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Publication numberUS1437743 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 5, 1922
Filing dateMar 24, 1921
Priority dateMar 24, 1921
Publication numberUS 1437743 A, US 1437743A, US-A-1437743, US1437743 A, US1437743A
InventorsJonosuke Arii
Original AssigneeJonosuke Arii
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Apparatus for extracting oil or fat
US 1437743 A
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I Pzitented. Dec 5,1922;

Patented Dec. 5, 1922. I


' ionosukn Ann, or TOKYO, JAPAN.

APPARATUS FOR nx'raaorme on on raw.

Application filed March 24, 1921. Serial No. 455,172.

To all whom it wear concave: a

Be it known that I, JoNosUKEARn, sub:

I 'ect of J ap'an, residing at No. 22 Nishikubo iromachi, Shiba Ku, Tokyo, Japan, have inventednew and useful Improvements in an Apparatus for Egrtracting Oil or Fat, of

- which the following is a specification This invention relates to an apparatus for .2

A extracting oil or fat from any material containing. o l or fat, and consists ofan inner cylinder provided with a number of lateral tubes, and'an outer cylinder provided with a jacket through. which steam passes 'for heating purpose, so arranged that the extraction of oil or fat takes place in'the inner "cylindepwhile in the outer cylinder the solvent is distilled and sent back into the'inner cylinder. The object of thisinvention is to I I; ciency of the work.

economize the cost of the work of extraction, to prevent waste of heat by utilizing the heat of the'solvent and to increase the chi- The accompanying drawing shows a vferti- 71 cal. section of the. more important part of ;my apparatus. 1

' To describe myapparatus more fully, (a)

1 is the inner cylinder which is fitted within the outer cylinder (11) leaving I p a space .between the two. The inside (A of the inner cylinder (a) is the extraction. chamber, and

the inner cylinder is the'di'stillation chamber (B), The extraction chamber"(A) -is providedwithtwo ports"(1) and (2) .which can both be hermetically closed, the former for feeding in. the material and the latter to take it out after extracting oil or fat "therefrom. Numerous lateral pipes (3)}; WlliCll pass through the wall of the innerc lin'der Below this false bottom (4) there is'provided a coiled pipe (5), one end of whichcommunicates with-a main steam-pipe (8) through a valve (6) and apipe (7 a(n )i' 9 J extending from the bottom (0,) ofi-the-exthe other end opens into air. A'pipe traction chamber (A) is connected with a pipe (11) which communicates with the distillation chamber (B) through athree way cock (10) to communicate directly with the pipe (11) without going through the siphon (12). To the siphon (12).lis fixeda test cock (13). A pipe (14) provided at the right shoulder of the inner cylinder communlcates with a pipe (16) extendingfrom the outer cylinder and also with another pipe (17) which leads to a condenser, b means of a cock (15); and by openingrtlie cock (15) the communication between the extraction chamber (A) and the distillation chamber (B can be opened. A pipe (18 leads from the dischargep'ort of a reverse condenser (C) to the upper part of the inner cylinder. The pipe (18) is provided with a test cock (19).

The distillation chamber (B) is provided near its bottom with a' coiled pipe (20),

"throughwhich steam is introduced there- (21).fnThe solvent is fed into the distillation chamber from a tank by a pump through a pipe (23) provided with a valve (22). The bottom of the distillation chamber 1s covered with a steam jacket; into which steam is introduced from the main f- A steampipe through avalve (24). The steam jacket, also commilnicates through a pipe v (25) 'with the coiled pipe (52 at the bottom T of the extraction chamber 'A -(26) is a pipe through whidh oil or fat is drawn away from the distillation chamber (B), and the water condensed in the jacket is drained by apipe which is provided with a valve (27). -The distillation chamber has attached thereto a gage (28').

The coiidenser (C) is provided at its upper part with a pair of spiral pipes (29) and (30), either of which can be made to communicate with the pipe ('17) by means of a three way cook (34). Theother end (33) of the spiral pipe (29) leads to a second condenser (not shown in the drawings),

whence to the tank in which solvent is kept;

- while the spiral pipe (30) leads into a cooling chamber (31) which isprovided with numerous water tubes (32), whence to the extriacting chamber (A) througj the pipe ,18.- To use this apparatus, put over the false bottom (4) at the bottom of the extraction chamber (A) a piece of felt or the like, and

Then open communication from the distillation chamber through the tube (9),

.tion chamber to the extraction chamber (17), the spiral through the pipes (16) and pipe (29), the condensing chamber (31) and the pipe (18). Also open the communication from the extraction chamber to distilla- (12) and the pipe (11). Then fill the distillation chamber (B) with solvent through the pipe (23). Then open the main steam pipe, and introduce steam into the steam jacket, into the distillation chamber (B) through the coiled pipe (20), and into'the coiled pipe (5). Now, the solvent in the distillation chamber will be heated and evaporated; and the vapor passing through the pipes. (3) which pass through the extraction chamber (A), finds its way via. the pipe (17) and the spiral tube into the condensing chamber (31), where it becomes condensed and drops down to the extraction chamber. The solvent thusicondensed accumulates in the extraction chamber, steeps the material and extract oil or fattherefrom, and when the solvent accumulates 'in the extraction chamber higher than the height of the siphon (12), it together with the oil or fat,

extracted,'fiows into the distillation chamber vent will be again evaporated and take the same route asbefore, does and thus repeatedly the work of extracting oil fat, leaving'the extracted oil or fat, in the distillation chamber. When the oil or fat, in the distillationchamber accumulates to a certain amount or when all the oilior fat, contained in the material has been extracted, then close the connection of the tube (17 with the spiral tube (30) and open its connection with the other spiral tube (29). Also, close the connection of the tube (9) with the siphon (12) and open its direct connection with-the tube (11). Then. all the fluid contained in the extraction chamber (A) will flow into the distillation chamber (B), and the vapor of solvent will find its way not into the condensing chamber (31),

but will go to another condenser via the spiral pipe (29), get condensed and eventu ally flow into the solvent tank.

siphon In the distillationchamber the sol-- b weaves the vapor of solvent is chamber. In fact a greater part of the heating work is done by it. Moreover, the. rovision of a large number of lateral tubes through the extraction chamber not only distribute the heat uniformly but greatly facilitates the contact of the solvent with the material, thus increasing the efficiency "of extracting work.

claim: s

1. An'apparatus for extracting oil or fat, consisting of an inner cylinder fitted in an outer cylinder, leaving a space between the two cylinders, the said inner cylinder being pierced with a number of lateral pipes and said outer cylinder being covered with a steam jacket, thus providing separately an extraction chamber and a distillation chamber, with means to open communication between the two, substantially as.

tion chamber by means of a siphon, and theuppermost part ofthe distillation chamber eing also connected with the uppermost part of the extraction chamber by means of a siphon, substantially as and for the purposes hereinbefore set forth.

3. An apparatus'for extracting oil or fat, comprising an extraction chamber, a plurality of tubes extending laterally through said'chamber', a distillati posed with relation to said extraction chamber that the latter is heated by vapor issuing from said distillation chamber, a steam jacket covering the bottom. of said distillation chamber, a. reverse condenser, .and coinmunicatiiigmeans between said condenser and the extracting and distillation chamber.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.

, J ON OSUKE ARII. Witnesses:



on chamber so dis-

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