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Publication numberUS1437023 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 28, 1922
Filing dateJan 12, 1922
Priority dateJan 12, 1922
Publication numberUS 1437023 A, US 1437023A, US-A-1437023, US1437023 A, US1437023A
InventorsIsidor Schneider
Original AssigneeIsidor Schneider
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Portable container
US 1437023 A
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1 ,437,023. PatenterTNw. 28, 1922.




APPLICATION FILED JAN. I2. I922- I Patented Nov. 28,1922.



PORTABLE ooiv'rnmnn.

Application filed January 12, 1922. Serial No. 528,591.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, IsInoR SCHNEIDER, a citizen of Austria, and a resident of the borough and county of Bronx, city and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Portable Containers, of which the following is a specification.

While applicable to portable containers generally, my invention is intended more particularly for embodiment in conjunction with containers adapted to be carried upon the person of, or by, the owner thereof, such for lnstance aspocket books or cases, portemonnaies, vanity cases, and the like, de-

signed more especially for individual comfort and convenience; and the invention consists essentially in inconspicuously incorporating and combining, with such a container or receptacle, an electric lamp torch in such manner that the same may be actuated from the exterior of such container to project light through an aperture in the casing thereof, substantially in the manner and for the pur-' poses hereinafter fully set forth, and as described and claimed specifically.

In the accompanying drawings I have, by way of exemplification, illustrated a practical embodiment of my improvement in conjunction with a vanity case, so called, such as at present in vogue for feminine use, al-

though I do not limit myself in this respect, p

since the essential features of my invention may be incorporated inany form of portable containeradapted for personal use, so that by the term portable container, as herein employed in this connection I mean to include any receptacle of the character designated, and adapted to hand carriage and manipulation, irrespective of size or specific function involved.

With this understanding,

Fig. 1, is a perspective view of a container,

, made in accordance with my invention,

the container as shown in Fig. 2, showing the torch envelope flap partly open.

G, 0, represents the casing of the receptacle, and C, the cover thereof, both of any tion of various articles used'in facial make up or treatment, such for instance as a powder box a, tubes 6, b, for lip pencils, eyebrow pencils, etc. A card or change holder h, may also be included-in the outfit, as well as other accessories if found desirable. Of course'in the case of other portable receptacles of the class specified these details are omitted, or others substituted in lieu thereof if required, as the case may be; or if the portable receptacle is in the nature of a travelling case, or other form of handable container, the casing may consist of a plain box without internal appurtenances other than my envelope E, for the accommodation and concealment of .a dry battery electric torch T, (so called) of appropriate size and 7 capacity, such as procurable in the market, since any commercial torch of suitable size and lighting capacity will answer the purose.

The envelope E, is attached to an inner side or end of the receptacle, and is rovided with the flap e, which may be detac ably secured to the lower part of the envelope by a snap fastening e, or equivalent mechanical expedient. One end of the envelope E, is open or formed with an aperture 6", for the protrusionof the electric lamp bulb t; and coincidental with this envelope a erture e", the adjacent side of the casing is formed with a flash light aperture 0, through which the light from the lamp bulb 25, may be projected.

By the term torch T, as herein used I of course include the dry battery, etc., as

well as the switch 8, by which the circuit is closed when light is desired. The torch T, is so positioned that this switch 8, can be closed b pressure exerted externally of the casing As shown in Figs: 4 and 5, of the accompanyin drawings by way of example, said switc s, protrudes into an aperture 0 made for the purpose in the bottom of the casing C, and this aperture may the latter.

admit of direct finger pressure, the external coverin 0 if, any, being sufliciently flexible to a unit of this method of manipulation; or as in Fig; 4, a press button 11, may be positioned to bear against the'switch. In either case the result is the same in that the torch T, may be manipulated by extraneous pressurespplied to a particular part of the casing and without opemng The practical advantages attained by may invention are obvious, in that itafl'ords rea ily available means for illuminat on upo upon occasiom substantially as herein examplified; U

What I claim as my invention and desire to secure by Letters Patent is,

1. A portable containerof the character designated, comprising a casing formed with a light aperture and with a switch manipulative aperture, an envelope attached to the inner side of said container, and an electric torch having its lens and switch'positioned coincidence with said light and switch apertures, substantially in the manner and for the purpose described.

2. A portable contalner occasion,-'such means being isolated an aperture in one wall, and a switch manipuconcealed from view under ordinary conditions of. use. I

It is to beunderstood that I do not limit myself to the identical form and construction of parts shown herein, and that the electric torch may be otherwlse positioned in the container without departing from the spirit and intent of my invention in this respect,the distinctive feature bemg the combination of the electric light torch, with a container of the character designated, -formed with a light aperture 1n the casing thereof for the emission of light externally,

lative aperture in a contiguous wall, a torch in "said container with its bulb coincident with said light aperture, a push button in the other aperture, a torch-containing envelo e in said container with an aperture in a ignment witlnsaid light aperture, {and lgtegible external covering over said p ush Ismoa SCHNEIDER.

- Witnesses:


having a light

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