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Publication numberUS1439138 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 19, 1922
Filing dateApr 1, 1919
Priority dateApr 1, 1919
Publication numberUS 1439138 A, US 1439138A, US-A-1439138, US1439138 A, US1439138A
InventorsWallace White
Original AssigneeWallace White
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Paper holder
US 1439138 A
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Patented ll ec. 1%, i922,


Mirna rionnnn.

Application filed April 1,

To all M l/om it may concern Be it known that I, ll nnnien l-Vnrrn, a citizen of the United States, residing at Pelham, in the county of lVestchester, State of New Yorlr, have invented a new and useful Paper Holder, of which the following a specification.

Myinvention relates to paper holders or clips, particularly of the type intended to rest upon a desk or table, and receive and hold sheets orslips of paper, thus ta king the place of paper weights and other forms of paper holders.

The primary object ofmy invention is'to provide a paperclip of the type in which. the paper may be placed in the clip with one hand, and substantially in a single operation. A further object oil my invention is the provision of a clip of such construction that it may be simply made of a single piece of spring sheet metal bent to proper form. A "further object of my invention is the provision of a guide so that a sheet of paper may be placed upon the clip in a particular position, the clip operated, and the sheet thereby clipped securely and certainly in place.

The accompanying drawings, in which similar reference characters designate corresponding parts in all views, illustrate a preferred embodiment of my invention.

In these drawings, Figure 1 is a perspective view of a preferred embodiment oi my invention;

Figure 2 is a detail view showing a piece of paper placed upon the clip against the guide and ready to be clipped;

Figure 3 shows a clip with a sheet of paper on it, with the plate pressed down, and the sheet about to slip under the clip; and, r r Figure 4 is a detail view showing a piece of paper clipped in place after the plate has been released.

Referring to these drawings, a clip comprises a base 1, at one end of which (which will be designated the forward end) there provided a hook portion or member, which may compr se an upwardly extending member 2, at the upper end of which is a rearwardly extending member 3, at the rearward end of which is a downwardly extending member 4;.

Cooperating with this hook portion is a plate member 7, which is held up by some 1919. Serial No. 288,537.

spring means, such as the bent portion 6 of the metalstrip, against the lower end of the member 4:, between which members 7 and i the 'iape-rs are clipped; i

sit the lower end of the members: I preferprovide a rearwardly extending lip 5. line lie 5 has ;=reterably a slightly greater pe than the slope of the plate 7, so that he contact betw en the plate member 7 and the hook member made on the sharp lower edge of the lip This lip is made oii'such a width that, when a sheet of paper is laid upon the plate 7, overlapping the hp 5 and abutting the guide wall oi the member 42, when thefplateu pressed down, the paper "will slide back upon the lip 5, and slip from it, slipping down upon the plate 7, so that when the plate 7 is released, the forward end of the slip of paper is caught under the lip 5, and held between this lip 5, being the extremity of the downwardly projecting member and the plate 7 In practice I prefer to make the clip of a single strip of metal, bent so as to form a base 1, the upward projection 2, the forward projection 3, the downward projection 4E, and the lip 5; and the other end of the metal bent upon itself at 6, and back somewhat at 8, so as to utilize at these points the spring 01" the metal for holding the plate 7 up against the lip 5 with suthcient tension to gripthe papers as desired.

The operation of the device is as follows: A piece or: paper to be clipped is placed upon the plate 7, overlappingthe lip 5, and abutting; against the plate which forms a guide so as to give the exact location in which to place the sheet of paper so that the sheet can be placed upon the clip automatically in the right position. The plate 7 is then simply pressed down far enough to cause the pas per to slip over the lip 5 and slip beneath it, whereuponthe plate 7 is released and the sheet oi? paper is caught under the lip 5. it is obvious that any number of sheets of paper within the capacity of the device may be placed one upon another in this manner. The device may also be used by simply placing: a sheet Oi paper upon the plate 7, press ing down the plate, sliding the paper up under the lip 5 and releasing; the plate 7. but this obviously necessitates an additional operation, and fails to utilize the advantage of the guide formed by the plate 4; and the lip 5.

Having now described my invention, I

I claim and desire to securebyjUnited States Letters Patent: 7 I

l. A paper holder comprising abase portion, one paper engaging portion fixed in its relationthereto, and a second paper engaging. portion yieldingly held against the first engaglngportion, said first engaging por-' tion including a guide wall for automatically positioning the paper tobe clipped on operation of the second engaging portion.

2. A paper holdercomprlsing a-resilient' 'member, a cooperating hook member, and a paper guide associated with said hook memher to position the paper'i'or engagement on 1 tion, one paper engaging portion fixed in depressing the resilient member. I

3. A paper'holder compr s ng a single strip gof'spring metal lncluding' a base porits relation thereto, and a second paperen gaging portion yieldingly-held against the first engaging portion saidfirst engaging portion including a. guide wall for automatically positioning the paper to be clipped on operation of the second engaging portion.

4. A paper holder comprising a-hook portion havingan outwardly extending lip, 21

cooperating spring plate portion, the hook having a paper abutment surface cooperatively associated With the said lip.

5. A" paper holder comprising a metal strip bent to form a central base portion a substantially perpendicular portionf at one end thereof, a portion at the end of said. perpendlcular portion extending substan'- a lip formed on said portion and extending toward the end of said base portion at which the spring plate portion is connected, and making a slightly greater angle than the spring plate portion with the baseportion.

WALLACE wn rn.

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U.S. Classification24/67.9, 281/45, 211/50, 281/28
International ClassificationB42F9/00
Cooperative ClassificationB42F9/001
European ClassificationB42F9/00B