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Publication numberUS1438485 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 12, 1922
Filing dateDec 1, 1921
Priority dateDec 1, 1921
Publication numberUS 1438485 A, US 1438485A, US-A-1438485, US1438485 A, US1438485A
InventorsGoldberg Morris L
Original AssigneeGoldberg Morris L
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Massaging device
US 1438485 A
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1.4389485 I Patented Dec. 12,1922..

/5' Q Q Q Q X Q Q Q Q Q `/5 G) Q Q Q Q Q (9 Q Q Q /Z Q Patented Dec, 12, 1922.


Application filed December 1, 1921. Serial No. 519,120.

To all 'whom t may camera:

.'Be it known that I, MORRIS L. GoLBnRG, a' citizen of the United States, residing at New York cit borough of Brooklyn, in the countyv o Kings and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Massaging Devices, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to toilet or therapeutic appliances and. has particular reference to devices for use by men for the formation of lather and the softening of the beard, although the device is adapted for 'massaging by either men or women.

,Among the objects of the invention is to provide a simple, easily operated, and effective appliance to be worn on the fingers of either hand and adapted for use as a substitute for a lathering brush, it beingremembered that lathering brushes not only are comparativelexpensive but many times are unsanitary. he softening of a beard under ordinaryconditions requires the application of ones fingers to the face. This device is intended to relieve the operator from applying his ngers directly to the lather or beard and so they are kept dry, a great saving of time andv trouble. Moreover, the lathering or massaging efect is proved with this device to be greatly superior to that which can be produced by ones hand or a brush.

A furtherv object of the invention is to provide a massaging device that isespecially adapted for receiving and retaining soap or other composition in any form, such as powder or paste.

With the foregoing and other objects in view the'invention consists in the arrangement and combination ofparts hereinafter described and claimed, and while the'invention is not restricted to the exact details of construction disclosed or suggested herein, still for the purpose of illustrating a practical embodiment thereof reference is had to the accompanying drawings, in which like reference characters designate the same parts inthe several views, and in which- Figurey 1 is a faceview of my improve-v ment. l

Fig. 2 is arear view of the same.

Fig. 3 is a longitudinal section on the line 3-3 of Fig. 1.

Fig. f1 is an end view.

Referring now more specifically to the drawings l 'show my device as comprising a body portion l0. molded or 'otherwise formed of flexible material, preferably Waterproof, and adapted to substantially fit upon the -four fingers of either hand, reaching over a portion of the palm. It will be understood that all of the body 10 which embraces the fingers is imperforate so that no moisture will be likely to reach an part of the hand. While the body 10 of t e device may be made` of'various sizes to accommodate different sizes of hands I prefer to provide adjustment means so as to make the device applicable with afair degree'of snugness to different sizes. 4T0 this end 1 indicate an opening 11 at the back, and a pair of straps 12 and 13 extending along this opening. Any suitable separable fasteners may be provided on these straps so as to vary the effective length thereof. For this pur-l.

pose l show a series of hea-dsl/, any one of which may be made yto co-operate with a socket 15. These straps may be separated from each other after the device has been used, but if. preferred the fastening may be left according to any selected size and the ,device slipped into place on the hand. In 'either' event the use of the straps renders the device fitted fairly snugly around the palm of the hand When inuse.

Any desired portion or field of the face of the device may be provided with a roughened surface of any desired arrangement or design` for the purpose of producing the desired amount of 'friction in practice. For this purpose. I show several rows of points 16S-which may be of any'desired shape or sharpness and arranged parallel and v adjacent to the curved edge or end of the body. Within the arc formed by this roughenedp ed is a soap or other commodity bearing field which includes as shown herein a suitable body 17 of any suitable material' of a softer and more porous nature than the main portion of the body. For this purpose l employ a relatively thin -body of sponge rubber or itsequivalent which may be fixed by cement or otherwise to the face of the device. rIhis soap bearing pad may be of any suitable size or configuration. 0bviously when the face of the device is moistened the pad 17 will receive and retain a quantity of soapA of any nature suchas powder or paste as well as anapplication of soapfrom a bar'or stick, and when so applied the lather may be formed directly upon the face and the facevgiven the necessary massage for the softening of the toughest beard, the fingers remainingdry during use the surplus lather or soap remaining thereon may be readily and thoroughly removed by simply rinsing it under a faucet or the like, leaving the device perfectly cleanv 'to the mans hand, covering the fingers and the palm up to but not including the thumb, is peculiarly Well adapted for the application of soap and lather to h1s face because after the soap is applied as above stated,

the dprocess. After the device has been thus he simply has to double the device as by closing his fingers to thereby bring the field 18 into direct contact with his face for rubbing or massaging the beard. This is a natural and easy movement not requiring the turning of the hand at the Wrist. In this connection it will be noted that it is important that-the mouth portion of the device be so adjusted in size as to fit each individuals hand and so remain in place thereon While it is being used.

lf claim:

rll`he herein described lathering device comprising a fiexible imperforate body having on the exterior surface thereof a roughened field and a soap bearing pad secured to the device, said pad consisting of a pad of' "porous Water proof material fixed permanently to the face of the body.

In testimony whereof l affix my signature.


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