the latter may be removed from the clamp with facility and with slight force exerted with one hand.

I would state in conclusion that while the illustrated example constitutes a practical embodiment of my invention, l do not limit myself strictly to the actual details herein illustrated, since manifestly the same can be considerably varied without departure from the spirit of the invention 'is delined in the appended claim.


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U.S. Classification248/113, 248/115, 211/65
International ClassificationA47L13/10, A47L13/512
Cooperative ClassificationA47L13/512
European ClassificationA47L13/512